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AMHVoices: Bosso, emulate Dynamos by hiring local coach


Highlanders “Bosso” Football Club are now a failure. We are failing every season and there is no sign of recovering.

By George Taibo,Our Reader

It is worrisome to think that Highlanders have a foreign coach, Elroy “Akabayiwa” Akbay, who literally has had no results to talk about at Bosso. The question is: Why is the club keeping Akabayiwa? Is it not better to employ a local coach just like Caps United and Dynamos?

As I see it, Highlanders acting chairman Modern Ngwenya is the one sleeping on duty because we should have seen heads rolling within the Bosso technical department.

With an unemployment rate above 90%, why is a foreign football coach granted a work permit in Zimbabwe?

Why are we paying out the much-needed foreign currency to a foreign coach when we have too many talented local coaches?
Bosso, it’s time to act on Akbay (Akabayiwa), as he has failed the big team.

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