Government bans Zodwa Wabantu

GOVERNMENT has banned South African entertainer Zodwa Wabantu from coming to Zimbabwe to perform at the Harare International Carnival starting next week.


Zodwa Wabantu
Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa, popularly known for her skimpy dresses and not wearing underwear, was expected to join the Brazilian and Cuban samba dancers at the carnival.

The ban follows a protest letter by former Studio 263 actress Anne Nhira to acting Tourism minister Patrick Zhuwao.

“I acknowledge your complaint to the above matter,” Zhuwao wrote yesterday in response to the actress, who is now based in South Africa.

“The government position is that the artiste concerned (Zodwa Wabantu) may not participate at the Harare International Carnival.

“In this regard, relevant authorities have been notified.”

In an interview, an elated Nhira thanked the government for its swift and positive response to her request.

“I am very grateful. I am so excited with the decision by the government. This is not about personalities, I don’t know her,” she said.

“There is need for the people to look at the matter from the country’s point of view.

“What kind of picture are we showing inviting someone known for taking off her panties in public?

“She was coming here to be the face of the country, remember tourism is the face of the country and that is where we sell the country.

“We need to have right faces, not people who take off panties in the streets.”

Nhira said there were a lot of Zimbabwean entertainers with dignified sets, who deserved to be part of the carnival.

She said Zodwa’s antics were retrogressive to Zimbabwean culture.

Ironically, some of the performers at the Harare International Carnival prance around in the nude along the streets, with little fuss.

This came after the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority chief executive officer, Karikoga Kaseke had apologised to the South African entertainer after some unsavoury words about her.


  1. Let her participate. She’s a naturally talented artist. Lots of our women walk up and down the Harare streets pantiless everyday. Muregei afare. Iwe Vimbai uchabikwa kunyika kwake kwauri ikoko. Nyarara. Inside your pant, you’re also completely naked. So?

  2. ngaapfeke pant 1st ozouya

    1. Pls guys, next time y’all comment on social media posts, try speaking English.I mean I’m from Nigeria reading this and have no idea wtf y’all comments means because I don’t know this local language of yours. Don’t even know the name of the language tnx y’all.

  3. zhuawo has made a stupid decision as usual. zo
    dwa is an excellent entertainer. what she does is done even worse here in harare. it’s hypocrisy to claim that sexually suggestive dancing is alien to Zimbabwe and that Zodwa wants to introduce it.

    1. What entertainment are you talking about? I don’t think une mwana iwe. The mere knowledge that someone is pantiless is enough to bring ridicule to that person. Visit her KuSouth ikoko. Majaira kudongorera vanhu. Asifuni bumbulu.


    Good move and for you Ntsododo better shut up your mouth idiot

  5. There are zanu rally dancers worse than Zodwa. Kongonya to the hilt! Vese varikutamba pa festival vanenge vachinyadzisa kwazvo. Ma organisers vacho mahure

  6. Government position is laudable. Munhu ngaapfeke bhurugwa. Even the Brazilian ladies will be wearing pants. Zvimwe izvo tozovaregerera toti maybe that is their culture. Zvino South African culture toiziva kunopfekwa mabhurugwa. So

  7. let those who walk in our streets pantiless do so but as long as its without the government’s blessing. zviri nan kunz youths are abusing drugs pane kunz govt z supplying drugs to the youths. zvirinan kunz kids possess pornographic materials pane kunz parents are giving their kids porn materials

    vaKaseke tipeiwo maSerious munenge munodawo zvinhu imi. culture z dynamic but not this dynamic mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    1. Rightly said. Kaseke agara anotoda zvinhu. Mubvunze privately.

  8. zhuwawo minister of tourism? ko muzembi?

    1. Please read carefully, it states “…acting Tourism minister Patrick Zhuwao.”

  9. There is more behind this story than simply the panty issues ya Zodwa. Ive realised a subtle reincarnation of Anne Nhira to the spotlight. Zodwa was never supposed to perfom pa carnival but was rather used to bring Anne Nhira back to life after so many years in abyss. Just recently there was an article talking about her now we here suddenly she wrote a letter to ZTA its too much of a coincidence. Akanyora in what capacity. Watch this space ….

