Grace woes mount

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe might still have her day in court in South Africa on charges of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, as minority rights group, AfriForum, says it wants to challenge her immunity, which the government granted.


First Lady Grace Mugabe’s violence victim Gabriella Engels
First Lady Grace Mugabe’s violence victim Gabriella Engels

“We will state that immunity was granted despite the fact that on Thursday (last week), we had already written to the (International Relations) ministry on behalf of Ms (Gabriella) Engels, indicating that immunity was not appropriate in this regard,” AfriForum chief executive officer Willie Spies said yesterday.

“We will also state that there are certain explicit provisions within the statute prohibiting the granting of immunity for the kind of crime that we have seen here.

“And that the decision to grant immunity was irrational and contrary not only to international law, but also to our constitution.

“Based on this, we think the notice should be set aside. The notice of application will be served this week or next week at the latest and it will be up to the courts to decide.”

Grace is alleged to have attacked 20-year-old South African model Engels after barging into a plush hotel in which her two sons, Robert Jnr and Chatunga Bellarmine, were partying with female companions on August 13.

Engels was left with a gash on the forehead, among other injuries, while Grace invoked diplomatic immunity, which was granted.

AfriForum, who jumped to Engels’ assistance, said the courts in South Africa would have to decide on whether the South African government’s move to protect Grace from prosecution was warranted.

The rights group says it also wants to pick the tab for a waitress who allegedly suffered a miscarriage after she was allegedly shoved over by Robert Jnr, who was fleeing from his raging mother.

“We have not been in contact with her (waitress) yet, but we are certainly interested to also assist her,” Spies said.

“We are learning that a lot of trauma was suffered as a result of this incident.

“As a civil rights initiative, we are not only interested in justice but assisting victims of crime, so most certainly we will get in touch with her and grant the necessary assistance.”

The opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) is also demanding a parliamentary inquest into the granting of immunity, saying the incident was reminiscent of Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir’s escape from Pretoria, as the International Criminal Court closed in.

DA shadow police minister Zakhele Mbele said International Relations minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane should explain her decision to grant Grace immunity.

“We have an obligation, as parliamentarians, to exercise oversight and accountability on the executive decision,” he said, adding Grace should have been taken into custody once the case was reported.

“The minister should explain the reason, grounds and rationale for the granting of immunity.

“The Minister of Police, Fikile Mbalula, should come to Parliament and explain why he failed to take all the necessary risk mitigatory measures to ensure that we did not have this situation we have.”

Grace left South Africa on Saturday after shying away from the public following the incident more than a week ago.

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  1. let the bitch be implicated and be shown the good way that no one is very special on this universe.

    1. That language is of bad taste….bad taste indeed especially in such a public forum and the contribution itself ain’t worth it my dear….morals are very expensive indeed. please respect the other readers of this press

  2. there are people who are more important than others on this earth. its a fact and we all have to respect that.

    1. @YOGA. very true. no matter how much noise we make the fact remains that important people will always be part of our system

    2. @Yoga. Precicely stated.

  3. who is more impoartant than who Yoga. there is nothing like that.

    1. Wake up to the reality my dear….common sense should have told you this is the First Lady of the government of Zimbabwe…the government of South-Africa will not act in such a manner which will jeopardize its relations with its neighboring countries simply because someone is claiming a charge against a person of such stature. hand’s up Zuma…………..

  4. nutty dreadlock

    the moment she was granted immunity ndopakapera nyaya

    1. clubs and streets got their own courts and ways of solving problems believe that

  5. All animals are equal…but some animals are more equal than others. This case concerning Grace is just but beginning. Let her try an sneak into SA again on her own, she will get a feel of what SA is. For now let her change Bob’s dippers

    1. @gamu SA is far more Polarized than any other country on this continent. As we speak Black Land First group in SA has warned the whites to stay clear of Grace matters.

      1. Black Land First ……………then human rights issue can follow………….taking the black land vwithout compensation and by force was and remain a humans rights issue tooo…….lets first undo that more than a century ill

  6. Wezaka people like Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, the guy who invented the printing press, the black American who invented traffic signals to control intersections and the list goes on Pasteur who discovered penicillin, Bill Gates, the British guy who invented the internet…all these dudes and more did something that benefitted humanity as a whole and according to the general standards of humans, it would make them more important than say Mbuya Nehanda or Sekuru Kaguvi who are not known anywhere else in the world except in Zimbabwe only and failed to dislodge white settlers…Like her or not, Grace is more important than say you yourself, which is why if you do the same thing she did in South Africa, you will not go Scott free like she did. That is a fact of life, horrible as it may be.

