‘Mujuru could be Zim’s saviour’

ZIMBABWE needs to elect a woman as leader if it is to extricate itself from years of maladministration and former Vice-President and opposition National People’s Party (NPP) leader, Joice Mujuru could be the country’s saviour, the party’s deputy leader, Samuel Sipepa Nkomo has said.


NPP leader Joice Mujuru
NPP leader Joice Mujuru

Nkomo told residents of Bulawayo’s Emganiwni suburb that Zimbabwe needed to follow Liberia’s example, where former dictator Charles Taylor was dethroned and a woman, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, replaced him.

“Zimbabwe has been ruled by a man for 37 years. We can see that a male leader has destroyed the country,” he said.

“In Liberia, Taylor ruled the country and messed it up, when he was removed a woman took over and look at how good the country has became.

“If it happened in Liberia that a woman took over from male counterpart and did better, why can’t we try it in Zimbabwe?”

Taylor served as Liberian president from 1997 and resigned in 2003 under international pressure and was succeeded by Moses Blah, who served for two months.

Blah was replaced by a United Nations-backed transitional government, headed by Gyude Bryant, who served between October 2003 and January 2006.

Bryant was succeeded by Sirleaf, who on assumption of power immediately demanded the extradition of the exiled Taylor, which culminated in the former warlord’s trial and subsequent conviction.

Nkomo said NPP is presenting the electorate with an opportunity to elect a woman (Mujuru), as President.

He likened her to the biblical matriarch, Esther, who, he said, saved the children of Israel.

“As male leaders, we have failed to run this country, we must allow women to take over,” Nkomo said.

He went on to say Mujuru’s liberation war credentials were unquestionable and stood her in good stead, adding the NPP leader was above reproach.

But Mthwakazi Republic Party leader, Mqondisi Moyo said Nkomo was singing for his supper, adding Mujuru had insulted the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo.

“She is the very Mujuru, who once insulted the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo and we know that she amassed her wealth through corruption,” he said.

MDC spokesperson, Kurauone Chihwayi said Nkomo should not mislead people.

“We don’t need a former Zanu PF person or anyone with a military background to win the 2018 general elections. The MDC will not take such clueless and divisive characters seriously,” he said.

People’s Democratic Party spokesperson, Jacob Mafume said at this point, parties were at a stage where sober heads needed to prevail.

“We need in our speeches at senior level to offer ourselves as an alternative without being disagreeable,” he said.

“We are now in danger of having leaders of a coalition without the coalition itself.

“It’s like having the best bus driver or the best pilot without a bus or aeroplane to fly. It can be a source of great pride, but you might not fly, so let’s have the coalition and then we choose its leaders.”

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  1. if women are the best leaders ,why are you then the deputy president mr nkomo. leave it to woman

    1. nice shot – bull’s eye!!

  2. We are tired of this NPP Project. Where was Mujuru before? She was one of those looters so why do we need to trust her now. If ZANU PF had not fired her she could still be looting. If we are to analyse her party structures we will be shocked. there is this GD of Manicaland who cant manage a hotel yet he wants to run a constituency. I wonder why they are making such noise.

  3. Jongwe Rachembera

    Above reproach..kikikikiki this is the same Mujuru implicated in diamond deals with her daughter. Mujuru was there with Mugabe from the beginning. A devil can never be a “saviour”.

    1. zviri paground

      never ever never she can go to hell

  4. peoplw do not need those with messianic tendencies. we need people with a track-record. SAVE Chete . your Mujuru can follow.

  5. Sabuku Mangwende

    She’s the most if not best answer to the Zimbabwe problems and we not on the SAVE the Rhino campaign here we want to save People. NPP leadership is best and women need now.

    1. Wakupenga asi ?

      1. zviri paground

        madhunyasi nezodhumyasi ravo. Chavano gona cjavaimbo koniwa chiiii? putsek maakutoti tsamwisa manje vana pppp ava vanoitonga tafa nyangwe vakavhoregwa. kujaidza makudo neano kamhina

    2. muface uyu anodhunya chete!!!!

  6. She is just a Zanupf project. She has no votes behind her. Look at her pulling power. It could qualify if she could go the Dotito Way and lets see if she can pull the rural vote populace.

  7. Tsvanfirai no different from Mugabe both of them power hungry by now if Tsvangirai knew democracy Someone could be the president of MDC but instead changed party constitution to tremain the president. We dont want to remove onbe devil and put another devil

    1. As for Tsvangirai,the mission hasn’t been completed.He first has to overpower the dictator and then leave office for others.

  8. spencer zvenyika

    She has no direction mwana wenyoka inyoka

  9. Sipepa is a paper ririkupupuruka zvaro.Hapana zvinozikanwa.

  10. mujuru’s party is nonsense i feel sorry for Morgan partnering with a political outcast.

    1. 2018 ZANU PF CHETE

      Ndo-zero plus zero yaitaurwa iya.

    2. morgan is still listening to the people and we the people have said that he should. its possible for him to go it alone if he sees that the coalition will give him the same results. lose, lose. or win, win. he is democratic and therefore has the right to hear what mujuru is saying to fight mugabe. in fact in truth if mugabe comes to morgan today not having left zanu and say morgan I did wrong for Zimbabwe children, can we work together to better their lives, we the mdc will allow morgan to listen to him not necessarily agree with him. that is what morgan is doing.

