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Chombo lashes out at Grace


FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s National People’s Party (NPP) women’s wing has come out guns blazing against First Lady Grace Mugabe in the aftermath of her debacle in South Africa where she stands accused of bashing a 20-year-old model.


Marian Chombo
Marian Chombo

In a statement yesterday, NPP women’s assembly chairperson Marian Chombo, the former wife of Zanu PF secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo, described Grace’s actions as akin to those of a “shebeen queen”.

“Being a national chairwoman for the ruling party of this behaviour is very unbecoming. August is the month the world is highlighting the plight of the women. What a time to choose to showcase such shebeen queen behaviour. Clubbing a young girl for what reason?

“That is unAfrican, if I might say,” Chombo said.

Grace is said to have flown into a fit of rage after storming a plush Johannesburg hotel in which her two sons Robert Jnr (24) and Chatunga Bellarmine (20) were partying with women as has become part of their nature.

The First Lady reportedly used an electric extension cable to savage 20-year-old Gabriella Engels, leaving the model with a deep gush on the forehead, among other injuries.
Chombo said the First Lady’s behaviour was symptomatic of the state of the country.

“It’s said behind every successful man is a woman. Now it explains why things have really fallen apart,” the NPP chairlady said, adding Grace had shown signs of instability at public appearances including the unrestrained attack on Information ministry permanent secretary George Charamba at a rally recently.

She said Grace had shown insensitivity by blowing millions of dollars on her children while Zimbabweans wallowed in penury.

“You threw a $10 million wedding for your daughter when the economy was on its knees. We kept quiet when you bought a $1,3 million ring yet 90% of Zimbabwe cannot afford a meal on their table. You took your grandchild for a check-up in Singapore when our mothers die in hospital giving birth,” Chombo said.

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