Nkosana Moyo talks on his Zim vision

LONDON — Zimbabwe’s new entrant in the 2018 presidential election, Nkosana Moyo, says the country needs a new kind of politics that will stop the ongoing suffering that has left the country with 90% unemployment.

London Editors/Staff Reporter

Alliance for the People’s Agenda leader Nkosana Moyo
Alliance for the People’s Agenda leader Nkosana Moyo

In a wide-ranging speech delivered at the Royal Institute of International Affairs or Chatham House in London, and attended by the United States and Canadian embassies, Moyo said it was time for a 50-50 Cabinet allocation between men and women, as well as giving a chance to the youth to participate in politics.

He said politicians had, over the years, connived to divide Zimbabweans into tribes, political parties and classes.

Moyo said Zimbabwe was where it is today because democracy had been eroded, with State institutions like the army, the police, the judiciary and the Central Intelligence Organisation having been captured by a political party.

“The immediate consequence is that these institutions are no longer protecting the citizens, but protect Zanu PF,” he said.

Moyo said Zanu PF members were being treated as first-class citizens with access to opportunities, while opposition supporters were treated like second-class citizens.

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He also said he would look at the size of the civil service wage bill and eliminate any ghost workers, adding that the current government “has no clue” on how to grow the economy.

The former minister said under his leadership, the country would “put across policies that attract investment”.

Moyo said leaders must walk the talk and his plan was to reduce the size of the government.

“Zimbabwe cannot justify a government of more than 30 ministers,” he said.

Moyo said his Cabinet would have a maximum of 20 members and would not have deputy ministers.

He, however, wants to introduce junior ministers made up of the youth under 35 years old.

This, he said, would be an apprenticeship for future leaders.

He added that innovation and technological advancement would depend on how much space was created for the younger generation.

Moyo said political conflict was taking the country back.

“We want Zimbabweans to understand that competition should not be a war,” he said, adding he disagreed with President Robert Mugabe and MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, but “that doesn’t mean they are enemies”.

On the rural vote, Moyo said all citizens should be given the benefit of the doubt and be respected.

He said his parents could not read, but that did not mean they could not understand issues.

The former Industry and Trade minister said there was no evidence that any section of the Zimbabwean society needed to be “educated” to know solutions to their problems.

On foreign policy, Moyo said his government would be guided by the needs of Zimbabwe and those in the Diaspora would be treated as essential contributors to the economy.

He said Zimbabwe did not need the number of embassies it currently had because it could not afford all of them.

On the subject of his business links, Moyo said he had resigned from the various global corporate boards that he was part of in order to avoid conflict of interest.

He said he was in the process of handing over the leadership of the Mandela Institute of Development Studies that he founded.

On funding the election campaign, Moyo said he would only rely on resources from Zimbabweans.

He said it was wrong for an election to be seen as a money-making project and it was part of the culture that needed to change.

Moyo said he had demonstrated that he could live within his means by refusing to fly business class when he was Industry and International Trade minister.

He said he also refused to be treated as a VIP when travelling locally on government business.

Meanwhile, Moyo’s Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) has launched a fundraising campaign aimed at mobilising resources for his presidential bid.

Party official, Albert Gumbo, confirmed the development saying: “APA is a movement for all Zimbabweans and we are inviting them to participate in this exciting journey towards the restoration of Zimbabwe to a place of honour among the nations.

“So we are asking for their financial contribution no matter how small and their vote, of course.”

The campaign is targeting to raise at least $500 000.


  1. i like this guy.

  2. I take it. Simple and straight forward.

  3. If given the chance. this person can help the country. What we have seen over the years is Mugabe and Tsvangirai fighting only and the make no effort to unite the pple. they think they own pple and most pple have accepted to be owned unfortunately

  4. The guy has ideas, bt shld join existing MDCT party structures, tinobudiria. Otherwise ths wll be another Simba Makoni project.

    1. Mdct and ZANU of are not that different only that the other is ruling while the other is opposing. We need fresh ideas and thinking. Tsvangirai has been on the seat for more than 15 years wch is almost half of Mugabe’s reign. We need a Magufili type of person and Nkosana is like that. Love him or hate him this man is just wat we need as a country. He is not perfect but he will dig us out.

      1. i echo to the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        wabaya bob

    2. Real Madrid Fan


  5. Apa pachaita basa rekuunganidza vanhu apa… Moyo is bright and in a way he has smart thinking….. chichemo ndechekuti vanhu anovawana kupi bcoz kupinda kwa Kondo kuChipinge kuno, kupinda muzarabani, gokwe nembudziya, Bikita hapadi masalad…you need real men to gather your votes and that should not lack in any politician…. APA PANENYAYA HAPANA VISION

    1. in a sense you are correct. as such, this guy should take your point and work towards that. very simple. as such i like him

    2. `He also said he would look at the size of the civil service wage bill and eliminate any ghost workers, adding that the current government “has no clue” on how to grow the economy.’

      I think this guy is being overzealous. It takes great sacrifice and trust in order to become a popular opposition leader who will command a huge following. Ask Mr `Cheeks’. The latter endured pain, I tell you.

  6. Hatidi kunzwa panotaurwa ndosaka pasina chinogadzirisika.Anga agona nguvai?this man will be there only to cause confusion next year.If he really share the same sentiments with the opposition parties,why not support the opposition.inga Fidza akazviita wani kubhora.

