Mugabe son-in-law joins political fray

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s political dynasty seems to be growing with each passing day, amid claims that his son-in-law, Simba Chikore, is eyeing a parliamentary seat in Makoni North constituency, Manicaland province.


Simba Chikore
Simba Chikore

Chikore is married to Mugabe’s only daughter, Bona, and was early this year appointed as Air Zimbabwe chief operating officer.

“There is a lot of activity especially in and around his home area of Chikore,” a source who spoke on condition of anonymity said.

“Earthmoving equipment moved in two weeks ago and rehabilitated roads.

“Chikore has also sunk boreholes in the area, as he prepares for his campaign.”

Zanu PF Manicaland provincial chairman, Samuel Undenge, was unavailable for comment yesterday, but the party’s provincial administration, Kenneth Saruchera dismissed Chikore’s alleged political manoeuvres as mere gossip.

“It’s just a rumour that is doing the rounds with no substance,” Saruchera said.

But senior party leaders, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed to NewsDay that Chikore was preparing to contest the seat in next year’s election on a Zanu PF ticket.

“He is getting ready and the issue started when he was invited to attend the Manicaland youth interface rally addressed by the President,” one source said.

“His parents also uncharacteristically attended and you saw the First Lady (Grace Mugabe) asking Chikore to chant the Zanu PF slogan. He is in.”

Local parliamentarian, Francis Muchenje confirmed that Chikore had funded some projects in the constituency, but argued “these are complementary efforts”.

“It is true that he has funded the construction of boreholes and rehabilitation of roads, but like any other high-profile person, I think he is helping,” he said.

“We have some very senior leaders from Tanda, for example, who have funded development projects in the constituency.

“We do not feel threatened and I am not losing sleep over it.

“I view this as a complementary effort to what I do as an MP. I am actually planning to come back for next year’s elections and finish my projects.”

Muchenje said people in his constituency were happy to have Chikore “where he is”.

“We are happy to have such an influential person because it works to our advantage,” he said.

“Chief Chikore is the custodian of the borehole equipment and we were consulted together with all traditional leaders on the project.

“I do not think there is anything sinister about it. We will see what happens when the time for him to join politics comes.”

Chikore’s political entry comes as Mugabe’s step-son, Russell Goreraza, is reportedly eyeing the Marondera West seat in Mashonaland East, while Bona has been appointed to the Censorship Board, something critics claim is part of the Zanu PF leader’s plan to establish a dynasty.

Grace has already been touted as a possible successor to her 93-year-old husband and is also tipped to represent Zanu PF in the Harare South constituency.

With Zanu PF leaders embroiled in a bitter power scrap to succeed Mugabe, insiders said Chikore presented a fresh frontier.


  1. Pamberi naSimba if he ventures into politics good for us…Go go mkwasha wedu!

    1. Robert Gabriel Matuzvili

      wenyu? you could be right as a Phiri. You are related to the Matibilis.

      1. Mkwasha wedu mazimbabwe

        1. mkwasha wako

    2. Kodi mulibwanji bambo? Mufuna zimenezo?

    3. kkkkkk unopenga, Phiri yava Mugabe… muchingo shandiswa

      1. Kkkk ah hupenyu kushanda nekushandisana. Rega tishandiswe chero tichidya mari. Ndezvepano pasi maximise every opportunity

    4. let him in, please, there is no power outside politics

  2. This is not going to end well.

    1. eheya i foresee more graves ahead

  3. #Africarising


  4. Lets wait and see how it goes.

  5. Its his constitutional right to campaign for any position within any political party

    1. Simon Phoenix


  6. #handeitione

  7. these bastards

  8. zvikoni zvikoni

  9. Tawonga havana

    Ehatever u are losers come what may, this is not abt mugabe and his relatives this is zimbabwe for zimbabweans, this time around muchazviona asi hamuzvidyi. Is time up for your old wringle skinned buffalo mugabe

  10. Another 37 years of bastardizing the once vibrant economy- HAMENO!!!

  11. zvimwechete

  12. wouldnt we vote for them if they would work steadily for the five years in office. cant they bring in earthmoving machines throughtout their terms? pave the roads, do this do that? is it so hard really our kinsmen in the ruling party to just steadily work throughout your term if you want those votes? are votes not better won by doing good rather than killing and maiming?

  13. Kana ainechido regai aite this is Chikore nit Mugabe

  14. tendai chaminuka

    At least kwaMakoni kozoitawo a state of the art airport.Kana varoyi vanenge vowana pekumharira

  15. let him do good for the people but i hope it will foreva.

  16. Tanga wagadzira kuAir Zim uko constituency may be too big for you.

  17. Watch this space this old clueless Mugabe is creating another chimurenga 3 xtn

  18. Russell Goreraza too young to wrestle Marondera West from Brigadier Ambrose Mutinhiri…..very lightweight

  19. Janana wa Bikaz

    Let them enjoy the fruits of dictatorship whilst their old and brutal sekuru is still at the helm because it is just a matter of time before the party comes to a screeching and unpleasant halt.Vakomana muchamhanya!

  20. i think there is nothing wrong for simba to do some development issues in his home village.i think its a welcome development but more needs to be done at his workplace zimairways then come to the constituency thats if he is vying for that constituency .if he remembers and thinks of his home its better others dont even give back to the community charioty begins at home.but we as Zimbabweans we tend to go politically not economically

  21. We are getting more like Donald Trump, Son in Law and Daughter are advisors to Trump. Daughter set in place of Trump on a recent meeting in Europe so hameno………….

  22. Kana kumuita successor zvotoita futi…kkkkk kokutyei kutoroora kuhumambo kureva iyeo ndimambo..

  23. Katove kamambo aka. Munokadini. Hapana

  24. nepotism rules in Zimbabwe hazvishamise kunzwa kuti a vice president pa zanu Pf congress

    1. Kkkkkk tetapinda..

  25. Unopenga,mubhurandaya

  26. Aaaaaaaa!Apa hapasiri pedu isu vanabamba.chitaurai henyu munokwanisa isu tichange takaterera.

  27. cde corruption Zeros

    pasi najoice mujuru, joseph kanyekanye, itai nduxp

  28. Where is old Mugabe now after all the hype you guys were on about in July 2017? He and his family are now living on the mercy of the mighty Lord otherwise he would have been dead by now. Never underestimate the power of majority, some of these pro Mugabe are in hiding as we speak because tables have turned sideways for the mighty Mugabes.

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