    1. Please don’t argue with ‘facts’ you don’t know, Penicillin was not discovered by Pasteur but by Fleming

  7. At least you can blame the army like in chiweshe when they are finally shot. Its always someone else’s fault never them and the world will believe you as if they care

  8. SA government was very diplomatic in their action. I smell more trouble for the First Lady. Probably in trying to maintain relationship cordial, government threw the issue to be decided by the courts and already Afriforum is pushing for that. The government will then say, look we respect the rule of law and the diplomatic immunity will be reversed. Remember who is in control of the legal system there. We may still have lots of Boers in charge and sure they will want to fix the first family.

    1. Petros Magomazi

      Dream on!!! Take some time to think about why diplomatic immunity was put in place in the first place. Thousands of travellers were inconvenienced on saturday when a mini diplomatic war started.There will be greater inconveniences if they revoke diplomatic immunity. The people who are pushing for the revocation have no interest in seeing SA and Zimbabwe have good relations. They would pay to make sure that the two fight and destroy each other and show the world how blacks cannot manage their own affairs. If their interests are about justice then they need not waste time pursuing Grace when there are many cases in South Africa they have gone unresolved for years. Cape Town is the most violent city in Africa. They must start there!!

    2. hahahahahahaha never that will not happened in that manner my dear…..Afriforum is just but a racist grouping of white like-minded supremacy lawyers with no such mandate but just seeking relevence pasipo

      1. Aptly put. Some forumites are preferring to conveniently forget the Al Bashir case just a year ago when the International Criminal Court (ICC) had their warrant of arrest for the Sudanese head of state ignored by the RSA. Zuma’s administration refused to comply with this warrant due to the presidential stature of the Sudanese strongman. Surely that is one explicit example that some people are more important than others.

  9. Jonathan Moyo’s daughter came back without her heart because of đrugs in South Africa be careful Botswana is better

  10. Where were these Mabhunu when that Mozambican was being mauled by dogs at the delight of the likes of these Boers? When that African black man was being put in a coffin alive? When Jona’s daughter was killed on South African soil. Were there no ‘human rights’ then? When a certain young black boy was short down from a tree after being mistaken for a ‘monkey’ by a white boy, in Chiredzi if my memory serves me right?

    Kungobvunzawo vanhu vaMwari.

  11. Kamuroora kedu kaakushandiswa apa.

    1. Mai Havana chavakatadza vakaranga ka modeler kaita spoil future yevana vavo.kamunhu kepi kano ita frequent manight clubs at age 20. dai kwaive ku Zim taiti dirai boiling water runako runokayanzva rupere

      1. Cde Rudeologist Chikala

        @Murambatsvina – if you represent the majority of how blacks think, then no wonder we were colonised for centuries.

        Ma-2-zvi chaiwo

    2. kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  12. I do condemn violence against any individual person. It is however interesting to follow how the story of a mother who unfortunately failed to control her anger has spiraled into an international issue where a clearly white supremacist group like the Afriforum is the one at the forefront of seeking justice. This becomes particularly interesting when one takes into account that AfriForum have never condemned real violence against black South Africans during apartheid and more recently the coffin case before the courts. Even when xenophobia broke out Afriforum chose to be conveniently silent ummmm.

    More importantly however, while it is clearly a fact that the First lady should not have behaved the way she did, it is equally clear that for two neighbors with strong economic and political ties to allow an isolated incident which resulted in some model being scratched on the forehead to destroy invaluable diplomatic capital earned over the years would be irresponsible and not in the interest of either Zimbabwe or South Africa.

    Equally important is the need for all of us to ask ourselves the question whose interests is Afriforum pursuing and to what end? Is the South African or Zimbabwean economy likely to be better off in a less cordial environment between its governments? South Africa is the largest foreign investor in Zimbabwe and certainly needs support and cooperation from GOZ, including the first lady for them to continue benefiting from their investments. South Africa is Zimbabwe’s biggest trading partner and Zimbabwe needs it to survive. These and other important ties cannot and should not be subordinated to a mere hotel altercation especially where no lives were lost.

    1. I think the point here and what we should learn, blacks we are not proactive, why dont we have our own Afriforum, for us by us…..all these issues which happening to us, if we are active people will be aware and all these bearacrates that we vote into office pretending to be black will put ionto check,,,the sooner they get into office they want to be more white than the white people only to come to you when they want your votes.
      Yes mama it was not proper kurova a potential muroora, she could be carrying your grand child, not knowing between the royals it might belong to but we can’t be going around bashing varoora because they don’t meet our mothers ( amwene) criteria, vakomana are the ones who said you are invited and they should be held accountable,,, they are adults

    2. true that…how many are dying, raped etc in SA everyday due to crime related issues and they are folding their arms….let them dream on….this is a simply case which is getting unwarranted attention…real victims of crime are all-over SA landscape

  13. kwe kwe Lacoste

    amai makanaka makadushura joki ne electric cable….chakanya

  14. kamuroora kedu kakanakawo zvako veduweee, rega machinda adhumane zvawo. toda muchato pliz.

