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Cop-assaulting Kwekwe kombi crews seek bail at High Court


THE eight Kwekwe kombi crews arrested last week after they allegedly assaulted traffic police officers during a protest over alleged police corruption, have approached the High Court seeking bail.


Takudzwa Ushe, Aaron Mutesanwa, King Seremwe, Alafios Munemo, Richard Manga, Progressive Magombedze, Witness Moyo and Richard Mapfumo were last week denied bail by Kwekwe magistrate, Livard Philimon, who ruled that they were likely to cause further violence.

But the accused, through their lawyer Artwel Chinamatira, argued that the magistrate erred in denying them bail.

“The appellants submit that the court erred in refusing bail in circumstances where there were no compelling reasons that justify their incarceration,” part of their appeal reads.

“Section 50 of the Constitution is the cornerstone.”

The kombi crews were arrested after they allegedly pulled their vehicles off the road and camped at the Zanu PF district offices demanding audience with senior police officers over the conduct of junior traffic cops they accused of demanding hefty bribes.

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