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Squabbles will weaken opposition


THE discord in the country’s opposition camp is unhelpful, unfortunate and embarrassing for politicians who believe they have the wherewithal to dislodge the ruling Zanu PF machinery at the forthcoming elections.

Editorial Comment

In all fairness, the developments will not only drain their energy and weaken the opposition forces at a time Zimbabweans are waiting to be rescued in the face of a Zanu PF onslaught as the ruling party seeks to retain power at all cost, and the declining economy.

Yet, the opposition alliance seems to be faltering even before their agreement is fully consummated.

Zimbabweans keen for change are wondering why the opposition alliance negotiators are focusing on securing themselves top positions in the new set-up to their detriment.

It is our contention that the earlier the opposition negotiators realise that they are doing everything for the sake of Zimbabweans, the better.

It is unfortunate that the opposition parties are dithering at a time Zanu PF has already kick-started its campaign rallies. The ruling party machinery is already rolling while the opposition are fighting.

We would not want to hear claims of Zanu PF rigging elections, yet they are already confirming that they are second to the ruling party in terms of everything.

We have no doubt that in its current state, the opposition will not stand a chance against Zanu PF suppose elections are held anytime from now.

This is not scientific, but just observing the developments in the opposition camp, shows that it’s uninspiring, and clearly, how do they hope to woo Zimbabweans to vote for them, if nothing is in order?

Is it not correct that Zimbabwe’s political parties’ histories of activism, personalism, competition, and weakly differentiated platforms have contributed to the rapid stabilisation of a fragmented party system?

While Zimbabweans support the view that the multiplicity of opposition parties would benefit from coalition building or mergers, it is regrettable that the parties have taken few concrete steps towards integration.

We urge the opposition to ensure that they do not focus on selfish goals. Zimbabweans must come to the fore if any alliance is to come to fruition.

Is it not surprising that the opposition political parties are fighting with MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai as if he is the incumbent head of State? Who is their enemy, really?

The opposition parties’ leaders always claim to put the people’s interests forward, but it appears they have been found wanting on this front since the talks began.

Not that once the alliance is formed that will give them a ticket to State House, no, but they should learn to work together for the good of the generality of Zimbabweans.

Still if other opposition parties do not wish to join the alliance, it is their choice.

We believe Zimbabweans are mature enough to choose between the political parties that will come forward to contest in the elections.

However, it is important for Zimbabweans to have a wide choice to choose from even if it means they will retain Zanu PF.

The opposition must deal with the discord among them because it is unhelpful for now.

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