Tempers flare at Karoi ritual murder funeral

A KAROI woman, Dadirai Mashonga, whose severed head was allegedly recovered a few metres away from a local businessman’s shop after she was killed by her brother in a suspected ritual murder, was buried at the family’s homestead in Chief Dandawa’s area yesterday.

By Nhau Mangirazi

 Businessman Robert Tazvireva’s vehicle had its windscreen shattered by angry villagers
Businessman Robert Tazvireva’s vehicle had its windscreen shattered by angry villagers

Tempers flared at the funeral, with villagers baying for the blood of local businessman, Robert Tazvireva, who has been implicated in the alleged murder, together with the deceased’s younger brother, Samuel.

Enraged villagers under headman Matau took the law into their hands on Monday and vented their anger on Tazvireva’s property, destroying his bottle store, general dealer shop and smashing his cars, in protest over the alleged murder.

A neighbourhood watch committee member confirmed the incident yesterday.

“They (villagers) broke into the shop and we could not risk our lives to attend to the scene, as people were furious over the murder case,” the village security officer, who declined to be named, said.

“There was a free-for-all, as villagers helped themselves to groceries and beer from Tazvireva’s shops.”

Police in Magunje refused to comment on the case, referring all questions to their superiors in Harare.

The deceased, who was said to be deaf and dumb, was allegedly killed in cold blood at her family home on July 13 after other family members had gone to an overnight vigil.
Both accused appeared at the Karoi Magistrates’ Court on Monday facing murder charges.

They were remanded in custody to August 3.

Tazvireva is alleged to have offered to pay $4 000 for Mashonga’s severed head, so he could use it to conduct rituals to boost his businesses.

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  5. Both the murderer and business man must be hanged to send a warning signal to all those business man who practise rituals as this is not the first timeit has happened as this has become the second case after the Magunje case Kitsiyatota incident.

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