Mugabe to appoint third VP

Robert Mugabe yesterday said he was toying with the idea of appointing a third Vice-President to manage the Zanu PF succession conundrum, as his wife, Grace, challenged him to name a successor.


Grace set the cat among the pigeons at a Zanu PF women’s league meeting when she openly challenged her 93-year-old husband to anoint a successor.

“I have told people that there will be no succession without Mugabe,” Grace said to wild applause from those in attendance.

“I have argued with him (Mugabe) and told him that he has a right not only to participate in the succession process, but a right to anoint his chosen successor.

“His word is final and mark my words it is coming.”

Women’s league secretary for administration Letina Undenge then led the group in singing Uri musoja usatye (Do not be scared you are a soldier), apparently urging Mugabe to bite the bullet and make the announcement.

In the unrestrained rant, as a bemused Mugabe fidgeted in his chair, Grace reminded the Zanu PF leader that other leaders across the world had anointed their successors and it would not be peculiar for the Zanu PF strongman to do so.

“In some countries leaders choose their successors, (former South African President Nelson) Mandela anointed (Thabo) Mbeki,” she said.

“Tell us who you want to lead us and we will campaign for that person.

“We just want your word and it’s done. You must not be scared.”

Zanu PF is currently embroiled in a bitter succession scrap with two distinct factions — one loyal to Grace and another to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Grace, in her address, complained bitterly to Mugabe about his failure to respond to women’s league demands for a woman in the presidium.

“For years now, women have asked the leadership of the party to change the constitution of the party and allow for a woman vice-president.

“Resolutions have been passed, in particular at the Victoria Falls and Masvingo conferences, but nothing has been done.

“We continue to wait for answers on this issue and we had wanted this done before the 2019 congress.

“We also want the party to align the party’s constitution to the national Constitution to allow for 50-50 representation in both the party’s organs and State institutions.

“However, what we have seen is continued male dominance and we have been moving painstakingly slow in this regard.”

When he finally took to the podium, Mugabe vacillated, first telling his audience to follow procedures and write to the politburo so that the issue would be discussed at central committee level, before suggesting an amendment to the party’s rules to allow for three deputy presidents.

“We came here to listen and we have been good listeners,” he said, referring to himself in plural.

“We have heard your complaints and recommendations.

“We hope you will write to the politburo and allow this to be discussed at central committee level.

“As a party, we cannot afford to ignore your recommendations.

“We are sorry if the women’s league is offended (by the delay) and we shall stop it.”

But as the Zanu PF leader rumbled on about the country’s history, the liberation struggle and Zanu PF’s wartime principles, he then made a stunning suggestion.

“I also have two suggestions that I would want you to consider,” he said.

“My suggestion is that we leave things as they are at the top and consider the idea of three vice-presidents to add a woman to the two.

“The other would be to revert to the original position and amend the constitution, then go to congress. I want you to think about that.”

Mugabe also seemed to rein in the country’s securocrats, who have been increasingly commenting on civilian issues, in what appeared to be a thinly-veiled attack on Zimbabwe Defence Forces boss, General Constantino Chiwenga.

“As regards the military, they have no business interfering in politics,” he said.

“That would be a coup and we have always said it is the politics that leads the gun and not the gun leading politics.”

Chiwenga has been engaged in a war of words with Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, a leading proponent of a faction of Zanu PF known as G40 which is bitterly opposed to Mnangagwa’s bid for the ruling party’s most coveted job.

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  1. Takazviziva kudhara kt munyu ndiani hazvichatishamise izvi

    1. tHIS IS treasnous gURE KKKKKKKKKK

  2. The unimaginable in the pipeline! Watch this space as Africa makes history.

  3. Minister of War Veterans was called after saying Mugabe must anoit a successor but now its Grace and nothing happens. Izvi zvakataurwa kare kumba and Grace is just saying what Mugabe wants to do. Grace will be appointed third Vice President. Period. The current 2 might lose the battle if Mugabe appoints his successor. Mugabe knows the one he wants. Time will tell.

  4. tendai chaminuka

    Lets just do away with the green book.We dont need it cause our times are dynamic and most importantly we have doctors and profs who can always guide us.They are able to dictate the times zuro namangwana zvakatosiyana in terms of policy adherance.1984 chaiyo

  5. OG madzimbahwee

    kkkkkkk madam boss

  6. Douglas Nzondora

    The party has long been captured by Bob and his family. The wife speaks as if Zanu PF is a personal property of the Mugabes. How ridiculous!

  7. I foresee blood

  8. To apoint gire its west of time who wil vote her

  9. wat gire z saying is wat tshinga said so are we going to see mandi protesting against gire???? zanu pf is full of confused and corrupt cowards who does not ask anything but accept anything that comes from the mugabes.

