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War vets resist Mugabe, Grace absolving of Kasukuwere


WAR veterans from Mashonaland Central province have threatened to resist attempts by President Robert Mugabe and First Lady Grace Mugabe to absolve embattled Zanu PF national political commissar (NPC), Saviour Kasukuwere of any wrongdoing, saying as far as they were concerned, the Local Government minister should answer to charges of plotting to unseat the veteran politician.


Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere
Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere

In a statement yesterday, the war veterans said any attempts to sweep the matter under the carpet would be fiercely resisted.

“Absolution of charges laid against the national commissar shall be catastrophic and effectively resisted by the masses of Zimbabwe,” read part of the statement, which was signed by provincial chairman, Sam Parirenyatwa and a secretary-general only identified as A Mutasa.

Mugabe last week told a Zanu PF women’s league meeting that the ruling party’s structures had no right to pass no-confidence votes on his appointees.

Grace, in an address at a campaign rally in Chinhoyi, said it was impossible to imagine Kasukuwere and his half-brother, Dickson Mafios plotting to remove Mugabe from power.

Demonstrations rocked Zanu PF structures across the country, with Mashonaland Central the epicentre of the demands for Kasukuwere to be replaced.

Mugabe appointed Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda to investigate the veracity of the claims before two politburo meetings failed to come up with a determination.
Mugabe then announced the presidium would decide Kasukuwere’s fate.

But the war veterans were adamant yesterday that Kasukuwere was guilty and demanded to know whether Grace had effectively overruled the politburo.

“The politburo deliberated and unanimously agreed the cabal was up to something terrible and declared the PC persona non grata,” the petition read.

“The presidium was to announce the verdict of the politburo. Now there are questions.

“What then went wrong? Why did the presidium develop cold feet?

“The masses need direction after the Mashonaland West speech, as they are not sure the speech by the First Lady exonerates the NPC or if the presidium is ever going to give a determination.

“In any event, the people have spoken loud and clear: They no longer want the NPC.

“Any attempt to unduly save him shall be catastrophic and shall be fiercely resisted by the people, who hold the Zanu PF title deeds, the masses and the war veterans.”

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