VIDEO: RBZ Governor on cash crisis, economy

WATCH VIDEO: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor John Mangudya, addresses a media and business stakeholders symposium at the University of Zimbabwe, and talks about the cash situation in Zimbabwe.

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  1. Roland Khumalo

    Give us a break Governor you can’t even express yourself clearly.

    Read Below

    The United Nations Food and Agriculture Year Book of 1975 ranked the then Rhodesia second in the world in terms of yields of maize, wheat, soya beans and groundnuts, and third for cotton. In the combined ranking for all these crops Rhodesia ranked first in the world. Some of these rankings were, in fact, reached long before 1975. Rhodesia’s Virginia tobacco was rated the best in the world in yield and quality, while maize entries in world championships were consistently placed in the first three places. The world’s largest single citrus producer was developed early in the country’s history. The highest quality breeding stock of numerous breeds of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry were imported. At the same time the indigenous cattle were developed through breeding and selection to highly productive and respected breeds. The Tuli, for example, has been imported into a number of other countries. Zimbabwe beef was favourably regarded on the most discerning European markets. Wildlife was incorporated into farming systems to develop a highly successful eco-tourism industry and endangered species found their most secure havens on farm conservancies.

    Zimbabwe was the world’s second largest exporter of flue-cured tobacco. This, together with exports of maize, soyabeans, cotton, sugar, coffee, tea, fruit, vegetables, flowers and beef, made agriculture the major source of foreign currency. Agriculture contributed more to the gross domestic product than any other industry. It was the largest employer of labour, providing employment for about a third of the total labour force. Zimbabwe, due to its technologically advanced commercial agriculture, earned the reputation of being the breadbasket of central Africa.

  2. Its all rubbish you failed step down???

  3. I like the fact that the RBZ governor knows what the problems we facing as a economy and his determination to do something. But I keep hearing this “Zimbabwe should fix its policies”. Well why don’t we change this policies now. What’s taking us so long to do so . I bet you next year we will still be preaching this “Zimbabwe should fix its policies”

  4. dont expect pple to bank their money coz u ddint give them cash you gave them virtual money. why is it that way back u used to run the payment system like that and it worked whats wrong now? go back to the basics. we buy houses in dubai coz harare doesnt have land for houses.

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