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AMHVoices: Malaba must finalise Moyo’s Zimdef case


A LOT of people had high hopes in the new man. People viewed the new Chief Justice Luke Malaba as an independent thinker, one who would deliver justice better than his late predecessor Godfrey Chidyausiku.

By Thomas Gutu,Our Reader

We are, however, saddened by the way he has started off. Judgments for what he considers political hot potatoes are deferred forever to the detriment of equal justice for all.

A case in point is the case of Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo’s alleged misappropriation of money from the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund. Why has this case taken forever to be concluded when a lot of cases that came way after it were quickly resolved?

Is it a case of the bench, we are told, constitutes the Constitutional Court waiting for direction from some shadowy bench that really makes decisions behind the scenes in such matters?

For the sake of maintaining the integrity of the bench and the public to continue to have confidence in the judiciary, this matter must be concluded now. We need the judgment from the judiciary, not judgment from the people’s court as what is starting to happen.

If the truth be told, this case has brought shame to the judiciary and has put your professionalism and ability to discharge justice fairly into question, your honour.

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