  10. Gatsi Murozvi

    The Zimbabwean constitution is very clear that for the first ten years we are going to have two VP and thereafter one running mate. So the reporting here should not confuse people between Zanupf internal constitution and the Zimbabwe constitution. The issue therefore is that its a debate among the party members before adoption by Congress..

  11. sizwe ka nare

    What kind of people are these if I may ask! Recently they were celebrating that Mugabe will rule Zimbabwe from the grave. Now they are celebrating that Mugabe must name his successor. remember this is coming from the same mouth and from the same lips, and the people who are celebrating are the same people. I am not saying that they are mad but I am saying that they are doing senseless things in the World of sensible people

    1. ZANUF Public Relations

      very obsevant um

  12. I the same statement of naming a successor is called by any other member outside the Mugabe family the fodya Mandis , Mlala , Zhuwawos and Jonsos will say a lot of rubbish, so say it now and demonstrate against Gire.

  13. The final years of Mugabe’s rule are a disappointing & tragic end to a man who has been a true legend. This daily circus of confusion, double standards & mediocrity is way below him as we once knew him

    1. He’s being abused now

  14. its not coincidental that Jonso brought his charges against Lacoste just last week and this suggestion that Gushungo should name a successor. These things are rehearsed at home before being announced to the public. Ngwena and Chiwenga are finished. Sekeremayi pfee as successor. When his name was dropped by Jonso as a suggestion zvanga zvariheswa kumba. Accept what is coming gentlemen lest you find yourself failing to pay bills like Dydy. Loot what you can whilst you can otherwise its cold out there.

  15. Nhai Mandieeeeee woyeee uripikooo !!!

  16. Wazvihwa wo here izvo Mandie

  17. Unoda kuudzwa nemudzimai jekerere. We are feeling his misrule more than his wife. People are suffering more than what was happening during Smith regime. Well done Gire at least she openly exposed the old man plan. Everyone is happy today .

  18. the President is a genius. First he uses Lacoste to change the constitution of ZANU PF to allow him to pick successor. The next thing he uses him to change the national constitution to allow him to pick judges and as soon as the bill goes through the voting stage he announces through his wife that he will name a successor who is not Ngwena-King David analogue

  19. Looks like Mugabe does whatever he wants whenever he wants. Zimbabwe is a very small country with a very small economy and therefore should have just one vice president. What does Mphoko do at the moment? The guy is just a VP but does nothing and then want to add another one?

    1. ZANUF Public Relations

      um iwe nhayi chii? probability inoti chii kana vps vakawanda about us getting a chance. toda o mhani ah.

  20. josphat mugadzaweta

    you can appoint whole cabinet vps we do not care. tichikubvisa chete next year.

  21. kkkkkk,I can see the bhora musango scenario in the coming elections if this situation is not managed properly.

  22. It is because of sanctions. Mugabe is old because of sanctions. Grace is Mugabe’s wife because of sanctions. Grace wants Mugabe to name successor because of sanctions. Mugabe keeps going to Singapore because of sanctions. The air we breath in Zimbabwe is the way it is because of sanctions. Everything in Zimbabwe is happening because of sanctions, even factions in ZANUPF and in opposition. Opposition cannot form a coalition because of sanctions. We accept everything Mugabe does or says because of sanctions. Our colonisers need not go to watch a comedy of fools in their movie theatres. We are just one such comedy!

    1. – And if you cannot urinate today, just know that it is because of sanctions!

      1. washaya apa tsano

      2. hahahaha@PKisa wandipendza nekuseka

  23. pane vamwe vakatsoropodza kuti why MDC iine 3 vice presidents a few weeks ago. They concluded Tsvangirai is a tribalistic?????

  24. LoveofZimbabwe

    Zimbabwe belongs to us and these people are bullying us. In as much can be said this is a national matter it involves everyone. One day when the whole of Zimbabwe wakes up and realize that the Government works for us (citizens) we should not let political parties bully us and push us around. Today it`s Zanu PF tomorrow it`s MDC either way these politicians will determine everyone`s future. The system of governance has a lot of loop holes and it needs to be changed ASAP. As long as this system exists those we put in power will continue to screw us. Zimbabweans should wake up and smell the coffee and let Zanu PF know who really is in control. #FOR_THE_LOVE_OF_ZIMBABWE

  25. yangu yaramba kumira because of sanctions


    …may you please manage this succession issue peacefully and strategically bcz we don’t want disorder in this country. With most due respect Hon Mandi this is politics. You must take a cue to the Defense Minister, he always zip his mouth, when he speaks, he speaks constructively…..nhas our First lady wati the President should name his successor saka munonyarirepi manje??????????

  27. Nyatsimba Mutota

    Kure kure ku-state house kure (Simon Chimbetu’s song).

  28. May i ask comrade Chihuri and Chombo ,MY learned friend Chinamasa why are women being allowed to sell bond notes on the streets and yet ku ma BANKS hakuna mari Echocash irikutengesa mari allover ne commission next think CIVIL WAR .

