Mugabe not superhuman: War vets

WAR veterans have threatened to support a motion of no-confidence or impeachment against President Robert Mugabe as the fall-out between the former fighters and the veteran ruler worsens.


Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association chairman, Christopher Mutsvangwa yesterday told journalists in Harare that Mugabe’s bid to establish a dynasty would be resisted.

“When executive authority is being abused, as is happening, a constitutional republic like Zimbabwe can use impeachment, elections, or even votes of no-confidence against the monarchists and oligarchists in the G40, who are pushing for a dynasty. We will campaign and support such moves, if this mischief continues,” he said.

“The Constitution of the republic is supreme and overrides even perverted party decision-making. President Mugabe is gravitating towards dictatorial tendencies, including allowing his wife to make illegal pronouncements on issues in the courts of law.

“The Constitution has a gamut of provisions to address all types of executive abuse of office including dereliction of duty.”

First Lady Grace Mugabe, two weeks ago, told a Zanu PF youth rally in Chinhoyi that corruption allegations against Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo raised by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission had been “cooked up”.

The First Lady also absolved party national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere of any wrongdoing before Mugabe chipped in and declared that “no organ of the party has a right to pass a vote of no-confidence on my appointees”.

Moyo’s case, in which he is accused of pilfering over $400 000 from the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund, is currently before the Constitutional Court. Mutsvangwa warned Mugabe that his position would be threatened if he continued to align with a faction of Zanu PF known as G40, of which Kasukuwere and Moyo are reportedly leading figures.

“Mugabe has no magical powers. He is not superhuman. There is nothing magical about becoming President of Zimbabwe. It all comes from the people. We know he is not superhuman because we made him,” he said.

“This G40 chorus of President, President, President and First Lady, First Lady, as if they are superhuman, is nonsense.

“They (G40) are threatening to fire (Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa) and the generals. Who are you? We will not allow you. We are now drawing a line in the sand, it will not happen again. As long as Zanu PF structures are not respected, next year’s elections will be against the G40.

“Anybody, who decides to be part of the G40, will be standing in the path of a steamroller, abetting their schemes or supporting them. From now on, the war veterans will go back to the people to campaign against the G40. We will not allow them to use a marriage certificate to effect a putsch.”

Mutsvangwa said war veterans, who have aligned themselves with Mnangagwa’s Team Lacoste faction, had no problems with the opposition, including Zapu leader, Dumiso Dabengwa and the MDCs.

“They are now behaving as patriotic opposition. We will make sure there are free and fair elections. Dumiso (Dabengwa) is our commander. The MDC joined us in the constitution-making process. They may have their agenda, but we do not consider them as enemies anymore,” he said.

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  1. josphat mugadzaweta

    tibvireipo!!! now that you are out in the cold you start to talk nonsense when you propped up the same dictator for 36 years!!!

    1. Chubb Antonio Feremenga

      Mugadzaweta, its better late than never at all. You do not have a solution yourself. Do the honorable and keep quiet

      1. there is never late thus high level of hypocrisy nonsense Mutsvangwa. Nyika haisi yevakarwa CHETE, its for all Zimbabweans so the opposition and independent can lead this nation actually there are better principled people than those in Zanu and former Zanu

  2. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Quite late,the horse has already bolted out of the stable.Mugabe should had been restrained at the time he started purging senior members of the Zanla high command element which prosecuted the armed struggle in the early 70s in the eastern districts of the country.By then,this limited but effective guerrilla war pressure by Zipra and Zanla along the Zambezi Valley led to the release from prison of Mugabe and other nationalist leaders.This illustrates Mugabe’s ungratefulness and his unrestrained lust for personal power.Since then,he has been using the same tactics of purging anyone that he perceives to be standing on his way.Anyhow, better late than never, but now it’s now a formidable task to reverse the damage which has been inflicted in the country’s governance institutions hence all this economic decay.

  3. What is the source of funds for RGM University? Why industry so quiet, docile? Muchasvinura zvenyu.

  4. Mutsvangwa is a mercurial character. He is very unstable and extremely inconsistent. He is like a child who can easily be calmed down by giving him a lollipop. Dont be surprised to hear him tomorrow praising mugabe and condemning Tsvangirai. The truth is noone takes him seriously anymore. He has lost all credibility just like Themba Mliswa

  5. It may be late but vana vebwe havasvinure zuva rimwe.

  6. The problem with our o vets is self serving and flip flopping

  7. it might be too late but it’s very important zvamavakuita ma war vets bcz hatingasiyi poto ichitsva nekuti tanonoka totoibura saka plz war vets we need Action now.
    I am very sorry for you bcz you have been Used

  8. thank u chris. no mornachy, no political dynasty in zimbabwe. pasi nemhanduuuuuu. pasi na disgrace. pasi na musorobhangu. pamberi nevaanoda kuchengetedza zimbabwe.

  9. sensible notion from a dubious source

  10. Whilst this ZANU PF metal is still in liquid/molten state due to its own inherent heat it is generating, Morgan if your brains were situated above your waist line, you would be taking this pristine opportunity to cut deals with the security guys promising them no reprisals and continuance under you. You would also cut a deal with Lacoste secretly of course promising power sharing. You would be getting people like Chissano well respected by these ZANU chefs to help broker these deals. Then after winning elections you would renege on the deals if you wanted to.

