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Gold panner scalds lover over infidelity


A SHURUGWI gold panner has been jailed for 12 months after he scalded his lover with boiling water following a suspected love wrangle.


Aaron Marima (21) appeared before Shurugwi magistrate, Tavengwa Sangster facing charges of domestic violence and physical abuse.

Marima pleaded not guilty and alleged that a kettle with boiling water fell from the stove before burning his girlfriend, Precious Thebe, but was, however, convicted following overwhelming evidence against him.

It was the state’s case that on July 23, Marima came back home and was quizzed by Thebe, his live-in girlfriend on where he was and why he had not been coming home for some days.

Marima told his lover that it was none of her business to question him where he chose to stay, resulting in a misunderstanding between the two.

Thebe threatened to leave him saying she was tired of a cheating boyfriend and in anger Marima assaulted her with open hands and fists.

Marima attempted to stab Thebe with a knife, but was restrained by a neighbour before he poured boiling water all over the complainant’s body.

Thebe sustained severe burns on her left hand and neck and bruises all over her body before she was ferried to Shurugwi District Hospital.

A report was later made to the police leading to Marima’s arrest.

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