  15. Mafirakureva weDiaspora

    Madodha this Afriforum is seeking relevance over nothing they should spend their time on issues like the Marikana killings and other ills like rape taking place every 15 sec. in SA everyday, Black empowerment issues. Ngavatibvire kumhepo.

  16. South Africa offered diplomatic immunity to maintain a cordial relationship with Zimb
    abwe knowing very well that it will be contested in court.Then they will say ,”but we did our part”.

  17. But this incident had put Amai under leash.She is quete for now.I think she was told by sekuru to tame her tempers as one weeks events has put the first family under survillance world wide.

  18. Grace Mugabe is a habitual criminal who specialises in violent hooligan behaviour.Hatitauri nyaya yediscipline izvezvi.Y did sh mov thos 2 rascals from Dubai if sh is a good disciplinarian?Grace haana mwedzi abva kupara mhaka kuSingapore.Mazanu vagara havana msoro ndivo varikumununudzira pano asi manj Afri Forum yaramba kmbunyikidzwa kwekodzero dzezvizvarwa zvemnyika yeSAfrica.Grace ngaaite hunhu hwake ikoko kuZim nekut veko vamujaira.They must drag her to court.Remember every action has a reaction.

  19. Only a fool will disown a mother if she becomes mentally unstable. Whatever caused the First Lady to behave the way she did is unfortunate. But the fact remains that she is the First Lady and Our First Lady. We can’t call her names. Let the Boers do that because their agenda is clear. What we must ask ourselves is where was Afriforum when Xenophobia was practiced in SA. Its sickening to say the least. These Boers must go hang. And for us Zimbabweans, this is not an incident to think that it solves our political problems here at home.


      a crime is a crime and the manner in which it is handled doesn’t show maturity and wisdom, your so called amai is wrong that’s taking the law into your own hands. saka dai vakauraya toti she was provoked ndizvo here. that lady doesn’t have the attributes of a good mother she drove people away from their land of residence of which you give people somewher to stay than just driving people away. u spoil your kids and beat vevamwe, chatunga akadzingwa zvikoro zvingani muno muzim. i understand the way her issue must be handled was to be diplomatic not to clear her cause she didnt say anything in aceptance of the crime accused.

      1. hahahahaha…..tangira ku Marikana mine uko and them we see you got heart for the BLACK people….


      kasi uri biological child wa dr grace here iwe. millions of youths are suffering vana vake vachipfachura kunze uko, bona achienda kuclinic singapore muno tichirasikirwa nevakadzi and hanzvadzi dzedu vachida cash upfront vawane medical treatment. she is not my mother no a mother will have the children at heart and sacrifice her joy for the kids wakanza zvering yemillion here? not saying ngavasararame their lives but ther is a big gap

  20. Hure taneta naro iri

  21. let the whore face the music nxaa!

  22. The face looks very innocent and for a brief second i could not believe that this is the face of the drug conduit cum-prostitute for the young lads. Yaa do not judge a book by its cover.

    1. But you have already judged her, hypocrite. Your second first lady is way below the office indeed. She sunk to the level of low lives which is chewing away any virtue left in her sons (and the so-called first family – who are exhibiting very strong signs of discordant behaviour). Respect is earned, and no-one in this saga has earned mine.

      1. The information filtering through is that she was a conduit for a Greek drug dealer and same time a prostitute cum spy so the inference is drawn from this data, unless you have information to the contrary nincompoop.

  23. Mafirakureva weDiaspora

    CeeJay Samndo dzako wareva zvomene mene

  24. Elisha, that young lady is very dangerous. If this story gets deeper, you will get a shocker. She is that type of a person whose mission was well written like a script. She could have been planted to humiliate Grace. I think I read elsewhere that she said unprintable words and caused Grace to be angered and true to her mission, she got exactly that. She is not a small girl that one. So you are absolutely right, that we should not be fooled by that fake innocence like a tacit emancipated young lady posing in school uniform before a judge only for the purpose of nailing a rape suspect.

    1. I close my case this must be the work of top rated spy organisations using this lady. Thanks CeeJay

  25. Chubb Antonio Feremenga

    Weston Mugocha, CeeJay and “We Zimbabwe”, sober words indeed


    Jonathan Moyo is trying too hard. Only mwana wehure would condone violent behavior by the First Lady. Very sad indeed.

