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Jericho appointed DSTV media agent


LOCAL advertisers can now book advertising space across multiple channels on DStv for the first time following the appointment of Jericho and The Jupiter Drawing Room (South East Africa) as the popular satellite broadcasting service’s exclusive agent in Zimbabwe.


DStv Media Sales head, Antonio Diogo said they were happy to formalise their relationship with Jericho.

“Jericho and Jupiter are solid institutions who will now exclusively represent us in all our advertising and sponsorships. We are very excited to formalise this relationship. We think this is a very solid relationship,” he said.

Jericho and The Jupiter Drawing Room (South East Africa) chief executive officer, Denford Magora, said they were excited about their appointment after a rigorous vetting exercise carried out by DStv.

“The absence of media that effectively targets high [Living Standards Measure] LSM categories, the people with money to purchase advertisers’ products in Zimbabwe and across Africa ends today. The use of specialised data to serve ads on specific channels on DStv means makes DStv in Zimbabwe even more effective than that holy grail of marketing — direct marketing,” he said.

Courtesy of the deal, all DStv local bookings will be done through Jericho and all Zimbabwean brands can now afford to advertise on the DStv medium through the special packages that have been put together.

“Local companies now have a cost-effective television advertising solution that reaches that part of the Zimbabwean population which still has purchasing power,” Magora said.

The advertising slots for the month of September have already sold out, with a few remaining between now and the festive period, which is testimony to African and Zimbabwean marketers’ appreciation of the unrivalled power of this medium.

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