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Youngster in rare passion for environment


A CASUAL trip to Mbare, to get some fresh vegetable supplies for the Chivandire family, has given birth to an idea that will contribute towards environment management awareness in Zimbabwe.


Mukundi Chivandire
Mukundi Chivandire

Nine-year-old Dominican Convent student, Mukundi Chivandire, has taken it upon herself to educate members of the public against littering and environmental management.

Mukundi today takes a big step in her advocacy journey when she is joined by her peers aged between nine and 12 in a clean-up campaign starting from Harare’s Africa Unity Square to First Street from 7am to 11am.

Dominican Convent School, St Martin’s Convent, Schweppes and Extreme Quick, among others, are part of the initiative.

Mukundi opened up on her inspiration: “I had travelled with my mother to Mbare and I was shocked at the amount of garbage lying around.

“Even more disgusting was the fact that some elderly people were also involved in the littering. I then decided to start this clean-up initiative so that people learn about the importance of keeping the environment clean.”

Mukundi’s mother, Dionne Chivandire, said it was not easy for her to give consent to her daughter’s initiative.

“Clean-up campaigns are usually organised by big organisations and churches. While I value such initiatives, I didn’t think it was ideal for someone her age to undertake such a responsibility,” she said.

Mukundi then engaged her school head, who warmed to the idea. The head called the teenager’s mother to discuss the initiative and she consented to the idea.

“A child is indeed a gift from God, but what we can’t control or shut out are those special deposits God put in them. Tomorrow (today) is a big day for Mukundi and we invite all citizens to join her in playing a part in keeping the environment clean,” she said.

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