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The return of Ba Shupi


AFRO-pop artiste, Peace “Ba Shupi” Ndlovu is set to mark his return after a five-year sabbatical with an 11-track album, Cream de la Cream, to be officially launched in Harare on July 27.


Peace “Ba Shupi” Ndlovu
Peace “Ba Shupi” Ndlovu

Ba Shupi told NewsDay that Zimdancehall artistes had elbowed him out of the limelight.

“In the past few years, most of the Afro-pop fans were now focusing on zimdancehall, so I felt that no one would listen to my music,” he said.

“But I think our fan base is now strong enough again and in terms of the trending music waves, my album will definitely penetrate the local market.”

Ba Shupi said he had also taken to releasing Zimdancehall singles to keep his head above the water, but the new album was strictly Afro-pop.

The Muridzo hitmaker said he also had to deal with financial constraints during the latest album’s production process.

“We were doing everything from our zero budget,” he said.

Tracks on the forthcoming album include Machena, Vaidhakwa, Eviction Notice, Mwari, Kusvuura Nhamo, Hushamwari and Makuhwa.

Musicians Jah Prayzah, Sulumani Chimbetu, Edith WeUtonga, Trevor Dongo, Hope Masike, Diana Samkange, Alexio Kawara and Extra Large are expected to perform at the show.

The multi-talented singer rose to prominence with the hit song Godo, which he did with rapper Desmond “Stunner”Chideme.

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