Mnangagwa ‘poisoning’: Level heads needed

In yesterday’s NewsDay, an unnamed, but senior official close to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa threatened revenge for the suspected poisoning of President Robert Mugabe’s deputy suffered on Saturday.

Editorial Comment

The official was quick to blame Mnangagwa’s foes in the rival G40 faction for the incident.

Such an incident is likely to increase temperatures, but it is important that there is calm and a measured response.

This is not the time to make statements that are likely to foment anger and resentment and by so doing could spawn violence.

We sympathise with the Vice-President, as, if he was indeed poisoned, an investigation must be carried out of this heinous crime and the perpetrators brought to book.

The law must act swiftly to bring the culprits to book, because the temerity to poison the Vice-President means the country’s very security is at risk.

As Mnangagwa is in hospital, we hope the tests can prove conclusively what he ingested, as this wlll aid investigations and ultimately this will help bring the culprits to book.

Be that as it may, this is not the time to jump to conclusions, but rather we counsel a tempered response that permits for investigations to bring the suspects to law.

A blame game and finger-pointing is as unhelpful as it is dangerous, considering that political tempers long soared.

It is easy to jump into the realm of speculation and stoke fires, but extinguishing those flames may prove to be impossible and that could have ramifications for the country.

With elections due next year and Zanu PF’s succession issue raging on uncontrolled, it is very easy for such an incident to spark violence or at least revenge plots and this would be detrimental to the country going forward.

Thus, the police, with the help of the doctors, should come forward and explain to Zimbabweans what happened to Mnangagwa.

If there is any hint of foul play, the law enforcement agents should tell the nation what steps they are taking in investigating that matter and if there is no chicanery the case can be closed.

Such an approach will exude transparency and show Zimbabweans that everything is above board and nothing is being swept under the carpet.

Failure to do that will only heighten speculation and increase the political temperatures in an environment that already resembles a tinderbox.

We reiterate the need for level heads in this matter and to allow for full investigations.

Threats to carry out revenge and finger-pointing will not be in the country’s best interests.

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  1. Oh yeah! Seriously Newsday!! MikeTyson once said – everyone has a game plan when entering the boxing ring until they get punched in the mouth…It is all well and good for you Newsday to call for calm and reason when they are not your intestines playing host to painful poison. You talk of investigations? Really what country are you living in. What became of the investigations into the Daily News bombing a decade or so ago. What happened to the investigations of the deaths of that spy boss Shirihuru, Rashiwe Guzha….Itai Dzamara…the list goes on…You talk about potential for the country to burn. Smell the coffee. The country started to burn a long time ago. Why do you think Mugabe is cosying up to the Green Bombers. Next year there is going to be burning like never before. To team Lacoste my advice is you’ve just been punched in the mouth (pun not intended – mouth/ingestion) forget about your game plan and just go out there swinging and guns blazing… can only be good for the country.

  2. Asazi madoda

  3. g40 are cowards but anyway the whole nation is watching and you cannnot take the life of our future president that cheap,remember comrades dont die

    1. You are speaking for yourself … don’t say ‘We’ Iwe naani?
      That’s your president not Okay!!

      1. Kasukuwele (G40)

        He/She is including me

        1. He / she is also including me

        2. neni wo futi

      2. Chokwadi ndi president vake kwete vedu .vasiyei vaurayane . chikwambo chiopedzsira nemuridzi wacho .varume aa vavakuma gumo manje we thank God kwakumagumo nguva yavo ya kukwana vahu ava

        1. Simbarashe Mambeva

          you might be the first to die. VP mnangagwa will continue to rule iwe wechingohukura. Your own god will kill him, our God will serve and bless him for his comitment to work for the people of zimbabwe.

      3. achatonga muchida musingade comnrade

    2. That man is monster who force another man to jump to his death only because of a woman they shared

  4. people always tok

  5. If you live by the gun,you will die by the gun

  6. While it is good advise for the Newsday to appeal for level heads, others who if it is proven true, have no such level heads. We are dealing with a mafia here G40. VP offices were broken into how many times, no suspect arrested, cyanide poison on his desk which the unfortunate secretary inhaled and hospitalised. There will never be an arrest as long as G40 is in charge. If you call FBI maybe. Lacoste it is time you fight fire with fire. No time to waste.

  7. Aiwa, Ngwena svacho svinonga svinotyawo isvi amunawee!

  8. these old ministers takein a lot of pills and some have been on Arvs for years.During some of the gatherings they forget and end up eating a lot of food which reacts and causes nausea and diarrhea.there was no poisoning there.of the two factions in zanu i think Lacoste is the one capable of commiting murder not the innocent and timid G40.

    1. I could not agree more, these guys have always been taking arvs and this guy they call Ngwena and I don’t understand why and this guy of chapomba might have been having nyongo at the rally.

  9. Level heads and measured response ?

    What kind of calmness is it that you seek when you are being butchered ?

    Go and talk of measured response to the children of Shuvai Mahofa and see if you will leave that place in one piece. Has the people who poisoned Shuvai been brought to book ? How many people have been murdered and disappeared without trace and nothing has been done by the so called security sector you have so much faith in ?

