Satanism scare at Nyanyadzi school

CHAOS rocked Nyanyadzi High School in Chimanimani district, Manicaland province, yesterday, forcing disruption of lessons, as angry parents stormed the institution, accusing four teachers of initiating 10 students into Satanism.


The police later intervened and ordered the teachers to leave the school, but the parents blocked the exit gate, singing derogatory songs and baying for the accused teachers’ blood.

Manicaland provincial education director, Edward Shumba confirmed the incident, saying he had ordered school authorities to engage the police and continue with normal lessons.

“I told them (school authorities) that if they have problems, I cannot comment over Satanism and I have told authorities at the school to continue with lessons,” he said.

“If there is any issue of Satanism, that should be held within the locality and not at the school. I told the authorities to call the police and the police are already at the school. Children should be in class. Our mandate is to teach and should children learn anything outside, it’s not my mandate.”

A parent, who declined to be named for the security of his child, said pupils had complained of being initiated into strange occult-related rituals by their teachers.

“They (teachers) are not leaving this school because they should fully explain what they wanted to do with our children’s blood. There are almost 10 children who have been initiated and there are some we don’t even know,” the parent alleged.

“Our children are claiming that every night, they are taken by a queen, the leader of the teachers (name withheld). They said they are taken to some Asian country almost every day and dipped into a pool full of blood,” he said.

A teacher, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: “It’s a very sad situation because one of the teachers implicated is my friend. I am shocked about what is happening.”

Manicaland police provincial spokesperson, Tavhiringwa Kakohwa professed ignorance, claiming he was not aware of the matter.

Officials from the Primary and Secondary Education ministry arrived at the school around midday for a meeting with the institution’s authorities and other stakeholders in a bid to retain normalcy.

Pupils at the school reportedly joined their parents demonstrating for the immediate resignation of the four teachers.

Although various theories have been proffered on how the children were initiated, it is said that one teacher (name withheld) alleged used food to lure children and initiate them.

A source at the school alleged: “They (teachers) used food to lure children and initiate them into Satanism. The number is so big than what we are expecting.”

Zanu PF ward 8 Chimanimani district councillor Muyapi Chinguno’s mobile phone went unanswered.

The issue of Satanism was reportedly sparked by headman, Gudyanga over the weekend, where he ordered the quartet to attend a court session, but they refused.

The refusal reportedly infuriated the parents, who have been since joined by hordes of school children calling for the dismissal of the teachers.



  1. maniac patients

  2. I heard one of the parents narrating how students were given buns by a teacher, the buns tasted like ox or human liver, the students went to India on horses, etc. I suspect the students were high on musombodhiya or vhinyu or bronco or such other illicit drug!!

    1. How does a human liver taste? Ndiyani akamboidya angatiudza human liver tastes like this or that?

    2. do you know the test of human liver

    3. nutty dreadlock

      hahahahaha exactly mangemba aya rasta plus vinyu vapfanha vakuframer mateacher avakamaka they should have reported this wen the first student was initiated why wait for ten trips to asia for them to report plus kuchimanimani kudhuze ne moza kunobva high grade vapfanha ava vakalowa ngezvinhu

  3. Randall Flagg

    Its so sad Zimbabwe has gone backwards so much, to the extent that people believe in medieval superstitious beliefs. Whether the teachers were practicing satanism or parents just being hysterical is besides the point, the fact people would believe in that kind of crap shows how far we have fallen as a society. We really have our work cut out to bring this nation back on track.

    1. chiriporipotyo

      whats superstitious about Satanism… wait for 1 day when your child has been initiated and you will understand. why would 400 children lie about 1 teacher….

  4. the truth of the matter is that the spiritual exists. no matter how modern we may become. something out of the ordinary definitely happened. the names for it might differ. as modern as we are today, there is still witcharaft at somewhere in your families. i applaude the parents for standing up for their kids. hakuna vanhu vakawanda kudero vanopenga kamwe chete. those unscrupulous teachers in their quest for wealth due to their being poor as they are not well remunerated got into shaddy spiritual deals. and by initiating young lives there must have been promised much wealth and power. these things are real and no amount of modernisation can erase it. ignore it at your own peril.

    by implying that the kids were high on musombodhiya and somethings you are saying that when our kids confide they should not be taken seriously. Ndosaka vana vachi abuswa zvichinzi haiwa vanonyepa. If the kids claim that they were taken to some places, let us believe them and help them.

    1. nutty dreadlock

      no no no we are not saying are kids shoukld not confide in our parents but let us be real here in Zimbabwe the issue of SATANISM is being taken too far what the parents should have done was to approach the chief of the area coz traditionally they are the ones who deal with spiritual issues.Secondly what example are you setting for your children wen you come to school and toyi toyi are you trying to say whenever a kid is mistreated at school anofanira kujambajamba?

