Video: Traffic cops, tout in brawl

In this video, traffic police officers tussle with a tout they had arrested in Harare city centre.

Video Recorded by Shepherd Tozvireva
Edited by Tapiwa Zivira

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  1. ZRP and thugs are almost the same. Now you can’t tell the difference between a thug and a police officer.

  2. If ZRP were a currency, they have lost value like the Zimbabwean dollar of the year 2008.One ZRP officer is equal to 1 000 robbers.


  3. The boy is resisting arrest and the Police are using very minimum force, thats all I am seeing in this video, nothing amiss at all. Seliswele into zokurepoter.

    1. true
      nothing wrong here
      90% of guilty people behave this way and that should not stop the police from doing their job

    2. But listen to the guy


      The law says the Police officer should introduce himself, if need be, tell the force number. Prior to arrest should notify the guy of his offence. Had that been put into consideration???

      Im not saying the guy is innocent but the otherside.

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