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AMHVoices: Feedback from our readers


In response to Zhuwao speaks on Mugabe, Mordillo says: My question to Patrick Zhuwao is: Is Zimbabwe now the same as it was in 1980? How many companies have closed, including mines? If the truth be told, Zhuwao, people are suffering in Zimbabwe, take time to move in the high-density areas. What goes up must come down? Why do you think Zimbabweans are all over the world? The answer is simple: Zimbabwe is for a few including you, hence you are saying things are the same.

Compiled by Tinotenda Samukange,Online



IN response to Mnangagwa poisoning details emerge, Dzingi says: What is happening clearly shows that there is need for Zanu PF to modernise and strengthen its constitution. Despite having in its ranks quite notable legal minds over the years in the form of Eddison Zvobgo, Simbi Mubako, Patrick Chinamasa, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana and others, the party is at war with itself because it chose to bury its head in the sand pretending that the day for replacing President Robert Mugabe would never come. More importantly, the party failed to put into place mechanisms to guard against what is happening today, where a small clique, who, through blood connections and patronage, cause so much confusion. If the party constitution says a new leader should be chosen at congress then that should be the case. Not so long ago some were calling for a special congress, to deal with the issue of succession, but it appears they are now afraid of the likely outcome.



IN response to I can’t be Tsvangirai deputy: Mujuru, Man Kenya says: NPP leader Joice Mujuru is a spent force who has no relevance in the current opposition politics. Let her squander her time, struggling with her out-of-touch Zanu PF syndrome. She will reap big.

Joe Cool says: If this story is true, are they fighting Zanu PF or they simply want positions of authority? That is how they get defeated by Zanu PF over and over again. They should be on the road by now, knowing elections are sometime next year.

IN response to Mugabe’s son in miscarriage storm, Gheo says: Diplomatic immunity my foot! South Africa has yet again failed to act in the interest of justice. The reports that SA wants to maintain its good relations with Zimbabwe are vile, to say the least. First Lady Grace Mugabe committed a crime, period. It does not make sense that a person commits a crime and claims immunity. Grace has a history of violence, reports have been made that she beat people/journalists in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and claimed immunity. African leaders are showing a penchant for abusing power wherever they go

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