    This is a murderous regime and will stop at nothing to retain power even if the populace has said time is up , pack and go. Mugabe has just vainly reiterated that those who murder in the name of zanu pf will not be prosecuted. He wants a hang man to hang his political opponents not blood thirsty killers who up to now are still rooming the streets.

  10. Politics is a dirty game. If Emmerson was poisoned tough luck: that’s part of the game. What goes around comes around. This is Gukurahundi coming back to bite Emmerson on his bottom. It’s called comeuppance.

  11. Kkkkkkk the Editorial comment has been challenged and picked to pieces. Mr Editor, hanzi murikugara munyika ipi??? Pakarohwa ma ND journalists, akaitwa sei mapurisa acho???

  12. I empathize with Vp Mnangagwa. My own Kenyan VP of 13 years was poisoned in a meeting in1990 during President Moi’s era. His prospects of clinching the top seat were very high but he therefter became edgy living very suspiciously. Unfortunately as the minister for internal security, he died 8 months to the 2013 general election in a plane clash in unclear circumstances. Never underestimate human stupidity!

  13. Jamengweni Godonga

    Suka, uligwala lendoda attention seeker

  14. I feel this poisoning is team lacoste’s ploy. they want to potray as if they r being attacked so that they have ample reason to go for their opponents and annihilate them….these guys if they wanted mnangagwa dead they cud have used cyanide and he cud be history by now…watch the space

    1. Of course this is hardly worth commenting on, but you seem to have nailed it..

  15. you ngwena gave a man a choice either to seat with his ass on a four plate stove or jump out from third floor the men now is crippled so its your turn suffer in your intestines surely you must die a painful death.

  16. Haaa ndadzidza comeuppance

  17. ngwena you made a man jump from third floor its your turn for your intestines to burn slowly in two years you will follow your ally Mahofa in hell well done G40 FINISH THE JOB

  18. An eye for an eye varume- unorohwa usingadzorere wakasungwa maoko here. Kana wakasungwa maoko vana vako ngavakusunungure

  19. Ndiani asingazvizivi kuti ngeyeropa, this is just the biggining of the bigging, vurai nzewe ngemeso basi

  20. nguvayavovese yakwana hapana chisingaperi.vakudyanana vega manje isu takatarisa

  21. Zanu is deadly they kill

  22. KKKKK pamonya ipapo jooooo kkkkkk you did well not to name the zanu official who want to revenge for sigebenga Mnangagwa bcoz he was going to be poisoned before he accomplished his mission .

  23. achatonga chete ED. mugabe is gone. munhu avekutoperekedzwa kuchimbudzi ..

  24. Kkkkkkk how is Mnangagwa going to tonga when he is battling for his life in A foreign hospital and may fail to make it . This is clear case of bad omen for zanu big bad things for the party coming next year .coming our fingers crossed

  25. Mphoko said that Mnangagwa thinks he will be the next president but that will not happen. There is no guarantee that he will be the next president even if it makes sense that current president Mugabe is Zeuzuru so Mnangagwa as Karanga comes in to balance leadership so as not to put another Zezuru. He said that at a rally in Chiweshe with Grace Mugabe. He went on to say Munangwa is celebrating that he will be president, NO, in the bible there is a man who celbrated but the father gave leadership to someone else. Munangagwa has never talked about succession or he being Karanga. Grace said Makaranga sold out Mbuyanehanda so will not be good candidates for President this clearlt reported by the Herald at a rally in Chiweshe. Mugabe talks about tribalism that he practices. Munangagwa`s office was broken several times and documents stolen, his chair was poisoned but survived. He has not committed a crime for being Mugabe`s deputy since 1977. He was elected by war veterans to second Mugabe. Mugabe was chosen by war veterans at the same meeting in 1977 to take over power from Ndabaningi Sithole whose character was then dubious. He caused Chitepo to be assassinated by Rhodesians because security chiefs failed to protect him they were not impressed by the fact that Sithole wanted Chitepo as homeboy -tribal politics of Manyika to be his deputy and takeover after him.Chitepo was a humble lawyer but was abused by Sithole by being recruited into tribal politics like what Mugabe wants to do with Sekeramayi who knows that he is junior to Mnangagwa. The rally that elected Mugabe and Mnangagwa in Mozambique in 1977 was made up of pure freedom fighters. Now Mugabe filled cabinet with selous Scouts, ZIPRA sellouts, ZANU mwenje, Rhodesian informers to destroy ZANUPF. These people will vote for a G40 candidate who has been suggested secretly by Mugabe, Mphoko, Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere, Zhuwawo, Chimemene, Manala and Grace Mugabe.

  26. hatitongwi nechimbwa mupengo chamoti mai ana typhoid imwi. Ihondo iyi

  27. Lets not forget the fact that HIV infection results in gastroenteritis for many poor folks. The VP showed signs of positively suffering from gstroenteritis, and he may have gone to SA to have his CD count stabilised and boosted. These fellas have lived wityh the virus for decades now, but that cant last forever, at some point the end must come. He poisoned himself many years ago by engaging in loose morals. Pho, indaba kabani???

  28. Asifuni Bumbulu Thina

    zibotshaniswe imisila. zobohla manyosi. akuqili lazikhotha emhlanekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  29. Asifuni Bumbulu Thina

    wake up and smell the coffee. the end of pharaoh and the egyptians is fast approaching.

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