Mnangagwa poisoning details emerge

FRESH details have emerged that South African doctors — who performed a minor surgery on Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa (pictured) last Wednesday — reportedly detected traces of palladium poison which had partly damaged part of his liver, NewsDay has learnt.


Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa
Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

The latest information was revealed on Mnangagwa’s return after he was airlifted to South Africa, following a food poisoning scare at a Zanu PF youth interface rally in Gwanda on August 11.

Highly-placed sources close to Mnangagwa told NewsDay at the weekend, that South African doctors discovered that the Vice-President consumed non-radioactive poison which could require a systems flush out over the next two months.

“The VP ingested potent, non-radioactive poison which has low quality palladium substances which caused minor liver damage and he had to undergo surgery last Wednesday,” the source said.

Mnangagwa, tipped to succeed President Robert Mugabe, was believed to have been poisoned by his Zanu PF rivals as the succession issue turns nasty.

Zanu PF has two distinct factions —Team Lacoste which is reportedly sympathetic to Mnangagwa and the G40 whose kingpins were reportedly Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo and party commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, which is rooting for First Lady Grace Mugabe to take over from her ailing 93-year-old husband.

The Vice-President was airlifted to South Africa following a severe bout of abdominal discomfort, vomiting and diarrhoea as his allies strongly suspected that he had been poisoned in the succession fights.

But, Information minister Christopher Mushohwe ruled out the “poisoning” narrative, saying Mnangagwa could have been upset by “stale food”.

“What the doctors think happened is that perhaps he ate some stale food, which then means it is really not poison in the sense that the people are trying to allege,” Mushohwe said at the weekend.

“I don’t know about that palladium, go to your sources, our official statement stands.”

Mushohwe refused to explain why Mnangagwa would be flown to South Africa for treatment due to contamination through eating stale food.

The latest incident came following a series of incidents where Mnangagwa has been publicly chided by Grace and some women’s league officials, who accused him of plotting to unseat Mugabe.

It also followed a chain of events which has blighted Mnangagwa’s political path from the time he was appointed Vice-President in 2014.

Mnangagwa’s offices — despite having high profile security — have been broken into a record six times, in the past years but the perpetrators are yet to be nabbed.

In 2014, his Justice ministry’s office was broken into by unknown persons, and again, shortly before Mnangagwa was appointed Vice-President.

In another incident, cyanide was allegedly sprinkled in his Zanu PF headquarters office, leaving his private secretary battling for her life.

Police then set up a special task force to investigate the mysterious break-ins and attempt to poison Mnangagwa but the findings were never made public.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba, could not shed light on what the investigations have yielded so far.

“I am not yet aware of the update on the investigations. I will have to find out,” she said.

Mnangagwa in 2014 also escaped unhurt after being involved in a road accident along Herbert Chitepo Avenue in Harare near the US Embassy.

Then Justice Minister, Mnangagwa was reportedly driving alone when a minibus crashed into his Mercedes Benz vehicle.


  1. Palladium is a metal with low toxicity. It is poorly absorbed by human body when digested.It can be accumulated overtime by someone who frequents the mining environment. We can rule out any food poisoning on that particular day.

    1. maybe Grace ice cream dirty

  2. poisonous or not we are happy and relieved you’re back. I know the majority of normal people are

  3. josphat mugadzaweta

    dai rakangofa ririkutiitirei nhai?

    1. Wezhira wezhara

      You are worse than a dog @Josphat Mugadzaweta. Muroyi to be specific

      1. wow. itai dzamara, judah jongwe, ………machinja ese akauraiwa. garai pasi ! the lizard is useless ngazvife

    2. You should die first


    4. mai vako duzvi ndovasina order

  4. l think it’s wiser now for Mnangagwa to call it a day, the man has had his time in politics & l don’t think it’s worth dying like a rat in the end

  5. happy you are back . You know what you are doing great man

  6. Sorry honourable Vice President ,with God grace nothing is impossible

    1. saw what u did there Taps….kkkkk…. AMEN.Makandiwa akaona rudhende rukanamata Ngwena ikamuka. Mwari hweee. Hop hakufiwe kkkk

      1. Pastor Mudavanhu

        We love you Ngwena .We can not be fooled that you ate stale food yet alone during the liberation struggle you ate worse than that and sometimes spend time without anything through your mouth.
        They cant take your life those Zanu PF thugs but only God determines your destiny!!!!

