I can’t be Tsvangirai deputy: Mujuru

OPPOSITION National People’s Party (NPP) leader Joice Mujuru has reportedly stood her ground and refused to deputise MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai in the envisaged coalition pact to challenge President Robert Mugabe in elections next year, NewsDay has learnt.


NPP leader Joice Mujuru
NPP leader Joice Mujuru

NPP secretary-general Gift Nyandoro yesterday acknowledged that there were sticking issues delaying the signing of a pact between Mujuru and Tsvangirai, adding that the former Vice-President had not yet agreed to deputise the MDC-T leader in the MDC Alliance.

“No amount of mischief is ever going to railroad NPP into public disclosure of what are the key outstanding issues before both parties so agree to announce,” he said.
Both Tsvangirai and Mujuru were reportedly fighting over the leadership of the alliance.

“Regrettably political prophets of doom and soothsayers have sought to parade and manufacture falsehoods on social media to the effect of NPP having concluded the noble talks with MDC-T and Dr Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru having accepted the position of vice-presidency of the MDC Alliance.

“Such falsehoods are scandalous and simply put; are a hallmark of political desperation by political opportunists and midgets who want to ensure that our engagement with MDC-T collapses,” he said.

“The party leadership of both sides and their teams (are) working flat out to ensure finality to this noble cause. Engagements of such a noble cause are never a matter to be driven by duress or external occurrences or happenings in other political formations,” Nyandoro said, adding “working together is a matter no-longer for debate but it’s just a question of implementation”.

With Tsvangirai having already been endorsed as presidential candidate for the MDC Alliance comprising of seven opposition parties, leaving Mujuru clutching at straws, Nyandoro was quick to slam doomsayers.

Mujuru did not attend a rally convened by members of the MDC Alliance at which Tsvangirai’s candidature was confirmed, drawing criticism from critics and supporters alike. The coalition process, however, has been beset by problems after violence broke out between rival MDC-T factions leaving leading figures among them party vice-president Thokozani Khupe, national chairman Lovemore Moyo and organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe assaulted by party youths.

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  1. saka bho

    1. Nhai iwe hauna kana MP kana Counsellor zvake kana ano jobora ma pepa mu kanzuru gara waka daro

    2. kumhanya hakusi kusvika. ngavanyatsotora nguva yavo vachitaurirana. Chero vakaita mamwe makore mashanu vachikurukura zviri nani pane kuzotipakurira zvechimbodza-mboza.

  2. so she is another zanu pf project whta else can explain this

  3. so she is another zanu pf project,what else can explain her actions go to hell joice thats why you were fired from zanu pf you are arrogant

  4. josphat mugadzaweta

    yes you cannot be because there is khupe and we will not allow you to be our boss. so the puzzle is solved. go and cool off your dirty heels!!!

  5. Rejoice Ngwenya

    Ungafuniyo kayekele.

    1. correct Ngwenya.

  6. ndazvishaya wo ini

    go it alone. why ukuda kuvhiringa zviripo. yu dont hv any following. you most likely to split the zanu vote not mdc one

  7. Isn’t crazy? Mujuru was at first leader of Zimbabwe People First before cascading to be leader of National People’s Party and now she wants to be the leader of Movement for Democratic Change (Alliance).

  8. amana dn’t underestimate the power vested in joice that lady achawana mavotes percentage yakawanda kudarika ye that grand coalition in the sense that mavotes emash central ese ari pana joice mavotes e salvation army ese ari pana joice mavotes emuharare mashoma ari pana joice point to note thokozani khupe and sipepa nkomo’s will mobilise the ndebele to vote joice pwapwapwa zvakuseri

  9. Joyce urimbwa yechikadzi. Who has greater support between yourself and Tsvangs. Just go out of the coalition and leave Tsvangs alone.

  10. umm journalists in Zimbabwe I don’t see anywhere in the story where JTRM refuses to deputize MRT??? am I missing something. NEWSDAY I have observed you seem to have a hidden agenda to maintain the current political status quo, the way you misrepresent efforts for a coalition raises eyebrows. Asi ndimi muri kudya ne chaos ye zanu ?

    1. True Ndaka. These are e same media house never wanted to produce pics of Mujuru Convention and one ask, WHY?.

    2. very true @ndaka,they should find better headings not misleading us like their cousin paper the herald

    3. Newsday under the instruction of trevor maybe is running with Nkosana so they have to criticise and create stories about mdc coalition

  11. No need anywhere for Mujuru to deputise a perennial loser. We need need a new face and Mujuru seems to hv that support we need from Mash land. Those who attended her Congress can better enlightened u.

  12. Hatidzorere Zanu through back door newe mujuru kana usingade Hamba hamba most corrupt Dude

    1. “Regrettably political prophets of doom and soothsayers have sought to parade and manufacture falsehoods on social media to the effect of NPP having concluded the noble talks with MDC-T and Dr Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru having accepted the position of vice-presidency of the MDC Alliance.

      “Such falsehoods are scandalous and simply put; are a hallmark of political desperation by political opportunists and midgets who want to ensure that our engagement with MDC-T collapses,” he said.

  13. Leave Mujuru alone. No part or individual owe people’s vote or allegiance. Tsvangirai and Mugabe are alike

  14. dai ndanga ndichiverenga hard copy ndaiti pamwe pane peji rarasika, I don’t see anywhere in the story where Mujuru refuse to be tsvangirai deputy

  15. With all due respect Richard, your headline is misleading. You should do better bro!

  16. Mujuru is a spent force who has no relevance to the current opposition politics. Let her squander her time struggling with her out-of-touch Zanu syndrome. She will reap big.