    1. Gorodhanga you are right and very observant.Truly someone is trying to resurrect and prop up Anne Nhira’s dying career and fame.The reportage about her recently and her initiatives for the benefit of the public are suspect.

  10. You STUPID Nhira! You are so jealous. Your ancestors never wore panties and lived in caves. You are a failed actress who is not known even in Zim.

  11. Ntokozo Tshuma (TheTruth Bearer)

    A good decision by Zhuwao….Zodwa is a disgrace to women….she denigrates womanhood through her nudity antics….those that are crying foul should go visit her e South Africa

  12. The banning of Zodwa doesn’t make sense to me,why ban her an allow the Brazilians who will be semi naked, just coz they will be wearing pants?

  13. In all fareness (not that I support nudity or objectionable dress habits), why not include the Braziilians in the letter and ban as well?

    1. Am in support of what you post my man,
      We African should learn to support ourselves.
      Y should we allways downgrade ourself for the white ?,… This is what will never want to the. Getting rid of their culture for the black. Dem.. …… ……

  14. All these devilish antics should be critically abolished in African. It is an excesses in the presence of God and offline in African culture

  15. This woman should never be allowed to come to Zimbabwe “naked”. What type of culture does she want to teach vana veZimbabwe. Karikoga Kaseke kana uchimuda enda kuSouth Africa unokururigwa bhurugwa, unenge unozvidawo

  16. I don’t know her but government should tell her to wear pants than banning her for carnival

  17. ZODWA is a disgrace to women and big up to ANNE NHIRA .

  18. It not moral for someone to be walking with out panties.
    Totally wrung, to say she is an entertainer, what will the kids Lear from that

  19. Panties or not panties I belief carnival period is where different people show up there talents and I belief DAT is d area of her specialization to display her talents and I will beseech all to put this issues apart because this how discrimination and religious crisis started

  20. The carnival itself is against our culture. Why try panel beat something a wrong culture instead of abolishing the whole event. If im wrong which tradition is it? we haave kalanga, Ndebele, tonga , Karanga ,ndau traditions which are specific .

  21. yaa Anne Nhira was right,Zodwa must do her thing in South Africa not here in Zimba.Those who support her let them follow her kuzansi not here

  22. Though the government has done the right thing, allowing the Brazilian dancers is even worse.

  23. Zodwa should get Diplomatic Immunity!!! Zvakasiyanei?

  24. My people if she doesn’t wear panties inside her house. its a different thing… but we are talking about public here. Am not in support of the action taken against her but she should have a rethink.
    No woman in her right sense will show off with her nudity in the name entertainment.

    I can’t imagine that. The tot of it sucks. plesse guys lets call a spade spade. lets not be sympathetic on such trivial matters. if she is your sister would u let her do that?

    that place is called private part for a reason…. The name private part is not a title. so it should be treated and handled for its name.
    Lets be guided…..

  25. Ah, vakadzi hobho vamunoona vachifamba mumastreets umu vanenge vasitorina kupfekawo NDUWE kungoti havazotaure chete zvinoita Zodwa uyu

  26. Look this is not about politics. Its about our nation and what we believe in. Even if we have characters who can do the same, the point is its not being done in the street. Inga Karikoga said if she wants to strip she can go to private joints like the Private Loudge. Those who are saying Karikoga ihure, akambovhura zip yake mustreet here.

    Anne is a lady and she is just trying to show that women should not be used for the satisfaction of men’s desire for sex. As for some guys who want to see free private parts, just master the technique of proposing to ladies and you can have it in abundance at your convenience not in the street shows.

  27. what is better? to wear a dress with no panties or to wear panties with no dress?

    1. Woman was created to help and to satisfy man in any way. And that’s her duty irrespective. Stop feminism. A man wants a lady to do her job…though in a certain way, doesn’t mean we hate womanhood because we still love our duagters and mothers and sisters.

  28. Did anyone ever proved it that anenge asina, ndiani akamufugura akaona kuti haana, anenge achikunyeperai.

  29. Unorwara here iwe.? What talent when some insane lady roams the streets without pants. Tikwanire wazvinzwa. Usaita sewakaroyiwa ne…

  30. Do people even understand the concept of a carnival? Judging by most comments here I doubt Zimbabwe is a country ready to hold and embrace such an event. We are stuck in our ways, hold conservative views and not really exposed to a lot of cultures. Whether is its a good thing or not is besides the point, we should just try and promote tourism through other channels.