  29. Is this what we fought for? Being ruled by one family?

  30. zvazonaka chokwadi mira uone

  31. ini zvangu ziiiiiiiiii

  32. The greatest Zim circus of the century is about to start,this time animals not the space.

  33. Nhai Gatsi Murozvi pane mutemo chirikutevedzerwa here munyika muno? You are miles away from reality.

  34. Its obvious, the third is gonna be Grace and since the service chiefs do not salute a leader who never participated in liberation war, Mugabe, will ensure that, all of these military bosses are either fired or compelled to retire.

  35. Mugabe, i believe, is contemplating elevating his wife to the presidium and to do that, he would first ensure that, the army bosses are forced to retire.

    1. ZANUF Public Relations

      bur Bob ka, misikanzwa yawandisa, playing with serious issues like this haha

  36. An army of liberation is building up inside Mozambique. As soon as Mugabe dies and goes to hell to burn forever for his crimes, the nation of Zimbabwe will fall into a civil war. ZANU-PF leadership is going to die.

  37. Chiwenga should be fired. Anononyanya kupapaprika. He thinks he is now the real centre of power. George Charamba confirmed this when he revealed that he checks first with the Army Commander whether to make certain statements. In a way it is Mugabe’s problem. This talk about the gun following civilians is vacuous. It is a hallmark of the man – double standards. He, Chiwenga and Chihure are on record as saying the gun decides and not a pen on a ballot paper. Kurera mbwa nemukaka inofuma yokuruma ndiko uku.

  38. so Grace is ruling

    1. Wezhira wezhara

      She is not ruling but it is Mugabe who is testing waters. She was just sent to deliver the message but it is Mugabe who thrives on divide and rule

  39. Wezhira wezhara

    Many may think that my sentiments are tribal but the truth is for any party to win a national election, there must be a balance of power by involving the majority tribes in the country, thereby making such party national. Mugabe lost the 2008 election to Tsvangirai because he had taken away the Karanga say by appointing Mujuru as a replacement of Muzenda. Masvingo, Midlands and to some extent Manicaland revolted by voting for Tsvangirai whom we considered our homeboy as Zanu PF had ditched us. So those plotting for the downfall of Munangagwa are actually plotting Mugabe’s downfall. What crime is it to have an ambitious Karanga or even Ndebele when our own Edson Zvobgo or Joshua Nkomo could tell off Mugabe. Zviedzeyi muone kuti hamuna kwamunoenda and remember Mashonaland East and West is also dominated by the Karanga. Handeyi tione.

  40. mordillo sibanda

    a wife can build or destroy you.unfortunately my president is now a shadow of himself because of his current wife.wat goes up must come down he is no exception.i hope he will not bring civil war in our beloved country because of trying to please one individual.

  41. these zanu people are a pathetic lot , they seek direction from a 93 year old living dead?

  42. Marujata mukadzi wangu!

    1. Rave dumbu nemanyere. Nzira hadzigwigwi!

  43. Zimbabweans we are stupid people.Very stupid.

  44. MUGABE like TEKERE said ”Always Abstains from leadership succession issues”

  45. Mugabe also indicated there might soon be some decisive interventions in Zanu PF’s internal strife to change the structure of its presidium………
    What a way to get rid of Ngwena. Mboko is protected by the Unity Accord. Grace has denigrated Ngwena at rallies before so the genie is out. Wish they would all kill each other and cleanse our country of evil. We need a fresh start, no political parties. Officials should be elected on credentials and ability period.

  46. The donkey or “horse” that Jesus rode down to Jerusalem thought that people where cheering it but when it went back on its own people didn’t even notice it. Musazo shamisika kuwana pasina airport kana kuwana pasina vanokutambirayi , musiuno makazvuviwa ipapo futi mancube

  47. iiiiiiii left……

  48. Izvi zviripachena izvi kuti aGarwe votonga kasukuwere achizviona nameso.My prediction is that Bob will step down soon and Mnangagwa will take over,& Grace and Mboko will be his deputies. Still, their arrangement will not improve the situation in Zimbabwe unless there is a paradigm shift from ZANU Pf’s ruinous policies.I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Tshinga Dube and Grace for being so courageous to stand up and knock some sense into Bob’s 93 year old rock hard skull.

  49. And Jonathan wins “again”

  50. Bhobho (Bob) zvinoreva kuti tsoro huru ine simba kudarika dzimwe. Now you can see that Mugabe ibhobho tsoro ine power.

  51. CDE Drisknopatrinobaz Padzinoridzwa

    All these are machinations by our detractors trying to derail the gains of our independence. Fuelled by our yesteryear enemies who cannot accept that we defeated them hands down. Zimbabwe will never the a colony again. Icho!

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