Mugabe to stage double burial

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe will tomorrow conduct a double burial for the late Vice-President Simon Muzenda’s widow, Maud, and Zanu PF politburo member George Rutanhire at the National Heroes’ Acre.


The late Maud Muzenda
The late Maud Muzenda

This will be the second time for two heroes to be buried on a single day after the burial of national heroines Victoria Chitepo and Vivian Mwashita in April last year.

Rutanhire and Muzenda died on Saturday and Tuesday, respectively.

On Wednesday, Mugabe showered praises on Muzenda, whom he cited as the epitome of African motherhood.

“Gogo Muzenda stands tall as a symbol of the triumph of motherly femininity over adversities imposed on the African family unit by demands of our struggle against settler colonialism,” he said.

“Betrothed to a fierce nationalist and freedom fighter in the mould of our late Vice-President, Gogo Muzenda was for a long time fated to raise the Muzenda family without support from her husband.”

Mugabe bemoaned the multiple deaths that have robbed the country of its gallant daughters and sons within a short period.

“Ambuya Muzenda’s death comes a week after we laid to rest another heroine, Cde Shuvai Mahofa, and just a few days after the sad departure of Cde George Rutanhire,” he said.

In a condolence message, Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said the party was content with her heroine status, which she toiled for.

“Zanu PF is elated that President R G Mugabe and the party’s politburo have accorded the late Gogo Mai Maud Muzenda national heroine status. She earned it and deserved it through her contribution to the liberation of Zimbabwe in many respects. You reap what you sow through your deeds on earth. Those who sow the wind harvest the whirlwind,” he said.

“Gogo Muzenda, like her late husband Mzee, and many struggle stalwarts, nurtured the freedom seed, and harvested independence and sovereignity.

“You played your part, Gogo, with remarkable tenacity and the courage of a lioness guarding its cubs. Your good deeds live forever.”

Son of the late Muzenda, Tongai, said widespread praise and honour for his mother was a result of her character, and like her husband, she had a lot of affection for everyone and not just her children and the immediate family.

“What was really touching about Mai is her love, which was thoroughly different. We would like to thank President Mugabe and the politburo for according national heroine status to our mother, the family really appreciates what the government has done.”

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  1. I want to say may your soul rest in eternal peace mama, I still remember meeting you at your residence years back whilst on duty, certainly a true mother you are, you showed us how you cared for your country and us your children, zororai murugare amai, fambai zvakanaka.

  2. Mbuya Muzenda deserves that heroine status.Zororai murugare makarwa mukakunda.

  3. josphat mugadzaweta

    president rwvhi undertaker mugabe. if ever there is anything that he has done with distinction is burying:

    1. buried tongogara
    2. buried chitepo
    3. buried tangwena
    4. buried parirenyatwa
    5. buried nkomo
    6. buried mujuru
    7. buried sally
    8. buried muzenda
    9. buried msika
    10. buried the economy
    11. buried democracy
    12. buried his crazy sons (vashakavu vaya because their behaviour does not belong to this earth.

    the list is endless and the man is in the wrong profession. he belongs to the cemetery.

  4. josphat mugadzaweta

    mbuya yacarpenter yatevera. maybe people will stop voting baboons like chinotimba, chimene, matambanadzo and the mdc can win.

  5. These days it’s actually scary watching the president conducting burials at heroes acre, he is so frail at times he looks like he’s gonna lose balance & fall into an open grave himself any moment kkkkk

    1. @Eagle, spot on. Maybe only then can the remaining opportunists around him realize that we’re all on earth temporarily. We are born, we live to then die and our lives are symbolized just by a hyphen on your tombstone (if you get one erected). Something drastic has to happen to shatter the fiction that all is well in Zimbabwe.

  6. Tawanda Mpambwa

    Fambayi zvakanaka Mhayi. We cherish the good and wise words of wisdom dzamakatipa vana vose veZimbabwe.

  7. Zororai murugare Amai vedu.

  8. you are still a murderer,tribalist,regionalist ,genocide practioner,sideliner like all your gukurahundi comrades.

  9. rest in peace Mbuya Mzenda.

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