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Fashion designers on WearZim LoveLocal campaign


FASHION designing is regarded as one of the most lucrative businesses in the creative world, but lack of corporate support and appreciation of local designs have seen local designers struggling in this industry.


In an effort to encourage Zimbabweans to appreciate local fashion products, talented fashion designers Noreen Mangoma of Chenesai Brand and Joyce Chimanye of Zuvva Fashion Hub have joined hands to launch the WearZim LoveLocal campaign.

Speaking to NewsDay, Mangoma said the campaign aims to encourage Zimbabweans to wear apparel, accessories, and footwear designed and manufactured locally by designers and manufacturers based in Zimbabwe.

“There is an amazing talent in the country in terms of fashion designers, but they are failing to take their positions of authority in this industry as Zimbabweans prefer foreign designs to local creations,” she said.

“Through my clothing line I have partnered fellow designer, Joyce Chimanye, and we have merged our campaigns, Wear Local and WearZim to form the WearZim LoveLocal campaign to promote the local fashion products.”

She said under the WearZim LoveLocal campaign, designers and manufacturers are encouraged to collaborate with diverse markets, improve product quality, increase profitability and in the process creating viable sources of income.

“Through WearZim LoveLocal campaign we have started compiling an e-directory listing Zimbabwean designers, manufacturers and retailers of apparel, accessories and footwear on the Facebook Page, WearZim Directory, for the convenience of all Zimbabweans in the country and in the diaspora.”

“The campaign has already received support with Spoken word artiste Wadzanai “Black Pearl” Chiuriri having penned a poem entitled, Mabhero, inspired by the movement. WearZim extends an open call to local designers, both established and emerging to become a part of the movement.”

Mangoma said the fashion and design industry in Africa was booming, yet Zimbabwean designers’ were lagging behind the limelight.

“As a result of the economic hardships among other several factors, upcoming designers are unable to build recognised brands in the country and globally. We have a serious role to play as designers in order to claim our position in the arts industry,” she said.

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