Rampaging Grace strikes again

Former First Lady Grace Mugabe

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday reportedly intensified her bid to evict Arnold Farm villagers to pave way for the expansion of her business empire in Mazowe, with Zanu PF youth members allegedly destroying the villagers’ makeshift shelters to force them out of the property.

By Everson Mushava

First Lady Grace Mugabe
First Lady Grace Mugabe

The onslaught on the villagers is in spite of a court order granting them reprieve to stay on the farm until government secures alternative land for them.

Villagers, who cannot be named for security reasons, said a group of about eight youths stormed the farm, and razed down the makeshift shelters the villagers constructed in April after the police pulled down homesteads to pave way for the expansion of Grace’s business empire.

“They came around 7am and tore apart some plastics that we use as shelter, destroying the grass thatch and at some homesteads ordering the villagers off the farm,” one villager said.

“They had destroyed about eight homes, then we charged at them asking them why they were doing so when we have a court order giving us the right to be on the farm until government provides alternative land for us.”

The villagers said the youth stopped demolishing the structures and went back to the compound on the same farm, where they stay guarding the property.

This was, however, not without more incidents, as the youth allegedly destroyed a mobile phone belonging to one of the villagers, who they accused of filming their actions.

When NewsDay visited the farm, children were milling around what used to be their homes, with their parents pondering their next move.

“We are being exposed to this treatment every month since April when the police launched a large-scale bid to evict us and leave us homeless at the peak of the heavy rains that were experienced in the country,” another villager said.

“We have called our lawyer, who advised us to make a police report at Mazowe, so that he could use the case number to pursue the matter, but the police made us to sit outside for two hours at the police station waiting for the officer-in-charge.

“We eventually left without a case number.”

Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba professed ignorance of yesterday’s developments.

“I am not aware of it,” she said.

Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs minister Martin Dinha also said he was not aware of the incident, as he was at the late war veteran George Rutanhire’s funeral wake.
“I will come to you if I have the information. At the moment, I am not aware,” he said.

Dinha has been on record saying he would give Grace any land she wants for her business development.

In 2014, the courts stopped evictions when Grace took over the adjacent Manzou Farm and turned it into a game sanctuary until the government provided alternative land to settle the villagers, who took control of the farm at the height of the land invasions in 2000.


  1. Ngavatorerwe handiti ndozvamakavhotera here? Motofira mhuri yaGrace and Achatora pese kusvika Bindura makatatrisa


  3. It’s by the love of God that I have sympathy with these people. Otherwise ndoshaya chavanochema ini, handiti ndivo vanovhota every time kuti mai ava vatonge, saka ngavatongeke sezvavanoda. Chinorwadza ndechekuti come 2018 they are going to vote for Mugabe wacho futi, manje vanhu vakadaro vanobatsirika sei. Mazvedu mavanga enyora aya.

  4. Mai awa wapinda nemwenje mumvura, wanyanya hawanyari, to be honest they is something wrong with her. I thought she was going to play a low key going forward. Zvine munhu pasi, the ending does not look good Mwari achatsiwa

      • Zvemafree elections handizvo zvichashanda Mwari ndivo vawanza nyasha nekuti munhu haana simba seramwari anopfuura, zvinopera chete, Hakuzi kuzvinyaradza watch the spce my friend. I hear the sound of abandance rain.

  5. Yaaa iyoo haipindirwa handiti ndiko kunonzi we are ZANU PF strongholds here pedzeranai ikoko isu hatinei nemi,ndopamuchaona kuti vanhu vemuHarare vanenge vari right kana vachiti enough is Enough,,Mazowe people no mercy on u,,u have to taste your own medicine

  6. Time is ticking and honestly she knows its END GAME now. these guys are looting for the last time before they LOSE WHAT THEY CONSIDER THEIRS BY BIRTH-RIGHT. Ushe madzoro, their days are numbered and soon the BLUE OCEAN is complete by October

  7. Hure taneta naro iri hatichazivi kuti toita sei ku SA munorova vanhu kunoku kuhome is the same mutemo unotokuchikai saka muri mwari wepasi pano

  8. ndezvavoo izvo ngavatorerwe becoz ndiko kuti vapepuke. vanhu vanongonzi pamberi nezanu pf, ipo pamberi pasingasvikwe pakaita sei. its now testing for their medicine

  9. wotonzwa munhu achishama muromo wake achiti munhu wese kuna amai.Wakamboonepi amai vanopazira vana pekugara.I think its better for you to say munhu wese kumharadzi or kumuparadzi.

  10. Kana vanhu vachiswera vachiteya mbeva nekuvhima tsuro vasingarime kana kushandisa purazi zvinemusoro ngavatorerwe. The mother is doing a sterling job developing that part of the country. Mind you the company that was running Mazoe Citrus never develop that area besides externalise the money leaving the people of that area poorer. Some of you have abandoned your own kids and Mother is taking care of them, munotaura chiiko imi vanhu ve Zimbabwe?

  11. The plight we find ourselves in generally at the hands of ZANU is well deserved, we vote for them each time we have elections. I believe this and other misgivings are necessary negative that will help Zimbabweans to open their eyes and demand sound leadership

  12. Its fine u use to support them before taking some farms calling us mdc british puppets,kick them out Grace and your zanu pf

  13. All of you commenting here don’t you notice the story has got holes. If the properties were burnt down why cant the paper show us the pictures. The lawyer for those people will not hide if he is representing them. Lets not waste our energy on what looks like made up stories. Its really sad.

  14. kushandiswa ndokuziva ini. what goes around comes back around. maipisa misha yevarungu, nhasi ndimiwo then mangwana iyewo arikukupisirai achachionawo. kushandiswa ndozvakunoita kana usina chako.

  15. Where is our humanity? Do we think we will be on this Earth for eternity……interesting. We need more studies on Psychopathology!!

  16. God is for us all…mai iyi ichasiira vana nhamo ….apo inototi ndiri mai venyika tsvoo hakuna mai vakadaro

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