  7. Ndinzweiwo you are right my friend. Moyo is a bright fellow and very ideal presidential but he is too elitist. Addressing meetings at Chatham House is not going to win him one single vote.

    1. Listen to what you are saying. He has more than 100 people l know’s vote. Even Tsvangirai akatanga kurnda Ku Chatham house. This is a foreign invitation from interested stakeholders. Politicians do this all the time he is not the first neither is he the last. Yes he needs to match the environment but for now let’s listen to the idea, chiguerilla hachibude pese. Tarisai patasvika nacho, imbomutererai


    as much as he is the smartest and the ryt candidate , Zim politics is a dirty game and really needs the grip not masalad.

  9. Musanyaradzane…..why start campaigning in UK, we have never heard that he had a rally in Zim!! Magame ekutsvaga mari…

    1. can we literally say he was campaigning in the uk

  10. i think he has the potential but unfortunately zimbos cant read it i will consider his party

  11. This guy is talking nonsense instead of him talking about issues on the ground he’s already talking about the cabinet ministers as if he has won. This is not a policy framework that Zimbabwe wants. Removing deputy ministers doesn’t guarantee economic growth and employment

  12. LoveofZimbabwe

    It`s not what your country can do for you, it`s what you can do for your country. Politics is all about money and power nobody really cares what happens to anyone.

  13. Moyo’s theory added to Tsvangirai’s opposition experience and Mujuru’s knowhow of electoral malpractices in her former party is enough force to counter Mugabe in the coming election. Unfortunately the trio can hardly see eye to eye.

  14. He looks like he can try and solve Zimbabwe,s problems as the old tired comrades have no clue and are only lining their pockets and externalizing money to secure their life after Zanu. He wants to involve the future generation unlike these clueless old comrades who want to give us stands when we have no jobs or money to develop them. Yindoda sibili.

  15. Dr Moyo is more than qualified for the task ahead!

  16. unopenga uyu aimboveoi nguva yese vamwe vachirohwa, akatengwa kuta splite vavotes, vanhu vanotaura vari kure makwara chaiwo, kana aine chivindi ngaauye ataure ari muzimbabwe saana save vsingatyi ngaatibvirepo, mxm

  17. It is not Dr Moyo’s sole responsibility to ‘free the country’, but that of each and every concerned citizen. We can all play our party and campaign on his behalf from wherever we are around Zimbabwe.

  18. muchanzwa nekutenderera frm pillar to post sezvamurikuita kuma church . they all come in sheepskin to entice desperate zimbos.

  19. OG madzimbahwee

    he seems to have the ryt mind set just sad that as a nation we just not there yet…i felt something when he said he will only have junior ministers under the age of 35 that was fresh …never heard it before kkkk

  20. Desperate Zimbos will eagerly clutch at anything new, whether a so-called prophet” or political leader. Has this guy been tested? Where was he when the rest of us were in the trenches? “All that glitters is not gold”

  21. Great ideas but they don’t get him voted. He is addressing foreigners he should come back and talk to the rural voter in a lunguage that they understand. His approach seems to be elitist and a result he will be another simba makoni. What we need at the moment for all what he says to work znpf must be dislodged first. Thus why it appears in all opposition the agenda is to dislodge znpf. all his ideas has also been repeated a number of times by mdct, mdc N, MKD etc. everybody knows that we have ghost workers, our ministries are too many etc. The rural vote is required honourable moyo.period these are the people who vote candidates into government

  22. This guy is the future. There is hope for Zimbabwwe after all. I so pray he isnt a Mutambara/ Makoni type guy. That being said I love this guy.

  23. I like this guy he talks sense I think he is the missing puzzle in our politics,count on me NM i am in,we are tired nepolitics dzema trenches where was tsvangirai during the time vana mugabe vaiva in trenches can we ask that question its a NO because we want to to away with that mentality “asina kurwa hondo haatonge”,If we want to talk about trenches then everyone must go back and join zanu pf coz ndokunevazhinji vakaenda kumatreches.we dont want double standards

  24. Going by some of the comments above, I can some people on here haven’t been closely following Zim politics for the past few years.
    Most of the policies Moyo has announced were part of the MDC-T manifesto at least for the last two elections bar one. The one policy that is new here is having junior ministers under the age of 35.
    That policy doesn’t make sense because if you look at today’s Parliament there are not enough enough numbers to achieve.
    I am waiting for one politician who is going to advocate for the reduction of the number of MPs from 210 to between 130 and 150 to be line with the rest of the region.
    Also I would suggest no ministers over the age of 75 because you want active people as ministers. But then again I am not a candidate for the elections next year.

    1. Totally agree with @yewu. The elephant in the room is the bloated Parliament with a staggering 210 MPs for a population barely 14 million. Thats taking a lot of money from the fiscus. Agree no geriatrics as ministers same as it is for judges.

  25. Moyo has the potential to do well, but problem is to convince people to support him. Otherwise he is a good guy if people are to go by his vision.

  26. This guy is great. I see a bright future for Zimbabwe under his rule. He should work hard to have people understand his vision.

  27. Dr Nkosana Moyo 2018 #sesiyisikhathi inguva, its time, gwaba lubaka !!!

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