Ex-fighters support MDC Alliance

A GROUP of disgruntled war veterans, the Concerned Freedom Fighters (CFF), has pledged to join hands with members of the MDC Alliance in a campaign to end Zanu PF misrule in next year’s general elections.


Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa
Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa

CFF chairperson, Volta Siwela said, ex-combatants had resolved to set aside their differences with opposition leaders after realising that their common enemy was Zanu PF.

“Freedom fighters should liberate themselves once more by the total rejection of a dynasty orchestrated through corruption and rhetorical statements of loyalty to poverty. It’s high time former combatants groups come together with the masses, the opposition and all other democratic forces to dislodge Zanu PF and demand the cake they fought for,” Siwela said.

The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) recently hinted at joining forces with the opposition, describing a Zanu PF faction by the moniker G40 as the enemy of Zimbabweans.

The ZNLWVA has not hidden its backing for Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa to take over from President Robert Mugabe, but the G40 has coalesced behind First Lady Grace Mugabe to block Mugabe’s deputy.

Siwela said the independent war veterans’ body backed the ZNLWVA and frowned against the creation of a Mugabe dynasty.

“Zimbabwe should not be allowed to fall in the hands of a few automatic and dynastic elements. We never fought for a single family and its friends to enjoy milk and honey in a country where many sons and daughters died to liberate everyone.

“Zimbabwe belongs to all Zimbabweans not a family and as such we must defend what we fought for by total rejection of looting, corruption, stealing and undemocratic tendencies coupled with intimidation,” Siwela said.

He added: “Our vision as combatants by then was to liberate our masses through our own blood as it is evident today that many of our colleagues died during combat with the oppressive system of the Rhodesians. The tragedy today is some of us have turned to be sterner oppressors.”



  1. What alliance? It’s just the same old MDC with a new member, Jakobo.

  2. It’s surprising that out of all that Siwela said, @ reallyOne, you only find the issue of alliance as the core of the message? Braiwashed moron!!!

  3. MDC must steer away from these confused people until they start undoing the damage they caused over the past 37 years. Let them go to all rural areas in Zimbabwe and denounce Zanu PF and RG Mugabe for at least 6 months, then they can join MDC.

  4. mhofu ndeyemukono chete

    Sagitarr. I think you are right. Let them use their mobilisation experience for the benefit of the real opposition and the country before they can jump onto the wagon.

  5. What cake? You were given $50k, you invaded and you occupied farms, now we don’t have our own currency.The government pays school fees for your children, and you still get monthly allowances. We are tired of your demands. We will track each other CFF be ready for the rough ride of your life.

  6. No permanent enemy in politics let them join hands in fighting the repressive regime from power, forget about the past and move on to the present scenario, everyone has a past and we cannot judge ourselves on it.

  7. excoms shouldn’t be trusted. only yesterday they were calling for Mugabe for life President, now they don’t have money they think they will get it from MDC. fools. they should rest too

  8. Vanodya marutsi e ZANU garai mega munotikanganisa vision yedu

  9. ex combatants, blocked the march to freedom in 2008 general elections by butchering innocent voters! where do they now get the guts to tell us what to do? they just a spent force and should shut up

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