US-based Zimbo enters presidential race

WITH the 2018 general elections just a few months away, another female presidential aspirant, Violet Mariyacha, has joined the race, pledging to help stop atrocities and election violence committed by the ruling Zanu PF party in the previous polls.

BY staff reporter

United People and Movements Party  leader Violet Mariyacha
United People and Movements Party leader Violet Mariyacha

A United States-based human rights activist, businesswoman and published author, Mariyacha recently launched a grassroots campaign to put pressure on the United Nations and the world to intervene in the country’s upcoming elections.

Mariyacha, the country’s second female presidential aspirant after National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru, promises to be a “voice for the voiceless” for Zimbabweans who fear becoming victims of violence or incarcerated for speaking out against the ruling party.

She is the leader of the opposition United People and Movements Party formed in March this year to help restore Zimbabwe to a place of economic vitality, innovation and positive global influence by empowering people socially, economically and politically. Mariyacha has been a political activist since the early 1990s.


  1. Huya kuno umbogogodzwa tone kusimba kwako. I don’t think forming political parties will solve our problems.

  2. Oh Lord have mercy on Zimbabwe. Another one futi?

  3. Ambuya zororai muri ikoko, makuda kuita zve gore riya zvana Kissnote vakazobuda mu election race kwasara mazuva matatu, kuti kanganisira ma ballot papers, hanzi spoiled spoiled ana gogo vedu va ticker pakanzi Kissnote

    1. kkkkkk wandipedza Syie Kissnote. Zanu PF woyeee kutonga kunodiwa guys nevasara ne6months varikudawo wani siyai mbuya ipindewo murace

  4. AMAI imi… Tikwanirei apa…

  5. Everyone thinks of changing the world but nobody thinks of changing themselves. Why can’t we turn our efforts in promoting the current opposition establishments if we have a common agenda as we purport? Beware of the electoral timelines.

  6. Another jocker in town. Kufumira mbanje ne alcohol chete

  7. Marichaya is not the second female Presidential candidate aspirant after Mujuru, there is Marcellina Chikasha of African Democratic Party (ADP) and Barbara Nyagomo leader of Progressive Democracts of Zimbabwe (PDZ) who have announced their intentions to contest next year. Check your facts.

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