Tsvangirai, Biti talks in limbo

COALITION talks between MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai (pictured) and his People’s Democratic Party (PDP) counterpart Tendai Biti are reportedly on the verge of collapse amid reports Biti is demanding the 21 parliamentary seats he took away with him when he broke ranks with the MDC-T in 2014.


Tendai Biti
Tendai Biti

The former Premier in the unity government was reportedly working around the clock to put together a formidable coalition that he believes would help him unseat Zanu PF’s President Robert Mugabe in next year’s elections.

But, the process was reportedly dogged by disagreements over who will lead the coalition and the sharing of parliamentary seats, among other topical issues.

Informed sources told NewsDay yesterday that Biti’s demands could stall the alliance talks, as Tsvangirai was allegedly insisting that the PDP leader lost the seats when he and his fellow “rebel legislators” were expelled from MDC-T and recalled from Parliament.

“Biti has demanded the 21 seats as part of the bargain. He wants Tsvangirai to guarantee that these seats will be left to the PDP representatives at the elections next year,” a source said.

“On the other hand, Tsvangirai and his negotiators are not totally against the idea, but they have thrown in the (MDC leader) Welshman Ncube angle.”

Tsvangirai and Ncube have inked a pre-election pact in which the MDC leader was allegedly promised a few seats in Harare and Bulawayo with the MDC-T claiming the bulk of the contested seats.

Contacted for comment, MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu would not “disclose details” of discussions between the two parties.

“The finer details of discussions towards the coalition will not be discussed in newspapers before they are finalised,” Gutu said.

“We will make an announcement on what would have been agreed when the time is right. For now, let us give the process a chance and allow the negotiators to arrive at a logical conclusion.”

PDP spokesman Jacob Mafume would neither deny nor confirm the development.

“We need to agree on the principle of a coalition and the ultimate goal of removing (President Robert) Mugabe as well as the Zanu PF system,” Mafume said.

“As regards specific details of discussions, these remain confidential until the coalition proper is put together.”

In 2015, the MDC-T triggered by-elections in 21 constituencies mostly in Harare and Bulawayo after the expulsion of Biti and his camp following their acrimonious fallout with Tsvangirai over the outcome of the 2013 harmonised elections.

Zanu PF won all the by-elections after the MDC-T boycotted the elections, culminating in other opposition parties accusing Tsvangirai of donating the seats to Mugabe.

It is understood that Biti was unsure of how to deal with National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru following her axing from Zanu PF and the subsequent fall-out with former lieutenants Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo.

“It’s difficult to make a decision because Mujuru does not look decided,” a senior PDP official said.

“She might rejoin Zanu PF or agree with Tsvangirai. Her idea is to join with Biti and then bargain from a stronger position with Tsvangirai.

“But there is an uneasiness given she has failed to implement some agreements she made with Biti previously. We would rather join hands with Tsvangirai than go the longer route.”

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  1. It looks like there are quite a number of voters out there who have more confidence in MDC T and its leader than they have in themselves. It’s a pity. MDC T and its leadership are wasting a lot of time and energy on this mirage called a coalition instead of campaigning in the rural areas where they need to bolster boldness from their supporters so that they come out in numbers to vote.

    1. Uyu dont follow hin sick yazara mumusoro make 21 setats did they belong to PDP or it was on an MDACT ticket sickening where is the brains from these so learned guys at times you wonder

  2. Those seats belong to MDC-T, perid!

  3. That the opposition is its own enemy is not an understatement. What will cost them this time round is the division of power that has not been wrestled from Zanu PF yet. What political bigotry!

  4. There is no doubt that Rita Makarau is working on behalf of ZANU PF and oppositions should never ever think that they can win elections as long as Makarau is there. What are the problems of asking UN, SADC and other independent organisations to handle our 2018 general elections. We povo want to know the obstacles because we have enough evidence that Rita is ZANU PF and would never level the ground for free and fair elections. MDC-T plz do not wast time on these coalition talks go to rural areas and ask for more support we are behind you and we do not want our votes to be wasted again.
    You need also to be very careful with people like Joice Mujuru, that woman is a ZANU that is why she is found fighting to lead the coalition. You will be surprised to discover at the end that you have given all the votes to zunu pf if you are not careful. If she does,nt wants to be under you then leave her. Why waste time instead of fighting of the removal of RITA and campains in rural areas. Time has gone, give priority to major things only.

  5. some of the deals are unnecessarily a wastage of campaigning time. mdc-t are complicating themselves by involving these guys. what do they lose without these guys?

  6. 21 seats kkkk they belonged to the mdc t not mps. mps defected not the electorate kana asingadi biti wcho ngaaise ake ma candidates ikoko isu tiise edu tosangana pa presidential vote

  7. In as much as we ignore the need for a coalition, the opposition parties are so many that they can dilute votes and in turn chatawana hapana… on the other hand these small parties joined together with mdc-t can make history for the 1 st time in Zimbabwe. ITS ONLY COALITION THAT WILL BRING SIGNIFICANT CHANGE”

  8. Coalitions will not help anything. Already surveys carried by Afrobarometer confirmed ZANUPF will win a landslide victory.

    1. yakaitwa kupiko iwe?waivepo here ichiitwa. kana Mwari ati zvinoita hapana chinoramba, kana ati hazviite hapana anoita kuti zviite.ityai Mwari ndiye muridzi wedenga nenyika

  9. Thompson Bhebhe

    Please mr Tsangirai you are a crowd pullar every one knows that zimbabweans has sufferd a lot forget about those who are fighting you instead to fight a DICTACTOR WHO has made millions of people to suffer like this MDCT NDIZO WE WILL FIGHT UNTIL AMEN

  10. Biti you are very foolish and this shows that you lack maturity in politics.You are the one who deserted the main opposition and now you want to play chase on this coalition.Tsvangirai pindai mega mumaElections umu Save.These other guys like Biti and Mujuru are not yet for a change.Varikuda kuzadza homwe dzavo nemari at the expense of people’s lives.

