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Move on, inspire others into action


“Do not wish it was easy, wish you were better.

Motivation: JONAH NYONI

“Humans can do the most remarkable things in life.

“It is not the blowing of the wind that determines your destination, but the set of sails,” advised Jim Rohn.

Today, I will speak on communication.

Remember, you have an in-built ability to be one of the best communicators.

A person, who can occupy the apex point of this life as a champion and architect of communication.

One who, if he communicates, the world shivers.

When you start expressing yourself, people stand on their toes to listen.

They do not just listen with their ears, but with their whole being.

With such communication, no one will ever dare to ignore you.

People would love to see you do what you know best — communicating.

I am not talking about oratory — no please.

I am talking about a type of a communicator that can move mountains when he expresses himself.

One that cannot be ignored, because his actions always speak volumes.

The American preacher

I am told of an American preacher, whom people described “as a person whom you could argue with his teachings, but not with his life”.

His conduct and expression always left a ripple effect of goodness.

What he did would always leave strong imprints in the hearts of many.

I am talking of a unique classical communicator, one who communicates through his deeds.

One who mastered this craft and art, a person, who has the skill to convey himself in a manner that inspires, motivates and drives others into action.

Remember, results do not have to be achieved by cohesion.

No, not at all.

It needs something higher than that, something from a higher dimension.

This is the thing I am bringing to you today, it is a tool that must never leave your “communications tools box” as long as you live.

You need an appropriate approach, an approach that can bring the desired results.

This is what some refer to as the “Lincoln style of communication”.

Lincoln is arguably one of the best communicators ever to grace the face of this earth.

What made him so?

He crafted his communication in such a simple way that enabled listeners to easily get connected with him.

Yes, I mean connected.

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln once gave a speech, which was rated as one of the best speeches ever to be given by man.

Surprisingly, the speech lasted no more than five minutes, but its impact is still felt today.

However, not all speeches are given as words.

Because of that, I will share with you something a bit different, a unique form of communication, which does not use words.

Action backed communication

This can be regarded as “teaching by example”.

Some books prefer to call it kinesics.

However, this is commonly known by many as nonverbal communication.

Nonverbal communication in simple terms is communication that does not involve words.

Words in communication

Words may sometimes fail to convince a person.

Even shouting trying to persuade a person to do something may still not move that person.

Scolding will not, criticising will never initiate a change of behaviour.

But there is just one way to turn things around and move the immovable.

Read on to master this action-based communication style.

The little girl at the flower shop

There is a story of a man, who stopped at a shop to buy flowers for his mother, which were meant to be posted to her, as she lived some hundreds of miles away.

As he entered the shop, he saw a girl who was sat next to the door and appeared worried.

On seeing her, the man was touched and politely went on to ask what the problem was.

So, as the girl was still sobbing, she paused and replied: “I wanted to buy some red roses for my mother, but I do not have enough money.”

On hearing this, the middle aged man smiled and said: “Come on with me, I will buy you a rose.”

As they were leaving the shop, the man thought of offering her a lift to her home and she accepted.

But as they moved away from the shop, the girl directed him to the nearby cemetery and on arrival, she placed the rose on a freshly dug grave.

Inspire others into action

Touched by this little girl’s inspiring deeds, the man quickly drove back to the flower shop and cancelled his arrangement of sending the flowers.

He took the bouquet and drove 200 hundred miles to personally hand over the flowers to his mother.

Sometimes, we do not need words to be convinced to do something.

We need action.

Why? Because human beings are creatures of emotion.

They always have an ego to protect.

So inspired action always touches them greatly.

Never forget that, “you are not a product of your circumstances, but a product of your decisions,” advised the late American motivational speaker, Steve Covey.

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