    1. Danai Pazvagozha

      Basil, you made my day. kkkkkkkkk. Your strategy is largely prudent, but the renegong part of it causes turmoil eventually. But yes, you are a shrew strategist

    2. kkkkkkkk Basil vakomana. But you have a point here

  11. we want the issues of bread and butter to be addressed…. Varume tafa nenzara muchingotikika kika kunge bhora… tode sadza zvekurwisana izvo mozoita henyu takaguta… address key issues, industries are closing day in day out, econony is decaying everyday zvekuti handizivi kuti December Xmas yacho inosvika tichiitei, cash crisis not yet addressed, health, education haziperi… roads…. tipeiwo zvekudya kwete matakanyanya amunotiitira ayo….. ” zvamunotipedzera sadza munoti tinodyeiwo?”

  12. Mutsvangwa we have known all along that Mugabe is not superhuman. Welcome to the table, sir.

  13. This guy is saying what no one in ZANU can say. No to Dynasty. The constitution is supreme. Grace will face the music when the old man goes the natural way. Mugabe does not learn from history. War vets might have been used before but its good that now they see the light. Everyone makes mistakes but it takes a great deal to admit to your mistakes and move on.

  14. Better late than never yes, but still macomrades you change positions by the nights . Hamutani kufuririka, izvozvi Mugabe akati ngatisanganeyi for a belated April 2017 indaba with him and you are promised or paid welfare tinokunzwai moimba zvimwe futi, useless! And worse your expressed concern about Mugabe is not motivated by the people and Zimbabwe’s interests BUT by desire to uplift Mnangagwa so that you will share the spoils with him kana apinda, you are merely posturing and positioning yourselves for future looting dreamed Mnangagwa era. Zvino povho haichisina kupusa. If you desire kufamba nepovho cherai chikomba mosiyana nefactional politics dzenyu then perhaps mofamba naDabengwa or some other better group, but not Mdc sezvataurwa naChris apa mungatinyadzisa! Iva nechinangwa kwacho Chris kwete populism, plus bvisai godo pakati penyu bcoz ndorimwe rinotadzisa macomrades kuronga zvinobuda. Musatengesana for pieces of silver, war time orientation makaisepiko? Go back to your roots and retrace you will succeed

  15. Yes , chakachaya, cherop ivo vana mnangangwa should stand up and say no to this circus!! kuita basa rekutungwa na Grace who is she!!! ke nako. Nguva yakwana ,

  16. Its you Mutsvangwa who created this ‘superhuman’ tag. You bootlicked Mugabe and giving him names, viz, cremora(fake milk), Jesus, God etc. The ‘superhuman’ destroyed Zim’s economy and nyika yamaichemera yavemamvemve!

  17. Uku ndiko kuti comrade vazvipira. I support you comrade, musacheuke shure zvachose.

  18. Too little too late Chris. The majority of those who have been voting for MDC since 2000 realized this almost 20 years ago. Obviously time flies when you’re “having fun” in Zanu PF!!

  19. Yah I watched the O vet Mtsvangwa speaking pa Zimditv on youtube He was talking sense . I agree with him 100 percent better late than never

  20. Danai Pazvagozha

    comrdae Chris, we are ready for anything to move along with your noble vision. The G40 were comnfortably enjoying when we were being hunted and chased by jet fighters in Gaza province. As I write I have in mind ther brave comrades: Chingwachaoma, Tangai Muchapera, Sunnyboy Dzadambuka, Oliver Shiri, Dlamini, Takesure Mabhunu, Tendai Hondo, baba Bheja (Dopiro), who all perished as they faced the better equippped white Rhodesian soldiers in battle to rescue Zimbabwe. Although these comrades fell, they enable us to pinpoint where the fire was coming from amidst battle, and we then triggered newtralising fire power from the lethal LMG. The G40 will never realise how a person with a gun can be emotionaly animalistic and without fear, once you see your colleague going down in battle. Thats when the sub-ranza downed a helicopter in Duruvi mountain of Nyajena where we operated. And now you see a girl, not even a chimbwido, from Chivhu thinking that her waist-wriggling prowess on bed qualifies her to be a president of this country. one question to this girl, didn’t your aunt advised you that the bedroom antics, no matter how ecstatic, are only useful in bed and not in politics? Where on earth have you seen a bed being used as a tool to rule? Mutsvangwa, we are with you camarada. Aluta continua!!

  21. The war vets and generals made a mistake by propping up this dictator when everyone was saying enough is enough for him. Now that he is done with you guys(generals and war vets) he is now using the youths and women to create his dynasty. The only solution in a nutshell guys is to create a free Zimbabwe where the constitution is upheld and respected by all and sundry. Not the current nonsense of one centre of power. If the fallen heroes were to be awaken today i dont think they would confirm this as being the motivating factor behind the liberation struggle.Chiwenga , Mutsvangwa and company be responsible guys. Vanhu varikutambudzika guys.

  22. Mutswanga can not fool anybody, once Zanu Pf always Zanu Pf, we have seen this before, even Mujuru pretended to have left Zanu Pf, the only reason why she is not joining the coalition its because she know she is still Zanu Pf, Mutsangwa has been just talking and talking, this does not help actions matter now than ever, if you dont take action it becaomes evident where you stand


  23. no to dynasty todawo kydya hamuguti nei mbavha mikosho yenyu

  24. Bravo!!! Cde Chris. Enough is enough. Yes war vets could have made a mistake by allowing excessive power to an individual which power is now in wrong hands and has been turned againest the people. We all make mistakes and an apology is befitting. What is crucial and encouraging at this stage is that the mistakes have been identified and corrective measures are being taken for the sake of protecting our motherland. Lets all rally behind the war vets for a free and prosperous Zimbabwe we fought for once more guys. ALUTA CONTINUA!!!!!!!

  25. cde corruption Zeros

    it is reality that Botswana ndeyaKhama. DRC ndeyaKabila. Even in America, George Bush dynastized the Republican party so as Clinton, . .. Governments are private companies owned by a monstrous mafia network. So, the RGM named succer will prevail.

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