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Chigwedere paternity test saga opens can of worms


FORMER Education minister Aeneas Chigwedere’s “troublesome” son, Mangwiza, has claimed that he was born when his mother was only 16 years old after being impregnated by the ex-government minister.

By Jairos Saunyama

Mangwiza made the claims in response to Chigwedere’s application for paternity tests to determine if they were biologically related.

In his response filed at the High Court on Monday under case number HC 6752/17, Mangwiza, who agreed to undergo the paternity tests, also revealed that his father paid a beast to thank his in-laws for maintaining their daughter’s virginity until marriage.

“Applicant married my mother at the tender age of 15 and she gave birth to me at 16. He even brought a traditional cow during her pregnancy with me to authenticate or thank his in-laws that he had got himself an untarnished, unblemished wife,” Mangwiza said.

“He is a cultural man and that is the cultural way to confirm and there is also a cultural way to do this if one had a defective wife with regard to faithfulness.”

Chigwedere demanded paternity tests for his son following their fallout over witchcraft allegations.

In his application, the former minister said he doubted whether Mangwiza was his son, given that his mother was unfaithful.

He also stated that he wanted the DNA tests to be conducted at the National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS).

But Mangwiza demanded that further tests should be conducted at two independent organisations, since there was a possibility that his father would use his political influence to manipulate the results.

“I am not opposed to the paternity tests, I only want to make sure proper procedures are taken to safeguard the integrity of this DNA test. National Blood Transfusion Services, I have integrity issues that arise from it being a government-controlled institution, especially that the applicant was once a minister in the government and now chairs the State-controlled Censorship Board,” he said.

“And with the level of overprotectiveness he has of witchcraft weaponry, he is capable of everything. NBTS can do that service, but I prefer two more independent bodies appointed too. These will be chosen from DNA testing firms worldwide, African Institute of Biomedical Science and Technology, Lancet Laboratories, East DNA Zimbabwe and Global DNA Zimbabwe.”

Last November, five members from Chigwedere’s clan approached the Constitutional Court seeking an order compelling the former minister to get rid of the goblins he allegedly kept at his house.

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