  17. If this story is true, are they fighting Zanu pf or they want positions of authority ? That is how they get defeated by Zanu over and over. They should on the road by now, knowing elections are there sometime next year.

  18. Mujuru is a project to derail the campaigns for the 2018 elections,ndiMafikizolo muopposition politics siyanai naye u r waisting time.She will go back to Zanu after the elections,make my words.

  19. But you were Mugabes Deputy stop this crap Mom. Once a deputy always a deputy.

  20. Newsday your headings are misleading,u seem to have an agenda.In that text were does it say that Joice refused to deputize Morgan?

  21. I’m always against “MUCHATO WEMBUDZI NEBERE”…. Mujuru has been a Zanu from 18 yrs of age kusvika manje manje pana 2014 “59yrs” and already there is nothing new coming from the NPP side. Right now the structures are characterized by Militia personnel and the methods are likely to be ZANU methods and we dont want that. nhasi chaiye kunzi Chamisa apa na Mujuru apa definitely mfana wechidiki anongotora Mujuru aripo. War credentials should never be abused the way they are ryt nw nanaJoice ava. thats why she thinks she’s special in this race but its a new era mhamha. we appreciate wht u did that time but nw we want issues of BREAD AND BUTTER not credentials

  22. Iwe really One, makore mashanu ekutaura anobva kupi?Hauzive here kuti ma elections ariko 2018?? Kana Mujuru wakasingadi ngaarege!!

  23. Mujuru is definitely a force to reckon with. If she was irrelevant why is it that the alliance seems incomplete without her. If she is a nothing why worry, just go ahead with the coalition and meet her at the polls

  24. Shame on you, husband killer, yes you can not be peoples deputy but Mugabes. how does not know that you a bitch of ZANU PF who even call Mugabe baba, who does not know you have plans to join ZANU PF faction

  25. unopenga joice ..gara nechiparty chako ..zanu pf number 2

  26. tafadzwa maguta

    “The Bourbons had learnt nothing and forgot nothing”,Denis Richards,in refrence to French Mornachs,the same can be said of Zim Opposition,common sense though not so common to the Opposition parties we thought but now they had realized that without a coalition,they are doomed.

    The 2008 scenario is slowly building up,where prominent figures claim to have enough support to dislodge Mugabe,but where is Simba Makoni now ?,sadly we have khosana Moyo and Mujuru bringing in the Simba Makoni factor that costed us victory in 2008.

    Lets set aside our pride for the National good,like what happened in Kenya when Mwai Kibaki defeated Arab Moi.Victory is certain only when the Opposition come together and set aside personal gains at the expense of millions of Zimbabweans who had pinned their hopes in them since 2000.

    Don’t we deserve some thank you,respect,and the only way to show this,is when our Leaders come together and join hands for the Zimbabwe we want.
    My words of wisdom to Mai Mujuru,is that don’t be fooled by everyone who attend your rallies,the truth is,those figures don’t translate to vote a good example is the 2013 Cross Over rally by the MDC-T,who ever thought w will still have to deal with ZANUPF today?.
    The rigging allegation nolonger holds water,we both know now that everyone in the Opposition is greedy and as we are witnessing today,all efforts are being channeled to Coalition talks,and by the time you agree it will be too late to mobilize the Electorate.


  27. Tsvangirai ngwarira kupiwa ice cream during manegotiations aya please.

  28. If Mujuru is genuine about bringing in a new dispensation to the political face of this country, why is she concerned about leading the coalition? There’s no history of her pulling more than one million voters on her side. She must stop and reflect, voters are not fools! It can only be through mercy and clemency of voters that she is voted to become an MP. She still has a lot to explain and prove, otherwise better without her in this coalition beast! Whether it will work out or not, let her form a coalition of theirs who needs a spent force like her. Tired of these fly-by-night candidates.

  29. anything with a zanu pf trace must be aversed

  30. Zvakuzoda kutibhowa manj.Ko whats special avt Mujuru tht sh makes ridiculous demands yet sh has nevr been to an election wth her party?Ngaangoendeka ku election neparty yake.Whats th problem apa?

  31. No problem ….. She s still zanu pf in mind and an opposition in appearance and her refusal cnt stop mdc alliance

  32. i propose that mujuru must go it alone to the advantage of mdc alliance.disgrandled zanu pf members will split votes of zanu pf by voting for mujuru..mogiza pachigaro pfee

  33. Mujuru is a spent force that can never be trusted,she looks like another Zanu project.lets not allow hr to mislead us..

  34. mazeru mandirahwe

    Who told you that you were going to deputise Tsvangirai? handiti kuna Khupe nevamwe.you are a very confused woman iwe Joyce

  35. Mujuru is too power hungry, haafe akahwina even hu MP kumusha kwake chaiko…….

  36. she looks very young these days, hey! ndoda kumurova nayo yekedero….

  37. Dzinomwa Muna Save

    We dont want to lead by a thief she stole our diamonds nemurume wake she stole our votes Zimbabwe is in this shape becauae of her, who told you she is loved in Mashonaland ask kutti vaiti Zichembere re Dotito ndaanani

  38. Dzinomwa Muna Save

    Mugabe was right to fire this power hungry woman thats why Mujuru was staying alone na maid kufarm achitiza zimunhu rakadai , murume kusvika pakutsva kupera ari ega where were you myb havi shit with garden boys we know your record back kuhondo kuda varume

  39. Mai Mujuru vava kuoeng . Hapana here and ma piritsi e ma dunyas? Plus vakato expire zvavo karekare.

  40. Mujuru should better forge an alliance with G40,

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