Minister dares Mugabe on fired ‘Green Bombers’

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Prisca Mupfumira

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe will have to explain his order to have “Green Bombers” fired by government re-instated, Public Service minister Priscah Mupfumira has said.


Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Prisca Mupfumira
Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Prisca Mupfumira

Mupfumira told NewsDay last week that she had not given authority to the Public Service Commission to “retire” more workers, as reports emerged of letters flying around forcing thousands of civil servants into retirement.

“We might need to engage the President on his pronouncement that those that have been relieved of their duties be re-instated. We need to understand and have him explain a bit more on that issue,” she said.

Mupfumira seemed to indicate that Mugabe was ill-informed.

“These are people who were affected by the government’s staff audit. It is nothing new. Unless the PSC has done that behind my back, but they would not,” she said.

In his address at a youth rally in Chinhoyi last week, Mugabe claimed that he had not been consulted when government terminated contracts for over 2000 youth officers and ordered their immediate reinstatement.

This is in spite of Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa agreeing with Mugabe on the need to implement public service reforms as part of measures to access cheap budgetary support to expedite Zimbabwe’s re-admission into the international finance system. The government has a reported 500 000 strong workforce which gobble over 90% of its revenues.

But despite Mugabe’s rant, government seems to be continuing with the process. NewsDay is in possession of a copy of a notice that quotes Statutory Instrument 1 of 2000, written to some civil servants who were being forced into early retirement.

“The Commission (PSC) intends to retire you from the Public Service in terms of Section 18 (4) (e) (ii) of the Public Service Regulations 2000 as amended. This section provides for the Commission to retire a member owing to the reduction in or adjustment of a ministry or other division of the civil service.

“In terms of Section 18 (5) (i) and (ii) of the said regulations you are hereby notified of the Commission’s intention to retire you and offered the opportunity to make representations in writing for the Commission’s consideration,” read the letter, giving workers two weeks to respond.

But, Mupfumira said she was unaware of the alleged circular.

“I am not aware of that process (to retire workers). We only know that some people were recommended for retirement because their positions were made redundant after the staff audit. You could find out from the PSC,” she said.

Mugabe at one time came short of describing Chinamasa as an “enemy of the State” after the Treasury chief announced the suspension of bonuses to civil servants on two separate occasions in the past two years.


  1. Election Time, expect more from Mugabe.

  2. Party programmes and party operatives should not be sponsored by government.

  3. Thank you Minister for rationality. You and Cde Chinamasa are the team that might usher in sanity in state finances.

  4. Mupfumira yes not Chinamasa. Chinamasa is an enemy of civil servants. He denies us bonuses whilst agreeing buying Parliamentarians new cars every year. Ministers and their Deputies are given cars brand new which after 5 years they buy with peanuts. its not fair. Chinamasa is for elites. Even in government, Deputy Directors and Directors are offered loans of US$5 000 and above with monthly repayments of $42 per month. These senior managers also get offered loans from NSSA which every civil servant is contributing to but when it comes to give loans they please senior managers but nothing for junior officers. This is really not fair. On top of that, these senior managers get fuel coupons and everything in trying to bridge them with those from private companies at the expense of junior officers. We thank the President Robert Mugabe for his stance in the bonus issue. He Chinamasa must ask the President to cut down on the Cabinet than kunetsa vanhu varipasi varikutambura kudhara. Even pama elections Party irikuwana more votes from JUNIORS not SENIORS. Can the government leave junior officers alone.

  5. Ndapota kkkkkkk

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  7. Kkkkkk. Ndapota fundaiwo muite basa repamusoro kwete kungozhamba muri munhoroondo yekuda bailout from President. Chinamasa is right pasi nekudenga

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