  7. This sounds to me like hogwash. Palladium poisoning itself it not instant like what happened in this case. It takes effect over time. Traces of palladium would suggest to me that he had it all along but it cannot be the cause of the instant sickness that happened in Gwanda. It’s important that this is made clear.


    2. After the attention seeking stunt a reason had to be found for the trip to SA. I am sure anyone who can come that close could have done a more professional job if ever there was an intention to harm.

    3. Finally someone with something between their ears which is burning atp!
      It’s physically impossible that palladium caused such sudden symptoms unless he ate an ocean of it!
      This sensational reporting just ain’t cool.

  8. Mr Mushowe , you know nothing. Stop parading your foolishness.
    On Mnangagwa, being poisoned, i say, let these Zanu thugs kill each other and we dont even care becoz these thugs have destroyed our economy and the country’s health system is down thats why you see them shunning local hospitals. SURELY, I DONT FEEL PITY FOR THESE ZANU THUGS, NEVER!!!

  9. Maoneswa nhamo ne mu Nyasaland wenyu wamakaisa muchifungira kuti murozvi. Tribalists hitting a brick wall!

  10. let’s hope he will be well

  11. Danai Pazvagozha

    All we know is that Ngwena was poisoned. All these explanation attempting to chritianise lucifer are hogwash. Jonathan Moyo has taken this country on the edge of a precipice. All in vain attempt to entrench Mugabe’s wife to rule this country. The Hutus in Rwanda tried the game that Jonathan Moyo is dribbling. We all know what the result was. Arresting Mutodi, Matemadanda only helps to strenthen the resolute of the people who feel short changed. We urge Mugabe to reign his wayward wife, who seems dissappointed that non of his sons is interested in politics in place of boozing and womanising. On a fateful day a second is miuch longer than three decades. Can someone please advise Grace. I hope she reads these comments. But given her shallow-mindedness, ( as evidenced by her stupidity in hitting a lady whom she found in Chatunga’s hotel room) she will not take heed on anything. I hope she is prepared for the coming day.

    1. What about those who feel shortchanged by what was done to Mujuru? Or to Tsvangirai for that matter? I really would like to hear from you on this.

  12. This story is getting confusing by the day and it only gives credence to the theory that this was a well played out event. initially after the acted ‘vomitting and diarheoaing’ its reported the VP wanted to go home and rest but enter Chiwenga the whole show changed as the game plan was not over. Airforce helicopter was hastliy arranged and VP who is the undisputed Head of Lacoste was airlifted to Manyami.
    Things changed there and Chwenga decided to send VP his beloved boss to SA hospital so as to create enough scene and attention.
    I bet these guys will sell one another and we have not heard the first and last of this childish play game.Lets follow this story religiously.

  13. Deno iri polonium nxaaa

  14. All of this is a hot steaming pile of horsecrap..

  15. Rega zviroyane!!

  16. remember 27 June Mugabe mu office Ngwena comes to my mind

  17. We thank God he survives but honestly nyika yedu yaipa and yananga kumawere….. Mr. VP someone wants you dead thats the truth

  18. Canisios Chibaya

    That is politics where DEATH is always in capital letters and the real spice of the recipe. It’s unfortunate followers are like football fans who know very little about the game which they watch.

  19. As it is this country will either be ruled by either Mnangagwa or Tsvangirayi. Only God’s annointed leaders will not be fatally harmed. Look Tsvangson was beaten musoro ukazvimba, akaita accident akararama. Ngwena is escaping all these attempts. This to me shows that God has a plan for one of them. Dai vasiri, dai vakafa skateni skateni

  20. What is happening clearly shows that there is need for Zanupf to modernise and strengthen its constitution. Despite having in its ranks quite notable legal minds over the years in the form of Edison Zvobgo, Simbi Mubako, Chinamasa, Mangwana, the VP and others, the party finds itself at war with itself because it chose to bury its head in the send pretending that the day for replacing President Mugabe would never come. More importantly, the party failed to put into place mechanisms to guard against what is happening today where a small clique who through blood connections and patronage cause so much confusion. If the party constitution says a new leader should be chosen at congress then that should be the case. Not so long ago some were calling for a special congress to deal with the issue of succession but it appears they are now afraid of the likely outcome.

