Opposition must stop being childish

WHILE a coalition of opposition parties, which was supposed to give Zimbabweans hope that a future without Zanu PF is possible, is now turning into a monumental farce, there is lack of clarity on what happens next.

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PDP leader Tendai Biti
PDP leader Tendai Biti

First, there was drama over the allocation of seats, with a released schedule showing that Transform Zimbabwe would get more seats than People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Many wondered why PDP was being allocated fewer seats, as it has some astute former ministers within its ranks, while on the other hand, Transform Zimbabwe does not boast of a similar kind of experience.

PDP is at the centre of the next drama, as there are conflicting reports on whether its leader, Tendai Biti, signed the coalition deal or not.

There are claims that negotiations between MDC-T and PDP are not yet complete and the signing ceremony was just for the show, with nothing of substance behind it.

Also, the Coalition of Democrats claimed to have fired MDC leader, Welshman Ncube after he joined MDC Alliance.

But on the other hand, Ncube says he was not fired and had, instead, resigned.

All this would make for a fun sideshow if the future of 14 million people was not dependent on what actions they take in the next 10 months or so.

The opposition needs to get its act together and stop this childish behaviour, where they are pre-occupied with fighting among themselves and are not clear about what their alliance is all about.

Valuable time is being wasted on useless things, instead of the opposition leaders now hitting the ground and campaigning for next year’s election.

Yes, they have said they will be launching the alliance soon in Bulawayo and other centres, which is commendable, but it is imperative that they start now.

The coalition is not just about them, it is about a despondent nation that was now losing faith in political parties and processes.

The alliance is about a heartsick people that were now resigned to Zanu PF winning the next election because the opposition was in disarray.

The values of servant leadership mean that the opposition leaders should for once stop worrying about positions and egos and think about the long-suffering Zimbabweans.

It is important that they find ways of putting all this bickering behind them and focus on delivering Zimbabweans from this mess.

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  1. Biti kkkkkk who can vote for Biti tswangirai pls open your eyes we want to be free soon,pamberi na tswangiboy pasi na Biti and this shit Mangoma

  2. The only problem with the coalition is Tsvangirai’s big headedness;rendering the coalitions to not b able to freely & independently elect its own leaders with proper vision& strategy.Tsvangirai & friends want to impose him on the coalition leadership, claiming is the founder of the opposition-which is clearly a false claim;Tekere came before him& many people including Biti,Ncube,Misihairabwe & Chamisa were there when MDC was founded in 1999

  3. Tsvangirai want to claim is the owner of the opposition; hence no one else can lead the coalition;is the only one with the rights to lead

    1. It’s about numbers. He commands more votes than the rest. Unlike opinions, facts are scientific and stubborn.

  4. A drowning man will clutch at straws. Like their Kenyan counterparts, if Zim opposition continues engaging in these self-defeating conflicts, they will lose convicingly. The Kenyan opposition had the numbers but intra-alliance wrangles cost them dearly. They spent their precious time in courts demanding for reforms which they were granted. Poor primaries (nominations) forced them to field many parallel candidates while others stood as independent (candidates). President Uhuru’s party swept all these split votes in the opposition strongholds. Over 50 parliamentary seats in Raila’s backyard were lost. Their hacking narrative can hardly see the light of day in court. I have long supported most African opposition parties because of the upsurging dictatorship in our continent but I can attest that majority of them will remain in the cold indefinitely because of poor logistics. Unless they reform themselves, the much touted Zimbabwe’s coalition is also heading to sink in the abyss. Hot air!

  5. Shame to people who are fighti g for personal interets. Ndanyara evakomana ava.

  6. Biti was suppose to be given one seat only rake raanoita MP. Even tikaenda kuma elections Biti will never win kana one seat. He should eat humble pie and should be proud kuti atopindawo muincusive ; hamuna support vabiti dzikamai ndimi munenge muchiita ma10 ; 40 votes zanu nemdc varikuma thousands. To resuract your dead politicall carrier bvumai kubatsirika.

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