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Chingono dares drama producers


FORMER Studio 263 actor, designer and choreographer, Tafadzwa Tandi Chingono, has bemoaned the falling standards in television dramas, which he said were being affected by lack of professionalism.


Chingono — who is popularly known as Hillary Indi — said some of the storylines were not convincing.

“Most productions do not look realistic. The dialogue sometimes doesn’t even make sense and the storyline is haphazard because people just rush to write scripts without including experts in the field to proofread their works,” he said.

Chingono said the need to make quick money was also affecting the quality of the dramas.

“Some people are just in a rush to put things on the television because there is money that is going to be provided and the resources are there because they were lucky enough to get the sponsorship, while others are so good but things are just not in their favour because of the current (economic) situation in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Chingono decried the poor state of local drama and cited poor actors as a contributing factor.

“Sometimes you can tell that the storyline is good but it has the wrong actors. The role of an actor is to groom that script to life and make it look real, but sometimes I wonder if they could not find someone to deliver that role,” he said.

Chingono urged producers to take a leaf from international productions and do their casting properly so that they get the best actors for the different roles.

He said there was still room to improve and catch up with other countries if producers struck the right notes.

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