  31. Starting today i will be walking in the streets taking pictures of all Zimbabwean ladies vanofamba vasina mabhurukwa emukati, muchaona kuti zvazvakasiyanei nekuunza Zodwa kuno. This idiot Anne is a completely failed actress tyring to irk a living in South Africa and she is so jsly. Sandra Ndebele aisatamba asina bhurungwa here, Bevy haaise bhodhoro musini here. Vakadzi vanoti Zodwa should not come nyatsovatarisai.

    Some are saying kids kids kids nyatsovatarisai futi vanhu ivavo, vana vavo are the biggest indisciplined.

  32. This reeks of double standards for me! Yes haana gasket but maBrazilian ayo makambovaongorora here? Why is she not writing to the minister about the Brazilians if she is so concerned about how women are portrayed? To me this smacks of “holier than thou” attitude isina basa. Difference between Zodwa and most people in my opinion is that she is in public eye chete. Some people including those castigating her are up to some seriously more nefarious and perveted stuff yekuti even HMetro will say izvi hazviiti. But just coz hazvizivikanwe nevanhu you will get up on your fake high horse mosvora Zodwa iye ari mumwe wenyu muzviito…mutikwanire! Ban yaZodwa should also be applied to Brazilians.

  33. liberty masunda

    Ngaapfeke pant chete, period. The Brazilians are always putting on their pants, they are not nude like Zodwa.

  34. Newsday munazotiradzawo mapictures kana yatanga tinogoona vanenge vakapfeka vacho.

  35. It is a pity that will forgot that end can come at any time if Jesus come and meet us in this kind of gardering of nakedness, which excuse are u going to give. Any entertainment that does not glorify ur maker is of d devil remember that devil is doomed and he wants many people to b a pataker of his doomed. Be wise don’t get los bcos of entertainment, is every where even in d church. Bewere devil had takin charge of entertainment.HELL IS REAL.

  36. I’m also not in support of that. Entertainers are mirrors to the societies and what should our kid learn from that, also go about naked on street? Point of correction pls, this is not about religion politics or any name you may choose to call, its about decency and remember as one quoted above (it’s call private part and must be kept private) only meant for her husband and we have to respect the decision of our government in other to have a decent country

  37. Concerned person

    Hypocrites! Everywhere in Africa! Hypocrites! Hypocrites! Hypocrites!

  38. the girl does not put on pant when dancing but here in zim there are girls who dance naked .i mean naked without completely naked, why cant they be baned

  39. Put way! government

  40. Atlist we should be allowed to feel our eye now eeh. Government why stoping her from coming

  41. You did a good job Mr Zhuwawo and thanks to our sister Anne

  42. May Foreign Affairs of South Africa deport Anne Nhira because she is a disgrace to women society because she ran away from using her talent to build Zimbabwe.

  43. Many commenting here will have a HARD time hanging around a beach or swimming pool. This is where Zimbabweans lag behind, despite the high literacy rate. There are even nude beaches in some countries. Like what @Musa asks, what is better; to war a dress with no panties (Zo waBantu) or panties without a dress (Brazilian Amazon?dancers)

    1. Zvokwadi Ndozvireva

      Enda kubeach kwacho wega. Beach hazvireve kubvisa hembe. Sei musiri kubvisa hembe muna Mukuvisi umo?

  44. thank you very much hatidi vanhu vanobvisa hembe papublic zvinobvisa nyika yedu chimiro makaita basa nedecision

  45. Zvokwadi Ndozvireva

    Zodwa, Samba Dancers, Cuban Dancers, Bev and the rest of the Carnival are ALL in the same category. Ban the whole satanic event! Zimbabwe cannot be represented by a few perverts like those. Getting drunk and having orgies in the name of Carnival in a so-called Christian nation is pathetic. Dubai has the best tourist areas but you don’t see all this on the streets. Back door Sodom and Gomorrah iyi.

  46. valentine Ekejiuba

    If she don’t wear under wear u she should be Ban

  47. all dis satanic activities in a christain country shul b ban, such lady will corrupt d young minds n serious actions shul b taken to stop, there are like virus n cancer dat will spread fast n eat d whole system. Tnk God for d government move against it n remember Jesus is coming soonest.

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