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Chitungwiza hospital clinical director convicted


CHITUNGWIZA General Hospital clinical director, Patrick Dhliwayo was last week sentenced to 25 days in prison for criminally insulting and assaulting nurses at Zengeza Clinic.
Dhliwayo (45) was, however, spared a custodial term after Chitungwiza magistrate, Francis Mapfumo gave him the option to pay a $500 fine.


The court heard that Dhliwayo criminally insulted Sekai Madziyanhiyo, a nurse at Zengeza Clinic, on February 17, 2017, by labelling her a prostitute and threatening to fire her for allegedly ill-treating his sick relative.

On the second count on the same day and place, Dhliwayo assaulted a student nurse, Allen Chapfunya, who was serving a patient, by pulling him by the collar and pushing him against the wall allegedly for injecting the patient without supervision from a qualified nurse.

Dhliwayo, who was represented by lawyer Harrison Nkomo, denied both charges, but was convicted after a full trial.

In his defence, Dhliwayo had argued that he had been provoked and acted in anger.

“I obviously got angry and reminded her (Madziyanhiyo) that I was not after prostitution and the lady in question was my [younger] sister. I also reminded them that I was their senior, as I had introduced myself and deserved respect,” he said.

Dhliwayo added that he reacted angrily to Chapfunya after he walked away from him while they were talking.

“I followed him and pulled him back by the arm upon which he snapped back at me in anger. I also reacted angrily and warned them that their conduct could lead to work terminations,” he said.

Ntombikayise Nleya prosecuted.

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