Uproar over Zodwa Wabantu’s ‘ban’

Popular local actress Anne Nhira has touched off a storm on social media after writing to acting Tourism minister Patrick Zhuwao calling for the ban of South African provocateur, Zodwa Wabantu, from participating at the Harare International Carnival 2017 which begins tomorrow.


Zodwa Wabantu
Zodwa Wabantu

The Mzansi star had been invited to participate at the cultural extravaganza alongside Samba dancers from Brazil and Cuba, but the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) set a condition that she would only participate with her undergarments on.

Zodwa Wabantu’s disdain for panties, however, is an open secret.

Nhira on Tuesday took to Facebook to celebrate the government’s decision to “ban” the Mzansi star.

“She will no longer be attending the Zimbabwe National Tourism Carnival event. The Zimbabwean government has made the decision and I am happy with their decision as stated in the letter from the acting Tourism minister and Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment, Honourable minister Patrick Zhuwao after receiving my letter of concern together with Ministry of Women Affairs and Ministry of Rural Development (sic),” she said.

Nhira attracted largely vicious responses on social media as thousands of people lashed out at her, arguing that she should rather have written to the government to address serious issues.

Other social media users argued that Zodwa Wabantu was “more covered” than the Samba dancers who are set to parade the streets of Harare.

There was also a general feeling that the Mzansi star danced more decently than Beverly Sibanda, who has also participated at the carnival before.

Facebook users said they would have been happier if government ministers treated every socio-economic issue with the same urgency and seriousness demonstrated by Zhuwao.

“How special is Zodwa to the level that every Zimbabwean minister showed utmost concern on her ban. I saw Karikoga Kaseke pleading in front of people like a street beggar, appealing for Zodwa to come to Zimbabwe without panties. I saw him live on television extending a shameless apology to Zodwa. Am yet to hear a minister apologising to the Zimbabweans for dipping them in painful pools of poverty, misery and hunger through their mismanagement of this economy,” wrote one user.

They said there has never been an apology over the high levels of unemployment and patients dying in public hospitals due to lack of skilled labour, equipment and medicine.

One NewsDay reader described Zodwa as “an excellent entertainer” while another suggested worse things happened behind the scenes during Nhira’s time at Studio 263 where she cut her teeth in the film industry.



  1. At least whatever Zodwa does in her space she does it without stealing a single dollar or insulting anyone, unlike our hypocritical government which has long lost any integrity to try to teach anyone anything about morals. And we better not hear Grace Mugabe opening her mouth about this issue coz she has proven to be far worse a human being

  2. what economic benefits do we gain from half naked samba or the carnibal or harnibal or whatever.potholes,uncollected refuse and street kids all over town are issues she should complain about kwete zva Zodwa.

  3. Train a child in the way that they should go,when are old surely they won’t depart from it.Influence from this lady is so distracting,filthy and dirty. From the look of things where we are going ,gay rights or legalization is surely coming in.The world is coming to an end.If God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah for these evils then He owns an apology to them if He does not destroy this generation again.

    Honestly how could give a green light to such dirty,you are corrupting our morals.Mwari huyayi henyu vanhu avaya vatanga futi.We need dignified people to lead the future generation.I wonder if this generation is past ,these teenagers will they have another generation surely NOOOOOOO.

    God Have mercy
    If she performs gay rights have been legalized in disguise.

  4. Tafara you need to be first dignified yourself because you rily seem to be an idiot. Your forefathers and mothers and sister walked naked vainetwunhembe wani. That lady covers the most special body part in case you didn’t know…….kufamba ari naked doesn’t mean anenge akatobvisa hembe dzese. Don’t mix things like this nezvemaGay etc. Otherwise Truth and Tafara talked sense kwete zvako zvaurikutaura izvo.

    1. Shame on you… wakangofanana naZodwa wacho.You are backward unotaura zvenhembe neshashiko mukore uno.That’s why hembe dzakazouya with the coming in of civilization to bring us better to God.Vese nesamba girls should not even perform to begin with they are a disgrace to the society.Unoda kuti vanhu vane hunhu wakaresveka kuti vaite zvinhu zvakadaro.

      We have better things to comment and focus on rather than these debate.

      1. Daniel Chigundu

        which society?

