Audio: Mugabe makes date boob

Is President Robert Mugabe still aware of what goes on around him?

In this audio, the aged leader, who turned 93 this year and has vowed to rule post-2018, surprised many when he forgot the date and instead said he thought it was September 4.

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  1. kkkk video ever. But this man is intelligent dzakangwara zvadzo kungoneswao moto kwaava kuitwa naGrace zvake. Kubvuma hake kuiswa mujere naGrace

    1. Where then is the intelligence?

  2. Kasukuwele (G40)

    Is this “news” really? That clip has circulated for 2 weeks on social media and its still news to newsday!!! You should change to “newsmonth” instead!!!

    1. @Kasukuwele (G40) – on social and not mainstream media which is what this is. Don’t confuse the two. Happy to see newsday put this online and see someone who wants to contest the next elections and yet doesn’t know what month or day it is or where his wife is.

      1. I am 63 years old and I sometimes forget whether I have brushed my teeth before going to work as I still have not yet retired? If it happens to me what more to some 93+ guy? Have mercy please?

  3. Janana wa Bikaz

    Some of us are hearing it for the first time .No news is stale news Kasukuwele.I have heard news that you haven’t heard about pamwe uchatozodzinzwa next month,so just start up your own media organisation pane kungosvora.Sies!

  4. The love that made Robert Mugabe a monster: Independent (UK)
    • Posted on April 6, 2008 • by: Adal voice of Eritrean’s
    He was a young firebrand locked up in a Rhodesian jail. She was an exile in London, grieving the death of their only son. Here, nearly 40 years on, letters released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal how Robert Mugabe’s battle to save his beloved wife from deportation sowed the seeds of his lifelong hatred for the British government
    …………………………………………………………………………………………In the early years of Mugabe’s rule, it was his wife who was credited with helping to temper his excesses. She could lighten his mood, said one of his former colleagues, just by entering the room. But the relationship began to falter when they discovered they were unable to have any more children and, as Sally’s health failed, Mugabe began to have affairs.
    Sally Mugabe died on 27 January 1992 from kidney failure and four years later Mugabe married his South African mistress, Grace Marufu. Without his first wife there to caution him against his extreme politics, Mugabe began to emerge as a tyrant. But that has not stopped Sally Hayfron from still being remembered affectionately, as the founding mother of the nation of Zimbabwe.

  5. chain chimutengwende

    rubbish a boob kudii kwacho .a president is human and can make a mistake like anyone else including you wanyora this rubbish

  6. The rubbish is the truth to all right thinking people of Zimbabwe not those on Nyaope. Sally is the only mother of Zimbabwe, PERIOD. We Zimbabweans should not be humiliated the way we have been by the behaviour of a deviant who claims to have a PhD and a mother of Zimbabwe who cannot even control two boys? I pity the family in the next ten years??????

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