Mugabe mourns Gadaffi again

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has lashed out at continental powerhouses South Africa and Nigeria for being complicit in the death of his slain ally, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, five years after the event.



It is not the first time that Mugabe has chided South Africa in particular for voting with Western countries on the controversial United Nations resolution that gave the United States and its allies the mandate to bomb Libya in support of rebels who were fighting Gaddafi.

Officially opening the 67th regional conference of the World Health Organisation (WHO) for Africa, Mugabe said he had been approached to help warring factions in Libya without revealing the group.

“Libyans now are fighting, killing each other. Some have approached us seeking for help. They are disunited,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe, whose human rights record has earned his administration pariah status, said although Gaddafi was a dictator, his removal from power was unjustified as it had left Libya in turmoil.

“Gaddafi killed many people, innocent persons and those who opposed his rule and did it callously even to kill his people, innocent people. He united his people, fought for free education, free health . . . he tried to hide, tried to plead, but they attacked him,” the Zanu PF leader told his shocked audience.

Gaddafi was killed in 2012 during a wave of protests that engulfed the Middle East with people demanding leadership change.

Mugabe took delegates drawn from 47 African countries into a monologue on how “powerful States” such as the US and Britain had exploited and removed leaders who they did not want for selfish gains.

With Nigeria struggling to put down the Boko Haram insurrection, Mugabe slammed the West African country for failing to secure its borders despite its “grand status” as the continent’s biggest economy.

“With the high, great and grand status they have given to themselves, we were shocked that over 200 students disappeared.

“I still ask myself a question: Surely a big country like Nigeria which has a big army cannot tell us or fail to locate or trace these girls? Nobody has taken the task to locate them or nobody knows where they have gone. The mothers are still mourning and the fathers as well,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe last week attacked South Africa’s first black president and revered anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela for allowing “whites so much power”.

The Zimbabwean leader said the election of an African, Ethiopian Tedros Adhanom Ghenbreyesus, as WHO director-general should help the continent’s women and children in their fight against diseases.

Ghenbreyesus, who was elected two months ago, said he hoped to curb communicable and non-communicable diseases ravaging Africa.



  1. mazeru mandirahwe

    off topic

  2. Unzo wekwa Zvimba

    But zvimwe ndezvimwe , Gushungo vanombokuma soooo

  3. Kkkkkkkk hanzi vakuma off topic yakadai here kkkkk.

    1. Petros Magomazi

      Presidents use such platforms to speak and when they speak all you have to do is to listen because when theyspeak that is POLICY!!! Wake up Nyamasvisva!!!!! All of them do that by the way.

      1. So what is the POLICY here?

  4. Why not just send your Army (zna) to fight Britain, USA and Boko haram???

  5. Deluded Mugabe!

    that has always been his delusion through a blotted ego… kuti iye ndiye chete muAfrica. he sent zimbabwe downhill all in the name of wanting to be viewed as Africa’s best. he is even deluded to think that today he is the most revered leader in africa. ndoo zvatirikufira zvedelusion yayo harahwa iyi

  6. Free education and free health are not of any value when people are oppressed and killed for nothing.How did the same person who killed innocent people united his people?AU was suppose to solve the confict in the early stages and what happened is what happens when you wait for someone to clean your mess.

  7. World Health Organisation in a continent where girls just disappear without a trace- Mugabe is right- in a continet where people are butchering each other and straining health budgets from gunshots- Mugabe is right. Perhaps some countries are better off in the hands is dictators than the so called democracy. So mudhara is not off topic. He is simply saying silence the guns and account for your citizens hey Nigeria where are our girls?

  8. ok but a small country like zim can hardly locate the whereabouts of just one itai dzamara

    1. Petros Magomazi

      You missed the point and misunderstood the equation. It is easy to miss one person or for one person to go missing. The same cannot be said o 200 people!!! Put your thinking cap on Publo. Dont oppose for the sake of it!!!

      1. You are right Petros.

    2. thats quite funny even the relatives have stooped searching for him.

  9. Or cash kuti yakaendepi

  10. I don’t like him at all but he has a point on the Boko Haram and Nigeria issue about students disappearing

  11. And a small economy like Zimbabwe to have 15 USD billion missing?

  12. Correct. the disappearance of 200 young lives is indeed difficult to reconcile with under those circumstances, Ah!?

  13. Nigeria is a mess

  14. what have all the speeches and comments got to do with health?

  15. Unzo wekwa Zvimba

    “With the high, great and grand status they have given to themselves, we were shocked that over 200 students disappeared.

    “I still ask myself a question: Surely a big country like Nigeria which has a big army cannot tell us or fail to locate or trace these girls? Nobody has taken the task to locate them or nobody knows where they have gone. The mothers are still mourning and the fathers as well,” Mugabe said.

    Mashoko makukutu aya

  16. How are about our collapsing /collapsed health system.

  17. President Mugabe is right 1 man accussed of killing innocent pple now who is rrsponsible for the multiple dying every day??

  18. guys truely in zimbabwe we are free country its bcoz of our president . if we miss this man one day will all regreat. so one is capable of leading thos country like mugabe see the lkes of tsvangirai vanoda ma western cultures havazvigoni zvekutonga nyika ngavanoite ma sabhuku chete

  19. chain chimutengwende

    that is very true cde president America failed by killing Gaddafi .things are bad in lybia now

  20. @Zim1, you are so STUPID! A brain washed idiot like you is the one who is gonna miss Mugabe not the majority of suppressed Zimbos. How can you say Zimbos are free, whenever they want to carry out peaceful demonstrations, they are beaten by riot police? How can you say you are free: when jobs are scarce? When hospitals have no drugs to treat even a poisoned patient? When elections are rigged? Etc

  21. Gushungooooo,,muchero,,,vachiorera,,ngonya nhema,,,,totenda nemashoko enyu its only time when the whole world will realise that you are a genius

  22. Lest we forget the Matebele genocide. If our dear President’s hands are clean since April 18, 1980(discounting the liberation war), he deserves grace to live for 20 more years

    1. lest he advise the Nigerians to do the matebeleland genocide to avenge the chibok girls

  23. Gushungo! Handei tione!!

  24. Why is it acceptable for States or Europe to attack independent nations? Why didn’t Rwanda attack Gadaffi? Look at it, Trump is busy provoking North Korea just at its door step. He has nuclear weapons but does not want DPRK to develop its own. They call it a threat, why? I do not like Mugabe but he may not be wrong in all aspects. Such issues keep him holding on to power. It also pains him to see the likes of SA being manipulated. Africa, we are a great people!

    1. and people cant answer you on that.they have been so brainwashed.

  25. asi hauna kupedza 5km dzako here? we are a great people who don’t believe in self determination? we are great people who oppress our own worse than the whites did? we are a great people who steal so much from public resources that Nigeria experiences fuel shortages when it’s in the top 10 producers of the world. we are a great people who think we should rule for 37 and 34 years and no one else – Mugabe and Dos Santos? we are a great people that our children HAVE to benefit more than others if we are president – equatorial guinea obiang and dos santos’ billionaire daughter. we are a great people that more than 50% of our budgets have to come from donors?

    usa has nuclear weapons yes but when did you ever see them flying over another country in a hostile way? if trump ran his mouth on DPRK, why cant they do the same? you have no idea how much the people of north korea are suffering. just like in zim, the rulers prefer to spend money on military to protect themselves, while the country goes hungry.

  26. judge president

    If you hear anyone uttering nonsense of missing Mugabe then it simply translates to total insane.

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