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Youth arts association born


FORMER University of Zimbabwe assistant lecturer in the Department of Theatre Arts, Innocent Mwapangira has formed a youth association, Chaminuka Arts, meant to promote local arts by nurturing emerging talent.


Thelma Machinga
Thelma Machinga

The association’s communications manager, Thelma Machinga yesterday told NewsDay that the organisation, which was named after the historic chief Chaminuka, seeks to bridge the unemployment gap by grooming young talented artists, so that they can earn a living through art.

“Chaminuka Arts is a registered non-profit making youth association, whose major goal is to empower young people, thereby, bringing positive changes in their lives through arts based activities,” she said.

“It will identify talented youths who are interested in pursuing a livelihood through the arts and offer systems that equip them with life and artistic skills.”

Machinga said Chaminuka Arts will offer various activities and services with an aim to address some social problems like drug abuse, prostitution and moral decadence.

“Chaminuka Arts’ major activities and services are theatre for development, drama in education, festivals, Chaminuka scholarships, media for development and Chaminuka academy of arts,” she continued.

“These form the basis for communal and youth engagement aimed at addressing various social problems faced by the youth.

“The endeavour to develop lives of youth in Chitungwiza and Zimbabwe through art is in response to the growing number of unemployed people living under harsh economic realities that saw some dropping out of school.”

Machinga said four week-long festivals — Mutambo Festival (theatre and drama), ChiSkop Festival (film), Dungwiza Festival (music) and the Chaminuka Festival of the Arts (mixed arts) — will be hosted annually by the organisation.

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