Cops block Zanu PF demo

MARONDERA riot police yesterday blocked an unsanctioned demonstration by Zanu PF members, who stormed the Magistrates’ Court protesting against trial of three fellow party members arrested for violence.

By Jairos Saunyama

Police moved in and blocked the entrance to the courtroom after the ruling party activists threatened to disrupt the trial.

The accused party members were arrested in Murewa South following intra-party clashes centred around local legislator Joel Biggie Matiza’s cancelled campaign rally two months ago.

Hamamaoko Nyamukondiwa (38), Roy Chitimbe (36) and Joseph Chijaka (56), all from Macheke, denied the charge of assaulting, Norest Jokomo (38), saying the complainant could have been injured by police officers who dragged him away from the meeting.

The State alleges that on June 23, Jokomo and the three accused were at Glen Sommerset in Macheke, where Matiza was addressing a meeting.

Jokomo allegedly interjected Matiza and ordered him to stop addressing the gathering since he had a case pending with the party’s disciplinary committee.

This did not go down well with the three accused, who then allegedly lifted Jokomo and dropped him to the ground twice.

The accused were then allegedly restrained from further assaulting the complainant by Farai Mashava and Themba Chirimuuta.

Jokomo sustained a bruised right hip and mild tenderness on the left ankle as outlined in medical affidavits.

Magistrate Ignatious Mugova remanded the matter to next Wednesday for continuation of trial.

Courage Chakawa prosecuted.

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  1. janana wa Bikaz we madhogodhogo

    These zanu pf lunatics are always left to do as they wish when it comes to violence.But this time around they better be told that if they try to use their stone age tactics of beating up opposition supporters,they have got another thing coming.A lot of them are going to be mad mentally after the elections on account more people have been forced by these merchants of violence to use juju against any perpetrators.People are not armed to fight back the police and the soldiers who are always on standby to beat up or arrest opposition members who retaliate.The next government will be in a tight situation because there will be a lot of mentally challenged people who would have committed various crimes under the cover of zanu pf and they are going to be made lunatics by their victims.Mark my words.Zanu pf yaita kuti vanhu vakawanda vabate mishonga.Achapenga kana kurwariswa ndiwe nemhuri yako kwete zanu pf.

    1. Every election leave some of these guys mad actually. I have seen then but zanupf is never short of many, as others get mad they churn another group. You wonder why 1.3 million mad people are coming from.

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