      2. Kana zvaZodwa zvabhowa enda unorara,,,haasi kuuya kumba kwako

    2. at the end of the day what TAFARA is saying is true,we are busy revelling over a ‘woman’who dances without underwear,would you be pleased if you found your own daughter emulating such kind of rubbish,hanti thats when you will be disgusted…..chinhu chakaipa chakaipa full stop ,you cannot paint a hyena with zebra stripes and expect it to be called a zebra.

      1. Zodwa has been allowed by her parents to do that and it does not bring shame to them because its line of duty that brings mega bucks from us men and women likewise. Does she dance stark naked, NO! Even now if you go to some rual areas you will find ladies who walk with no panties and men with no undies.

  5. Hanty bhurugwa ndiro rinenge risimo mudhirezi? Avo veSamba ndivo vanenge varimusvo kusara G-string chete. But dai tirikutoita debate rekugadzirisa zvinhu munyika. We major on the minor. Shame

  6. ZODWA is a disgrace to women and young girls , shuwa shuwa munhu kutoita mbiri nemari simply koz anotamba asina kupfeka panty and varume vakuru kutobvisa mari kuti hunzi toda kuona Zodwa . Who is Zodwa ngaaite tsvina dzake mu South africa munobvumidzwa mabasa etsvina including homosexuality .

    1. looks like many men are going to commit suicide by voldka or msombodhiya overdose,asphinxia, fasting and by whatever means available to end suffering from disappointment if Zodwa WaVanhu doesn’t show up. This national disaster can be avoided; and avoided it must!!!

    2. Vangani venyu varikuita tsvina kuS.A???pane akambokubvunzai nezvazvo???

  7. Brazilian Samba Dancers – Yes
    Cuban Dancers – Yes
    Babes Wodumo – Yes
    Zodwa Wabantu – NO, we don’t need this ugly old whore who is too broke to buy panties.

    1. ugly bt not broke..m sure sh z much richer than u

  8. That Zodwa lady is of poor morals, this surely isn’t what you want to raise your kids in. She may operate within the boarders of her country and we wont even bother. She is a disgrace to womanhood

    1. chimwe neChimwe chine nguva yacho zveshuwa, nezuro uno chaiye Zvihuta zvaifaya, vanhu busy nazvo. This week tina Zodwa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ndiko kunonzi kushaya zvekuita hama dzanguwee. waiting to see whats next after Zodwa

      1. Kkkkkkk that makes two of us!!!

  9. I strongly support, the ban put on that degenerate Zodwa who show cases death style and culture that only serves to enslave young girls that look to her as a role model. no wonder that the Zim acting minister of tourism did not spare feelings referring to her as lesbian. that’s strange in the face of African decent women. why would the Zim carnival pay her for further enslaving our african culture?

  10. People must know that carnival is satanic that eye is the same with the one on the pyramid wich is on us$ wich is the devil (illuminati) who oppose christianity.but imi munenge muchingoti kuchinja kwenguwa muchitopinda musatanizm the next muchati chingochani chakanaka murikuenda kuhell. zodwa and company ndoma devils .The more you watch them thats how you will be initiated into satanism.BEWARE THIS IS END TIME.Aya ndoma agents asatan

  11. Vazogona kurambidza zodwa here mahure emuno vakatomabrander hanzi commercial sex workers, so thers no gud in banning some rubbish when u can accept some. Igehena basi vakuru.

  12. Kkk hayas nhaiwe Bhoza Wabantu paunoti naked unorevei bcoz kuti mukadzi achizoonekwa kuti haana bhurugwa remukati ndokuti imwe yanaked yacho saka pliz don’t support nonsense .

    1. Zodwa is a star attraction to all who like parties because we go there to enjoy our hard earned monies unlike Anne Nhira who is in South Africa whoring for survival and its not wrong, its how life and its polemics turn out to be.

      Anne Nhira can you come and entertain us as a face of Zimbabwe tourism or by the way you are in South Africa in Zodwa’s homeland and doing what. Come to Zim and be our own Vega weVanhu

  13. soko pamahererero

    but nhai pane akamboonawo pakati pazodwa here kuti hapana bhulukwe…akapaona aoneke nekureplier totangira ipapo?

  14. soko pamahererero

    but nhai pane akamboona kut skin yazodwa inenge tv ine mashowers

  15. Uuuum Zodwa must come akupfeka uyo than what our sisters are wearing nowadays

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