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Kadoma pastors sue Musindo


Destiny for Afrika Network founder, Obadiah Musindo has been taken to court by a pastors’ joint venture, Kadoma Golden Housing Co-operative Society Limited, after the man of the cloth allegedly instructed the sheriff to besiege the fellow clergymen’s co-operative offices, evict all employees and locking the premises.


The alleged incident happened on August 11 in Kadoma.

The affected pastors filed an urgent chamber application on Monday, through Kadoma Golden Housing Co-operative Society trustee, Pastor John Haisvosvi.

In his founding affidavit, Haisvosvi said the organisation’s offices were targeted in error by Musindo since the latter had sued other clergy, Asmon Zihove and Itai Malusi, who were apparently based in the same city.

“On August 11, 2017 around 6pm, some five men, who are unknown to me, arrived at the premises and ordered all employees, who were at the offices to leave. They changed the locks at the premises and claimed to have been sent by first and second respondents [Musindo and Destiny for Afrika Network],” Haisvosvi said.

“The order had been granted against Zihove and Malusi and not applicant [Kadoma Golden Housing Co-operative Society Limited], who were in possession of the premises and are leasing it.

“The order granted under HC7333/17 sought to bar Zihove and Malusi from entering into Number 72 Robert Mugabe Way, Kadoma. First and second respondents do not operate at that number, but at Number 74 Robert Mugabe Way, Kadoma. First and second respondent had no right at all to execute the order at Number 74 Robert Mugabe Way, Kadoma.”

Haisvosvi further said given those circumstances, his co-operative had been unlawfully deprived of possession of the premises by Musindo and his organisation.

“Applicants are being prejudiced by the eviction as they are not able to carry out their mandate in the absence of their offices and their files, records of accounts, membership registers, and receipt, invoice and contract books. Applicants are seeking to regain possession of their premises,” he said.

According to the court papers, the pastors’ housing co-operative was formed at the instigation of Musindo, who in 2004 invited the men of the cloth to be involved in empowerment programmes, which were being initiated by the government.

The matter is yet to be heard.

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