  27. That girl was, infact, planted by Jonso with the intention to destroy the no brains Amai. Remember, “The best way to destroy Zanu is to do it from within”. Amai is now in-charge of Zanu and Zanu is the Governement, add up and read in between the lines. Kkk, hamusati mati. You have a spy within your ranks.

  28. Vakomana musapedza nguva muchiita noise muchidzingirira zvisingamhari oasi. Hakuna court ichaitwa kana olo. ZANU PF ndivana Mwari vepasi. Muchaona roverwe ramuchaitwa pamaElections and havasungwi futi. Kuruzevha mayouths arikutotenga macondom okuzobata rape ende havasungwi kusvika mati mee.

  29. Ngatiti Mai Zupta vauya kuZimbabwe vorowa musikana aripa joy nevana vavo munonpururudza here?

  30. The incident is very regrettable to both South Africans and Zimbabweans.

  31. Grace and Robert are seeing themselves as owners and creators of Zimba but, nothing lasts forever. Last time, the nonagenarian labeled a South Africam woman a street woman and now the wife is doing wors

  32. Dzinomwa Muna Save

    If i was Grace i would act and try to finish this issue while his Old Madhala is still influential vakuru vanoti mhosva hairovi , achazobatwa asisina kana power she will regret! tarisai madhala is refusing to go because of some previous issues

  33. i liked how @ceejay anaylysed this seeminly simple but rather complicated matter..this is a time bomb which someone just gave the enemy and the enemy is now busy setting the parameters…the SA gvernment was quiet diplomatic when they granted the DI, no doubt they just washed their hands off a potential diplomatic relations fall out, but only to leave it exposed to the courts again, where the ‘bomb’ maybe detonated, by which time SA would be out of it already, as it is..About Afriforum coming in with a sinister agenda, that is no doubt but of no merit at the courts, it only aids in political vindication, hence it has probably helped in granting the immunity…it is of limited influence to the courts, they (afriforum) come with a ‘genuine’ case to the courts and that is that, the result of which could be potent against the party in the wrong much is at stake and the best move is to pray for the ‘victim’ and the other party to fix their differences outside of the courts and public domain sooner deapite it now being difficulty if not impossible…trying to avoid the embarassment by playing hard to get has also attracted the much bigger enemy in this case…Afriforum…they have found a loophole that was being elusive all these years, they have found a corner to fight from and that corner has their enemies tools as well,they have been blessed with the trigger, its the corner were their enemys defence is so much limited that only a ‘temporary’ immunity is providing some time to breath more till it expires. They are willing to wait for that duration (Afriforum)…they have made it clear…DI is never permanent and eternal, it comes with conditions and one condition is that either one has to be in office or has to be related closely to the one in office, we all know there is not much time left in office for the man in charge, so it becomes a prayer that either the one who may have committed an offence be allocated an office in gorvenment till forever or that the courts in SA find them on the right side concerning the DI granting…meanwhile the case seems to hanging above the head…its a thorn in the flesh!

  34. ummm

  35. she is ill tempered and vizvibvisa chimiro amai ava wherever she goes kukwapura nekutuka vanhu Hongkong , Singapore , south Africa

  36. Locally, she is used to both politico-social immunity and impunity but, she especially values the latter. Sa gave her diplomatic impunity and she was obviously elated. Clear proof that she did not earn a doctorate from uz. Conspicuously uncouth, uncultured, uneducated, rough and raw. She revels in snatching, land, husbands, degrees, political leadership, media attention and so on. Humiliated george charamba once; now humiliates herself internationally and within her own party and government.

  37. If it was your child who was beaten… If it was your child who miscarried your future grandchild… Us blacks are not progressive because we look for excuses at a wrong done by us. If the First Lady had not attacked that girl we would not have heard of AfriForum or Gabrielle Engels. You reporters keep telling the story as an allegation. How do you get diplomatic immunity on an allegation? The First Lady was violent, period. The First lady committed a violent crime in another country and should own up to it. The Sudanese President did not commit a crime in South Africa, so any lawyer could argue against his arrest in that country, despite the court ruling, which did not include his defence council, mind you.
    Gabrielle could be of loose morals or not, and AfriForum could be a white supramist organisation or not, but it was our black First Lady’s actions that brought them to light. It is a fact that there are VIPs in this world, but if it means they can trample on us the povo willy-nilly, then read the first two sentences of this post again. Mabhoyi tinozvishoresa ndosaka tichiitwa nhapwa!

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