  11. the so called sipepila or sipepa he is just barking and he doesn’t know politics. His party doesn’t have followers like the MDC. Let him barking and barking until he continue barking.

  12. Tsvangy, Chamy and Thoko is a big coalition itself than with Joice Sipepa.This one is bringing confusion by making coalitions within coalition, campaigning in already opposition strongholds instead of bringing new supporters.

  13. This is very shallow analysis from Sipepa. And to think he is one of the top leaders in NPP beggars belief.

  14. Desperate Mujuru will never make it via the backdoor. Neither gender nor liberation credentials will speak for her. She has to be subjected to a ‘furnace’ to test her purity and credibility lest all this political hogwash on a daily basis are turning her to be a political liability in the opposition. Man up!

    1. Man Kenya!!! I love your gramma.

  15. Muchaona Mapera

    It just goes to show that vamwe varume kudzimba dzavo vanotongwa nevakadzi, because ivo vakatadza. Shame on you Samere

  16. Just because you are a woman does not make you a competent leader. What did she do for the country when she was the Vice President of the country besides looting, corruption and incompetency? This obsession with liberation war ‘credentials’ should stop, it does not make one a better person than the next. Its the kind of language used by people who don’t have anything to offer and it reeks of someone clutching at straws in pursuit of relevance in the political scene. People want jobs, good healthcare system, education, food and a secure future for their children. What happened 38yrs ago is so irrelevant to what people need now.

  17. Anyone with a Zanu flavour should not be allowed to be at the helm. We are sick and tired of these war vets who always talk of ‘died for this country’. Someone who never participated in those wars should lead the nation. Some Mujuru’s ex farm workers tole me of how they wer ill treated and never got their wages and salaries only to be given cabbages.
    If push comes to shove, we could hire a white European to rule us like what we do in soccer.

  18. Will Zimbabweans please stop using biblical characters to campaign for their candidates. Chipanga equals Mugabe to Jesus and now Nkomo equals Mujuru to Esther. This kind of bootlicking reaches all the way to heaven and remember, God does not forget!!

  19. mujuru ngaagare pasi uyooo

  20. Cde Zvichapera

    Taneta nekunyeperwa. Mujuru akangofanana na Mugabe, we need new blood to rule our country.

  21. pure lies by Nkomo. Our country will not get better with mujuru president . Mujuru is one the looters in zimbabwean history including her late hubby.

  22. tawonga havana

    do you mean to say if you did not fight the war then you cannot be a president,thats complete nonsense we want Tsvangirai no a puppet like mujuru with no followers only there to cause commotion and give an upper hand to an old wrinkled skinned thief mugabe

  23. Good wine needs no bush. Only time will tell whether this Mujuru woman has completely severed all her ties with ZANU-PF. We remain skeptical. Why didn’t she leave without getting fired? We are tired about all these war stories. We want leaders who talk development prosperity good relations with other nations of the world. Leaders who can deal with corruption, poverty, diseases and morals. Not war, war war war endlessly.Boers across the Limpopo were racists and oppressors but they built South Africa our liberators are busy destroying our beloved Zimbabwe. Shame on them. We are now the poorest people in the region.All the pride of being Zimbabweans is gone. We are economic refugees in several countries.

  24. mujuru does not have a political party she is leading. Here are the facts: her organisation, yes was registered as a political party but there was no congress to select its leader. saka congress needs to select who to lead the party. i agree with most contributors, mujuru anoda kutsiva zvaakaitwa na mugabe and you will see kuti vanhu vachamhanya. there is too much looting going on.

  25. What is Mai Mujuru Bringing to the table? so far nothing. She should not try to get what she could not get through Zanu via MDC. If she really has the national interest at heart, she should humble herself and join Morgan as a junior partner to secure the cake and then share it. She could be the next leader after Morgan’s single term. Otherwise, it’s fighting over an unborn child.

  26. she is just history and clueless

  27. Mujuru ngaagare pasi, she smells Zanupf perfume, we want someone we we know is genuinely in oppositi0n. She is mudding the waters chete, idzvombi remunhu.

  28. All we know is if she had not been kicked out she would still be right there, next to Mugabe chanting slogans for Bob to run again at 93. There is no sanitizer strong enough to clean Mujuru of her Zanu scent. God forgives, we don’t forget.

  29. Mujuru did not leave zanu pf but was kicked out of zanu pf so who knows maybe he heart is still with e party.And do we still remember what she did when she was telecoms minister?So what development can she now talk about

  30. Mdhara Jopher

    She will never win even a ward! Mark my words

  31. Kanti Sipepa is now with Mujuru futhi here is a chimbwa sugwata in isiNdebele the dog that follows everyone is called umgodoyi nyanisi sibili . I was still think is still with his comrade Biti shame a political vagrant

  32. zviri paground

    madhunyasi nezidhunyasi ravo. Chavano gona chavaimbo koniwa chiiii? putsek maakutoti tsamwisa manje vana pppp ava vanoitonga tafa nyangwe vakavhotegwa. kujaidza makudo neano kamhina

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