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Pragmatism needed for Zim to move forward


The failure by the government to move with speed in addressing the ease of doing business in the country, while businesses continue to close shop and relocating to neighbouring States is cause for concern.

Editorial Comment

While Zimbabwe’s ranking on the ease of doing business has slightly improved there is need for the government to relax some policies that restrict investors from setting up shop in the country.

We commiserate with the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries, whose majority members have failed to do meaningful business due to the reluctance by investors to put money in the country.

Undoubtedly, the signs are there that the economic environment will not improve as long as the political squabbles continue to occupy high space in the country.

That in itself is deterrent enough to any serious investor regardless of how much they may scoop from their business in the country. Zimbabweans must engage on this issue to resolve the economic challenges facing the country.

We also urge the political leaders to allow businesses to offer ideas on how to turn around the economy. One wonders why and how the political leadership would ignore the economic fundamentals that need urgent attention by all players.

We believe that since the ease of doing business initiative resides in the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC), movement must be seen to alleviate the misery dogging the majority public.

At least progress should have been recorded in the first 200 days, but alas, nothing has moved to date. Yet, the Rapid Results Initiative is something that the OPC should drive to achieve the required results given the Zimbabwean economy is comatose.

We urge the OPC to provide an enabler to kickstart the economy instead of delaying when the country continues to suffer from economic squeeze.

Where is the dislocation here if the policy issues are driven from the OPC? Clearly, the tardiness exhibited by the lack of co-ordination among implementing government departments and agencies is regrettable and unacceptable.

Can the OPC please focus on creating an enabling environment for business instead of entangling itself in Zanu PF’s succession politics? We have only a handful of businesses operating the country due to the adverse effects of the economy borne from the Zanu PF regime’s misgovernance.

We believe there are investors out there waiting in the wings to put their money in Zimbabwe only when setting up businesses has been eased. Respect for the rule of law, an enabling business environment and protection of property rights is paramount for the success of any business.

No one will bring in their money for as long as the country has not resolved pertinent political and governance issues.

There is no doubt that the delay in creating an enabling environment is threatening to reverse the progress that has been achieved through various policy initiatives. Therefore, there is need for a prudent all-stakeholder approach to this threat.

The cash crunch and the foreign currency squeeze should prod the government to move with speed and deal with whatever bottlenecks that may be affecting progress going forward. We need to be pragmatic for the country to progress further.

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