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No prosecutions for white farmers’ killers


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday declared that all locals accused of killing white former commercial farmers since the launch of the fast track-land reform programme in 2000 were immune to prosecution.


Addressing thousands of people during Heroes Day commemorations at the national shrine yesterday, Mugabe said the former farmers were killed because they had resisted a government-sanctioned programme.

“Yes, we have those who were killed when they resisted. We will never prosecute those who killed them. I ask: Why we should arrest them?” he said.

At least 12 white former commercial farmers were killed by suspected Zanu PF activists and war veterans during the violent farm grabs, which resulted in international condemnation, resulting in the imposition of travel sanctions by Western countries angry over Mugabe’s wanton disregard of human and property rights.

At the time, Mugabe told delegates at the Zanu PF annual conference that: “No judicial decision will stand in the way we have adopted to acquire the land. After all, the land is ours by birth. It’s ours by rights. It’s ours also by struggle.”

Yesterday, Mugabe reiterated his call for newly-resettled farmers to stop leasing their farms to white farmers.

“Some (white farmers) are coming back under the guise of coming to collect their tractors or asking to work with the new farmers. Some of us are accepting. They (new farmers) are being persuaded like ladies being courted by men without even considering who they are dealing with,” he said.

Mugabe, however, said the government never intended to drive out all the whites, saying those who left did so on their own accord.

He said only about 100 000 whites were still in the country of a white population of 250 000 at independence.

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  1. tichavabata zvedu next year. you are busy ordering the killing people when you are kids are behaving as if they were in sodom & gomorrah. chinorova imombe kwete munhu iwe rwavhi mugabe.

    • Unovabata next year what would’ve happened? With your feeble opposition parties you think you’ll unsit Gushungo? Wake up from that dream man. Wake up!

  2. What happened during revolutions is better left like that. Was any Rhode prosecuted for the atrocities committed at Chimoio and other camps? Or you think they are not known? Zvazoipa because it’s the other colour at the receiving end? This white supremacist should really end.

    • That was in wartime, this is supposedly peacetime.In any law abiding country prosecutions would follow. This ruling is both illegal and racist under the constitution.

    • Two wrongs don’t make a right. Rhodesia (rightly or wrongly) saw itself in a war situation, and acted accordingly (and yes, frequently appallingly).

      Are you saying that Zimbabwe is the same? Because if so, then you lock yourself into a version of reality that is historic, and allows no solution, or reconciliation. No real way to move on.

      Is that really where, and who, you want to be?

    • The big difference is the Rhodesian government was illegitimate and at 1980 the new government was elected in supposedly free and fair elections. So our current government should be on the higher moral ground and act with justice and fairness to all its citizens, black, white or any colour. When you say “white supremacist should really end” you are suggesting genocide of a minority.

      I will refer you to part of the preamble to the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe:

      “United in our diversity by our common desire for freedom, justice and equality, and
      our heroic resistance to colonialism, racism and all forms of domination and

  3. He should have added opposition supporters as well who were killed and the perpetrators are known but walking scotfree.this is why you were placed under smart sanctions and not to blame mdc.

  4. Hmmm this statement by the Head of Government is worrying. Do we have such provisions in our laws that say no prosecution for white farmers killers?

  5. This is a very bad precedent. Imagine Zanu people will kill opposition supporters in the run up to elections knowing that they will not be prosecuted.
    The white farmers might have resisted but it doesnt mean that they had to be killed. You cannot treat people like that.

  6. At least he;s finally being open about endorsing murder as a regime policy.

    If he can just admit to torture and kidnapping, we will have a hat-trick.

  7. White pple are human beings created by the Almighty God. They are not dogs.
    God is the owner of the land and not a mortal human being. Your men who killed the whites are doing nothing on the farms. Since you are protecting them, what will stop them from committing the same crime???

  8. The statement really is in bad taste. The nonagenarian should apologise. The Ndebeles were killed and what he only said is, ‘its a moment of madness’. MDC supporters were killed and no action was and is taken.

  9. Mr president you are supposed to be our father whether black or white. Those whites are people too and they have feeling and most of them worship the same God that you worship. That God is a loving God, a forgiving God. How do you think that God will react when you show such hatred to the whites? Have you ever asked yourself why things are not right in your family. Maybe God is angry.Think about it mr president

  10. chokwadi ndiko Ku promoter humhondi,why killing? chaunodzvara uchakohwa,venyu kana hama dzenyu shefu Mugabe dzichaurawavo and there won’t be an prosecution

  11. Where is the international community on this? This should be an ICC case where in the Head of State is admitting sanction extra judicial killings of its citizens.

  12. This is madness from a national leader. A good leader will not condone violence and murder under any circumstances. What do our young people learn from such a reckless statement?

  13. He is a murderer and a racist, killing not only whites but Ndebeles and any who oppose him. A fiery judgement awaits you. I call you Mgabage for you are worse than garbage.

  14. Zimbabwe is the poorest country in Africa. That is Mugabe`s legacy.
    He took the `bread basket` of Africa, and turned it into a nation of paupers and prostitutes.

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