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In response to Mugabe must clean his mess: Mphoko, Icho! says: G40 has coalesced around Sydney Sekeramayi, who is President Robert Mugabe’s preferred successor after he realised that the wife was a hard sell. That is why Sekeramayi was spared the boot when Joice Mujuru was booted out when it was known that he was Gamatox through and through.

Compiled by Tinotenda Samukange,Online

In response to Council, residents clash over prepaid water meters, Wazza says: I am a Gweru resident as well and I say bring the meters. I have heard fully employed residents vowing not to pay rates in the hope that debts will be wiped clean in the run-up to the 2018 elections. How is council expected to function fully in such an environment?

IN response to Mugabe, war vets indaba in limbo, Sagittar says: When an organisation has to have a meeting where every member has to attend, this, in my view, belittles the idea that the organisation’s leaders are fully representing the members. Compare this to a company’s annual general meeting, not every individual shareholder has to attend. What meeting can host 20 000 people and address questions from each and every one of them? This forms the core problem of governing in Africa, where one individual (president) is expected to resolve all issues even where his expertise and experience is zero.

War Veterans Secretary-General Victor Matemadanda and War Veterans minister Christopher Mtsvangwa at a press conference at the Russel hotel yesterday (2)

In response to ‘Govt won’t order another councils debt write-off’, Dunga says: Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa talks sense at times, but his words will come to nothing when it comes to 2018 and his boss wants to retain power at all costs. We are talking about $500 million lost just because Zanu PF wanted to retain power. This is a mafia party that does things without thinking about tomorrow. Now municipalities are struggling and we say the MDC-T councillors cannot run councils. Let us all go and vote this Zanu PF out of power. How many times has President Robert Mugabe contradicted Chinamasa? Let us wait for 2018 and we will hear that what Chinamasa said was not to agreed by Cabinet.

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa
Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa

IN response to Harare to recruit 300 municipal police officers, Man says: Set up decent and designated areas for sale of particular goods and wares. Make these places accessible, neat and manageable. The idea is to effectively manage the need to make a living and maintaining order. Bulldozing people’s livelihoods will result in endless cat-and-mouse chases.



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