  21. Dhodha remumuganga

    This is what happens when you wage a war of liberation and you go on to rule without setting up viable institutional structures such as governance, corruption, addressing tribal differences, national healing and reconciliation, equitable distribution of resources etc. Munhu hwano worambirepo. Aachadi kudzaka. Heere amuna woye.

    1. ha ha ha ….musharukwa zvakaoma woye.

  22. Musharukwa tazwa zvamwaronza…kkkkkk dhodha remuganga.

  23. yeah Zimbahwe ma1


  25. tafadzwa maguta

    When the power that be,is at war with itself,lets watch,they are part of the system that is trying to eliminate them

  26. I Still insist that he was just looking for sympathizers. So that when he gets into power we will all be like,”he deserves it he almost died because of this, let him rule” as if he is a saint who was being persecuted

  27. Well or no well zvakango fana izvi mr vp auna rubatsiro unemakua evanhu pasi nhasi zvanangana newe chimbonzvao makati varungu vakaipa mukavadzinga nhasi makuteerana navo ikoko ku S.A kuzvipatara zvavo l’m not fl sorry for you.u are the cause of our problem in Zimbabwe

  28. pamberi nengwena pasi nechichembere chinodhomoka nengochani dzinochitevera

  29. The war mongers in the Lacoste camp will not accept anything other than poisoning. We fear for our future should these characters achieve their goals.

    1. Trust me normal people fear “dr grace ” more than north Korea and trump’s nuclear war heads çombined She’s unpredictable natural disaster

  30. Inguvava yavo, yangu ichasvika 2038. Ndini one president in waiting adzidza from these mistakes with no fees paid except kutambudzika kwevanhu. The system has caused us to go to the bank to cash a bad cheque.
    I time yavo, yangu nemi ichasvika pazvichaita muchechetere mvura yeguvi.

  31. Mnangambwa the black Hitler.He is the worst ever thing to have happened to Zim.He is the worst VP of our time

  32. Mnagagwa is full of shit.In short,he is a stupid idiot used by Mugabe.Wht a fool he is.

  33. son of a prophet

    thank GOD you survived .zimbabweans love you vp.satan is seeing potential in you

  34. Isikhuni sishisa umukhwezeli kudala usidla bafowethu ne zanu yakho its fine

  35. Nkunzi taurawo language kwayo. These are mere games and we are sick & tired of them. Guys why do you follow the lives of these politicians as if ihama dzenyu. Your lives are not determined by these guys. Pursue your own dreams. Life yangu haichinje nekuti garwe watonga. Whether Chatunga, Garwe, Tsvangson, Sekeramai, Chipanga vatonga my life won’t be determined by vakomana ava….Iyaaaaa, amuzwi ngendaa yei

  36. Dzinomwa Muna Save

    He was buzy fighting and killing inocent Susan Tsvangirai living his enermy nxaaaaa he should have died also Go Go Gwena Go

  37. Dzinomwa Muna Save

    Matebelend and Midlands is poor because of these guys they killed more than 5m people so why not them nxaaaa ndikanzwa anoti lets pray for him , more thanks to Prophet Makandiwa you saw this guy eating poison thank you for not telling him well done next time dont even tell your congregates zvifire muripa misatanyoko yevanhu

  38. sekuru ndinotenda mwari kuti madzoka muri mupenyu mwari ngaakudzwe. madinga ari kuda kuku urayai but tell them kuti tiri shumba ka isu. hatifi zvekumhanya.

  39. God bless Mnangagwa,unite & peace is the Zimbabwe I knowsi

  40. Next time please mushandise mushonga unouraya sewemakozho rife kechi1

  41. Believe in GOD always,read 2nd chronicles 20v20

  42. Yeka babulalane bodwa its god `s answer . Baphila ngegazi labantu .

  43. Comment…you could have die first

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