Zanu PF leader threatens Indian businessmen


ZANU PF Manicaland youths have threatened to grab Asian-run businesses in the province, accusing their proprietors of contributing to the cash crisis by not banking their daily cash receipts and shunning the use of plastic money.


The party’s provincial youth leader, Mubuso Chinguno told NewsDay yesterday that Indian business operators should reform or risk expropriation of their businesses.

“I am worried about the Indians, they own almost all businesses in Main Street in Mutare, Rusape, Chipinge and other areas yet population wise they don’t even reach 200, but they own most businesses,’’ he said.

“I understand they don’t want their buildings to be rented (Indians) and they are charging exorbitant rentals. Identify all Indian-owned shops, they don’t use plastic money, they don’t want to embrace plastic money and they don’t want to deposit their money.

“I think if we invade their houses, we will recover millions of dollars, they are causing the cash crisis in the province and country. There should be a way to deal with these Indians so that they embrace plastic money. They are not doing any good for the province. I think we are going to start a revolution in Manicaland, whereby we are going to kickout the Indians if they don’t reform, they need to bank money and embrace the plastic money.’’

The country is currently experiencing a crippling cash crisis as most banks are failing to meet depositors’ demands.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has since introduced daily withdrawal caps for individuals and companies.


  1. I concur with Manicaland province on the issue regarding Indians. Unfortunately, I missed this article when it was published but all the same “Nyaya Haiore” The Vice President Chiwenga should take note of the issues raised by Manicaland Province and spear-head whatever nonsense these Indians do. This should spread to all provinces because even here in Harare they shun plastic money and eco-cash. The are sabotaging the efforts of the government and cause a lot of pain to people. Shut down their shops if they dont comply. In Harare, every corner and every buildings are being demolished and replaced by an Indian or Foreigner shop who do not accept the above stated mode of payments. Thank you Manicaland Province for making this observation.

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