Kenya poll 2017: Commission denies system was hacked

Kenya’s electoral commission has denied opposition claims its IT system was hacked in order to manipulate Tuesday’s election results.


Chief electoral officer Ezra Chiloba told reporters the systems were not compromised at any point.
He spoke out after presidential candidate Raila Odinga rejected provisional results indicating a strong lead for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The opposition’s claim led to sporadic outbreaks of violence.

Mr Chiloba said his team had “established that the claims being made could not be substantiated”.
He added: “I wish to take this opportunity to confirm that our elections management system is secure. There were no external or internal interference to the system at any point before, during or after the voting.”

His comments were made amid repeated calls for calm.

The government has denied that anyone died in clashes on Wednesday between security forces and Mr Odinga’s supporters in the capital, Nairobi, and the western town of Kisumu, an opposition stronghold.

Earlier reports quoting police said two protesters had been shot dead in Nairobi after police were attacked with machetes while two men had been killed by officers in Kisumu when a gang attacked a vote tallying station.

Many fear a repeat of the violence after the disputed election 10 years ago when more than 1,100 Kenyans died and 600,000 were displaced.

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  2. I strongly condemn any attempt by any aggrieved loser, political party notwithstanding, to call for public unrest to authenicate their disapproval instead of following legal procedures.

    1. these IT issues are easy, get experts from top tech companies to independently verify this…than just go on and on trying to defend the system

  3. Rigging has become an easy scapegoat. There are sometimes when people lose and all they say it was rigged when probably there was no rigging at all.

  4. Rigging is the absence of transparency during voter registration, the delimitation process, the voting process, tallying of results and announcing of the election outcome and even the inauguration of the victor. At any of these critical stages, the process should be independent, and to be seen to be independent. The custodians of the election system, including IT software, the database and hardware should not be dubious party functionaries, but a parliamentary mechanism free from the ruling party. If Odinga is allowed to tally the results, and access all the documentation, including electronic version of the voter’s roll then he will accept defeat gracefully and consider retiring. However in the absence of conclusive investigation around the circumstances leading to the tragic loss of life of Chris Msando, apparently at the hands of counter-revolutionaries, then he is more than justified to refuse to accept the verdict. We however call upon all protagonists to exercise great restraint in their utterances to cool down tensions and seek legal recourse.

    1. This Raila Odinga might as well be the election supervisory body,the way you put it.

  5. In Africa rigging is now part of life.These ruling parties dont care about people anymore.All they need is to line up their pockets.

  6. well said Zvusvumbwi.

  7. Africa the land of darkness, forever backward. Full of violent mindless people who have no respect for peace & life. Little wonder we will forever be a scar in the conscience of the world, so tragic & pathetic is the ‘election’ story of Africa.

  8. And where is this useless Au

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