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‘Proper training needed for public transport operators’


A ROAD safety expert has said there was need for the setting-up of proper training schools for public transport operators to reduce the number of accidents on the country’s highways.


Masavaya Meki, a former Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) official, said public transport operators were only interested in making money while endangering people’s lives.

“The government should set up a proper training school where all public transport operators will undergo training on how they should operate,” he said.

“At the moment, there is no proper training. Some do not even have licences to start with. As long as one can drive, they take to the road, putting people’s lives in great danger in the process.”

Meki said there was need for the country to move away from promoting nepotism and favouritism in the transport sector, while subjecting people to danger on the roads owing to unfit drivers and vehicles operating as public transport.

He said TSCZ should be reinvented and re-engineered to ensure that they understand road safety rules and regulations.

“As it is, the TSCZ logo shows a dotted line on a curve, but the rules of the road prohibit overtaking on a curve. It is a sign that they do not understand road rules. How then do we expect them to lead the nation to success?” Meki queried.

Zimbabwe Passenger Transport Organisation chairman, Leonard Mukumba also highlighted the need for operators to constantly adhere to the rules of the road to avoid loss of life.

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