  11. @Cde Rusitu Afrobarometer handiyo inovhota

  12. Its a real tragedy that Tsvangirai is failing to capitalise on Mugabe’s old age & a divided zanupf. Apart from violence, there’s absolutely nothing in zanupf’s favour that can make them win 2018 elections yet mdc t is busy wasting time with Biti & co

  13. New Zim President from the Cold

    Mr Tsvangison, I don’t think you need these Biti PDP party coalition, becoz already they have you down before meaning they can do it again, just get on with the campaign with those who want to move on with you.by setting conditions these Biti people, shows already they are power hungry and desparate so they can be dangerous and are serious enemies of progress

  14. Muchuva Mutiusinazita

    MDC-T and Morgan Tsvangirai is the only deal to disloage ZANU pf and Mugabe. Who is Biti by the way i personally dont even know him yet am in Harare!!! what mo of gogo kumusha!!!

  15. All this is turning out to be a joke, playing into the hands of Zanu PF. What cluelessness & greed.

  16. No wonder I am for the Nkosana Moyo project.

  17. Inept indeed! The ‘transfer window’ is open for all to fulfill their realignment desires. Opposition parties should make good use of this ‘grace period’ or be ready to hurl blame to each other once it closes. What more signs do they expect to see to realise that it is their opportune moment to ‘reap big’? Let Grace take over and stay in the cold for the next half of a century or thereabout.

  18. This is the confusion we think will bring real change?! Zimbos need to wake up and stop being slaves to political formation and support fresh vibrant candidates. Handei na Dr Nkosana Moyo for president!

  19. tsvangirai don’t need an coalition to win, he must work on how to take power after election victory . kubva year 2000 haana kugara ambotadza kuhwina asi arikutadza kutonga nekuti haana mauto, war vets and rural support so basicly he nedds a coalition with chiwenga, vets and traditional leaders just that tapinda machena.

  20. Dont temper with your stronghold Save. Even Welshman dont give him those seats. They are Zanu boys angling to take away obvious seats from you. Give them ump kitsiyatota etc.

    1. Wapedza hama yangu. Do not give them those seats. its best they contest in UMP and the likes.

  21. zvanamai Mukuru izvi zvavakutibhowa isu nanabiti voda 21 seats dzaasina kukushansda ummmmm no to this baba save let’s go alone zvaramba zve todini

  22. Save muchatibhowa,chii chamunonyengerera kuna Biti namai Mjuru???go alone man!

  23. Haaa ehe tirizvedu ordinary party supporters but Save should NEVER give in to demands by lunatics like Biti.That to me wld make no sense at all.Biti is jus as good as Mujuru,NOBODYS.Which seats is he demanding?Ngaamirire ma elections azvimirire in those constituencies nechiparty chake tione akahwina nxaa.

  24. its a pit if a renowned lawyer cnt comprehend simple things, PDP haisati yamboisa candidate pa ballot and sm1 claims kt ndine 21seats. Inga morgan akakupa open chaque wani u shld hv fielded candidates pama by-elections since mdct yanga isina kuisa ndopawaizotaura kut after u recalled us from parly takashandira maseats aya tikamawhina. why ddnt u stand as PDP pama by-elections wotova vote?

  25. Tendai is not serious…you run away to form a party which has already had three splits and you demand some seats. To be honest I think the critical players in the coalition is Welshman and Mai Mujuru to some extend. Do not waste time with some of these desperatees who must and join Zano since they believe they(Zano) have a message that resonate with people

  26. Shelton Moyana

    Tsvangirai anozviziva kuti he is weak ndosaka arikuda a coalition. l for one belive kuti Bhuru ngarimire nedanga raro

  27. Tsvangirai coalitions are not going to win elections! Rural and voter registration mobilisation and telling rural folks not to fear Zanu Pf when they vote are the key to winning next year elections! I can’t see why you want traitors like Mbiti to join you ? Do away with them.

  28. its not about coalition,2008 morgan beat zanupf hands down. but what happened? the system need to change. zanu cannot be a refree and player at the same time . a neutral body must come and arrange and monitor the election. fullstop. have your coalition and the method which had been used will still be used .No sane person can put trust in ZEC. FOR THAT REASON NOONE HAVE INTEREST IN THESE WINDOW DRESSING ELECTIONS.LETS FIGHT FOR ELECTRORAL REFORMS ONLY..WITH THAT IN PLACE ANY PARTY CAN STAND ON ITS ON .IF ZANUPF WIN THAT WILL BE THE CHOICE OF THE PEOPLE

  29. Biti like Ncube and those who defected from MDC-T going back into parliament again will be a thing of the past i bet them.Why can’t he go back where he belongs to because forming all those many useless political parties is not the solution.This really means that most would be politicians are power hungry people who has no really interest in serving zimbabwe.Pasi nemadzakutsaku Tendai Biti and those followers of him.Zimbabwean people are not stupid entities,but they know who their main devil is.Biti, you did not learn lesson from Welshman Ncube,did he went back in parliament when he went amok in 2005? Please Biti and your fellow cde,go back home if you want to have a parliamentary seat rather than demand MDC-T party ticket seats, it shows that your mind is worthless.

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