Zanu PF MP accused of threatening to kill fellow MP in Parly

Harare East MP Terence Mukupe

MARONDERA Central MP Lawrence Katsiru (Zanu PF) yesterday lodged a complaint in the National Assembly, accusing his party colleague, Terence Mukupe (Harare East MP) of threatening to kill him over an undisclosed matter.

By Veneranda Langa

Harare East MP Terence Mukupe
Harare East MP Terence Mukupe

Katsiru claimed Mukupe yesterday approached his bench in the National Assembly, sat next to him, insulted and then threatened to kill him, while other MPs were debating other issues.

“On a point of order Mr Speaker, is it parliamentary that Mukupe comes to my bench, where I am seated, to insult and threaten to kill me?”

“Can you protect me Mr Speaker, and although he has threatened me, he is a small boy, and if he wants to rub shoulders with me, why can’t he wait until we are outside Parliament?” Katsiru said without elaborating.

Acting Speaker of the National Assembly, Rueben Marumahoko, did not immediately respond to Katsiru’s point of order, causing other MPs to interject, saying it was a serious matter concerning the security of MPs.

Mukupe, who was in the House, approached the Speaker’s chair, where he discussed with Marumahoko and was ordered to then leave the House.

Kuwadzana East MP, Nelson Chamisa demanded that an explanation be given to MPs of what had transpired and that Marumahoko must immediately make a ruling on the matter.

“This Parliament is a sacrosanct platform and if an MP’s honour is subtracted by another MP or any other force, it must be investigated,” he said.

“Once an MP has raised an issue, in terms of the Standing Orders of Parliament, it is a public issue for the integrity of the House and we must have the Speaker’s ruling.”

Marumahoko thwarted any further discussions on the matter, saying he would make a ruling after investigations are done.

He said although such threats violated Parliament rules, they were allegations that needed to be investigated first.

Mukupe and Katsiru have been clashing over ward 46 boundaries in Harare East, where the former is alleged to be tampering with boundaries, to include people from Mashonaland East, where the latter is provincial member, to vote in a council by-election in the capital.


  1. A party of slaughterers.

  2. Muchuva Mutiusinazita

    If the big wigs can threaten each other openly in parliament just like that, what more of the ordinary civilians…this is a national security issue that scares away investors and tourists. Shame.

  3. If he is such a ‘small boy’ why are you so concerned as to ask for protection?

  4. chibaba chamed

    ngazvikazhane zvagara hazvina order

  5. Janana wa Bikaz

    I wonder how zanu pf chose to be represented in parliament by a convicted rapist who served years in jail for rape.It boggles the mind.Lawrence Katsiru was jailed for rape not very long ago and zanu pf idiots chooses the same person to represent them in parliament?This convicted rapist has a history of using youths to kill and maim opposition supporters in Mash east,Marondera in particular.Shame on zanu pf supporters for choosing to be represented in parliament. by a rapist

    1. He was never convicted,infact he was aquited.Please get your fact correct and even if he had been convicted that would not make Mukupe’s actions right.I think Mukupe is a small time thug trying too hard to earn his stripes in thuggery!

  6. Janana wa Bikaz

    Even if Terrance Mukupe kills you Katsiru,une basa rei? It will be minus one rapist and a murderer.You are also afraid of being killed when you have presided over the killings of others?Hauna ganda kumeso.

  7. janana and chibaba mandiuraya nekuseka zvangu kkkkkkk

  8. politics is not the answer. Year before last everyone was on social media campaigning for Mukupe because anozikanwa nemasaladi. They were talking about young and fresh minds bringing new ideas. Handiwoni chakanaka chichabuda pa2018.

  9. Although Katsiru is ZANU PF,the truth should be said always On ,Katsiru’s rape issue, was he ever convicted of rape ,it was an allegations and our independent courts acquitted, viloence is bad,vilonce against MP,aganst you Kapoto and Kandiro. Society should desist from all forms of violence

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