  5. I agree with all the above comments this is absolute hogwash India on horses and how many hours does it take …….That Gundyanga chief must be held accountable for this commotion he caused ….On what grounds can he summon teachers he wz suppose to engage minstry of education authorities as well as SDC then they deal with the issue proffessionally but the problem is that this Gudyanga old villager has a fake sense of authority and attention seeker hence he mobilised villagers to do the wrong thing

  6. haaaaahhhaaaaahhhhaaaaaaa

  7. Wezhira wezhara

    I wonder why people are denying that there is Satanism when witchcraft existed before. Some of the commentators above appear to deny things they do not know or they are into it that’s why protecting. Varoyi vagara variko and if in doubt, ask Chief Magistrate Guvamombe who referred a witch’s case to traditional leaders some few years back when she was left in Highfield after being dumped by her inlaw from Murehwa or Mutoko I cannot remember. Varoyi they travel the breadth of the world in minutes nemishonga so don’t protect maTeacher aya. Musombodia waita sei? Some things happen as if you are dreaming my friend and kwedu Masvingo muraini rekwedu I know of women who confessed before Chief Charumbira that they were witches who had killed a number of people. Masatanist ava ema church isu kuchivanhu tinovati varoyi.

    1. Randall Flagg

      With due respect Wezhira Wezhara, i disagree with your views and accusing me of practicing something i don’t believe it exists makes you just plain silly . I don’t believe in witchcraft or satanism but i don’t deny that there are evil people who practice it and think it works and people like you who condemn it, don’t practice it and think it works.Thinking it works is the key thing i’m talking about here. I have not seen a shred of convincing evidence that its something that works for people who practice it and I cannot just go with flow because most people believe in it. I know for most people who believe it in they have not witnessed it first hand, its just hearsay, reading about ritual killings etc and believe that it something that truly exists and works. What I really know for a fact is people can be evil and are capable of killing because of non existent medieval things they choose to believe in.

  8. human liver inotesta sei nhaimwi? Asi vamwe makamboidya? ummm zvazvakaoma nhaimwi. Kuti vanhu vave kuziva taste yechiropa chemunhu?

    1. nutty dreadlock

      chief charumbira nemadiro avanoita plublicity it wont be a shock if he staged the whole thing

  9. Augustine morgan

    Kkkk .maybe it’s a sleep of tongue tu talk about the test of human lever. Huipihwagara hurikoo zvotoda anasekuru nemaprofita vabatsire kutsvaga chokwadi nyaya itongeke.

  10. This is obviously some spirituality case and the fact that certain teachers, not all of them, are implicated should be enough evidence this thing is happening. There is a lot of evil going on in this country because people are very much obsessed by the need for wealth. Many have sold their souls to the devil so just pray that it doesn’t happen to you. This is no hysteria, it is real; the devil is at work my fellow countryman.. We need the grace of God and the precious blood of Jesus Christ to protect us. Amen.

  11. concerned citizen

    Hapana zvamurikutaura asi ndimi murikupinza vana mu Satanism those teachers must be killed naiko kamugabe kappa maticha nhamo hona zvavakuita, Satanism , chihure , humbavha nekuromba its all because of Mugabe and zanu pf vatambudza vanhu, muzimba akungoita anything to survive. Even here in SA murder, criminal activities mazimba. #Mugabe must go!!!!

  12. The parents are hallucinating. They need the services of a psychiatrist.

  13. The school children together with their parents, have psychological problems. They claim to visit an Asian country, by the way, which plane do they use to travel every night?

  14. It seems satan just loves Zimbabwe last year it was Mutambara High school then this year Nyanyadzi! phew!! The taste of human liver ?? goodness me! seems its a real problem coupled with travelling to Asia 🙁 :(. Why dont we hear of satanism initiates in say Japan or Australia in such huge numbers???? Are our people Schizophrenic or something or maybe musombo wawandisa lol :O 🙂 🙂 ??

  15. Divergent Views


  16. Chris Cometh Chikandiwa

    At times people are naive. Zimbabwe is not heaven. Many weird things have happened. Why pretend that the devil doesn’t exist. Wakeup and smell the Coffee . It’s not a matter of how what tastes,but that the practice exists.

    If you ignorant ,don’t deny. Witchcraft is part and parcel of Satanism !

  17. i ges we need God more than gods …zvavakuvavarira kumagumo

  18. So who delivered musombodiya or bronco enough for 400 children?

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